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LeadingAgile’s Top 10 Field Notes 2023

Leading Agile

Now, we turn our attention to 2024. Next, he talks about how Agile Transformation is an ongoing process and the importance of teaming strategies. Discover the essential role teaming strategies play in successfully Transforming large organizations. We had some wins, some losses, and a TON of opportunities to learn and grow.

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Artificial Intelligence and Project Management: The First Step

The IIL Blog

For example, by identifying relationships and trends in data, the system can remove excessive information and ‘white noise’, enabling management to focus solely on the most relevant and important information to derive actionable insights and strategies. Risk Management. Effective risk management has to be proactive.

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How will PPM need to change in the next few years?


These changes and the uncertainty surrounding them will make effective Project Portfolio Management (PPM) increasingly difficult in the years ahead.   billion by 2024. The need for more seamless change management integration. Change management may be a barrier for some companies.

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