Project Management Trends [2022]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Here are the top project management trends for 2022 that are already shaping the world of project delivery. There’s no denying that project management today looks different to how it did even 5 years ago. Project management trends shape our profession.

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Best Workfront Alternatives of 2022 (Free & Paid)

2022 Best Workfront Alternatives Software Rankings. It’s clear to see why ProjectManager is the best Workfront alternative for 2022. Best Microsoft Project Alternatives of 2022. Best Smartsheet Alternatives of 2022. Best Asana Alternatives of 2022.

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Otter Review (2022)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

When I asked over 200 project managers what task they would most like to drop, meetings were near the top of the list (just after project documentation). So what would life look like if it was easier to have meetings and take notes afterward? That’s what I use Otter for.

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SmartSuite Review [2022]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

SmartSuite brings together enterprise level processes and tasks with what you need to do day-to-day. It’s a work management tool designed for today’s virtual workforce, with automations and an simple-to-use interface that makes doing your job easier.

2022 280

Psychological Safety & Employee Wellbeing: Building a Healthy & Accountable Work Environment

Speaker: Tracie Sponenberg - Chief People Officer, The Granite Group & Melissa Doman M.A. Organizational Psychologist, Mental Health at Work Specialist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist

In this webinar, Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer, and Melissa Doman, Organizational Psychologist & Mental Health at Work Specialist, will discuss methods for developing and maintaining employee wellness and psychological safety in your workforce!

Best Airtable Alternatives of 2022 (Free & Paid)

2022 Best Airtable Alternatives Software Rankings. Best Microsoft Project Alternatives of 2022. Best Smartsheet Alternatives of 2022. Best Asana Alternatives of 2022. It’s clear that ProjectManager is the best Airtable alternative for 2022.

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Professional Development Day 2022 – IGNITE!

International Institute for Learning

Friday, September 23, 2022, 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM EST. PDD 2022 Ignite your future with new skills, add to your professional network, and develop as a leader.

2022 83

What we want from project management tools in 2022

Rebel’s Guide to PM

And then I log into my PM software and suddenly that simplicity that exists elsewhere disappears… Here are my wishes for the PM software industry for 2022. I don’t often wear a watch, but when I do it’s a very unassuming watch with real hands. Not a smart watch.

2022 300

8 Best Workplace Management Tools of 2022


To be super successful, your organization must be efficient, agile, and productive as well as put an emphasis over managing the internal processes that involve your most essential asset – your employees.

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Best Construction Estimating Software of 2022

2022 Best Construction Estimating Software Rankings. The post Best Construction Estimating Software of 2022 appeared first on ProjectManager. Construction estimating is one of the most important parts of landing a construction project. Bid too high and you lose money.

2022 210

Enhance Employee Wellness to Retain High-Performing Teams

Speaker: Eric Torigian - Managing Director, Advisory Services, CHRO Solutions

During this informative webinar, Eric Torigian, Managing Director at CHRO Solutions, will explore how organizations are emphasizing employee wellness, how that has helped workers attain a healthy "life balance", and how, as a result, this has contributed to corporate success.

Best Project Planning Software of 2022 (Free & Paid)

2022 Best Project Planning Software Rankings. We hope you enjoyed our rankings of the best project planning software of 2022. The post Best Project Planning Software of 2022 (Free & Paid) appeared first on

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How to Earn Power Skills PDUs for PMP Renewal in 2022

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Power Skills used to be known as Leadership Skills in the Talent Triangle but it was re-badged in 2022 to make it more relevant to the profession. Do note that as at the time of writing (July 2022) the product has not yet been updated to be called something to do with Power Skills.

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10 Best Alternatives of 2022 (Free & Paid)

2022 Best Alternatives Software Rankings. The post 10 Best Alternatives of 2022 (Free & Paid) appeared first on ProjectManager. is a popular project management software that targets both seasoned and novice professionals.

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22 Cybersecurity Tools for 2022

Brad Egeland

I am gathering input for a feature article on Cybersecurity software tools to consider for 2022. If you have one to suggest or think that your company's offering should be included, please contact me asap or email me.

2022 157

Employee Wellbeing & DEI: Supporting Inclusivity Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

Speaker: Catherine Mattice - Culture Consultant, Business Coach, Strategic HR Expert

Join Catherine Mattice as she details actionable steps for encouraging and reinforcing inclusive behavior from the employees’ first day all the way to their last.

FastTrack Schedule 2022 is the Best Tool for Teams to Plan and Track Their Projects

Brad Egeland

In a world full of project challenges, FastTrack Schedule 2022 is the best tool for teams to plan, track, analyze, and report their projects. ​ FastTrack Schedule 2022 - completely redesigned for macOS 13 Ventura, macOS 12 Monterey, 11 Big Sur, 10.15

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Software Review: Vizzlo [2022]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

I first wrote this Vizzlo review in 2016, and this review has been updated to reflect changes in the tool since then. I am still an active user and you can see graphics created with Vizzlo all over this site. General Information. Name: Vizzlo. Vendor: Vizzlo. Hosting options: Web only.

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Project Management Conferences and Events 2022

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Many have been delayed or postponed, though most are back for 2022. If you are looking to attend a project management conference in 2022, chances are there is something happening near you that will be fun and meet your professional goals. Jan to March 2022. April to June 2022.

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The 9 Biggest Project Management Trends in 2022


Content. Remote work & leadership. Bigger focus on soft skills. Professionalization of project management & increasing demand for project managers. Agile is here to stay. Value and principle-based perspective. AI, machine learning & automation. Cloud as the standard.

2022 254

Employee Wellness: How to Make Remote Work for You

Speaker: Abby Guthkelch, Global Head of Executive Engagement at Meta

In this session, we will explore how organizations are putting trust at the heart of their remote-first strategies and providing equal access, opportunities, benefits, and inclusion to support workers to achieve a healthy “life balance."

10 Best ClickUp Alternatives of 2022 (Free + Paid)

2022 Best ClickUp Alternatives Software Rankings. The post 10 Best ClickUp Alternatives of 2022 (Free + Paid) appeared first on ProjectManager. ClickUp is project management software that promotes itself as “the one app to replace them all.”

2022 195

PMI-RMP® Training for the New Exam

Project Risk Coach

On April 1, 2022, the Project Management Institute (PMI®) rolled out the new PMI-RMP® exam. New PMI® Standards The new PMI-RMP® Exam Content Outline and Specifications (March 2022) includes Reference Materials.

PMI 212

29 Agile Methodology Statistics and Trends for 2022

TrustRadius Project Management

Essential Agile Statistics for 2022 and Beyond., 2022) Agile development exploded in 2021, growing from 37% to 86% of teams in the software industry., 2022) Growth in non-IT industries was also substantial, with adoption doubling year on year. Issuu 2022).

2022 99

IWAS PCH WC 2022 Entry 0: Introduction

Gunther Verheyen

Entry 1 of an assistant’s web-log of the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Cup 2022 Sursee. Today, July-August 2022, at the age of 20, our son is not only studying History at the Antwerp University but he is also a member of the Belgian National Powerchair Hockey Team.

2022 80

Hybrid, Home, or In-Office: How We Thrive

Speaker: Julie Bruns, L&D Professional, Best Selling Author, Thought Leader

Join Julie Bruns (L&D professional, best-selling author, and thought leader) for this session on practices (and the science behind them) that are simple and easy to implement, as well as extremely impactful in helping employees across all work models thrive.

2022’s Best Portfolio Project Planning Software for Projects


Now that you know what features and benefits to look for in a project portfolio planning tool, here is our list of the 10 best PPM software tools for 2022. 2022’s 10 Best PPM Software Tools.

2022 85

7 Best Product Backlog Management Tools to Use in 2022


If you are in need of a product management backlog , then you have come to the right place because, in this article, we are going to explore the market and find out the 7 best product backlog management applications and how they can fulfill our needs and requirements in 2022.

2022 107

7 Best PRINCE2 Books for 2022 (Including PRINCE2 Agile Books)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article first appeared at Rebel's Guide to Project Management. The PRINCE2® certification exam is tricky to pass because of the style of objective testing and the number of questions you have to answer.

2022 195

What is Risk Threshold in Project Management?

Project Risk Coach

In everyday life, a threshold is a strip of wood or stone that forms the bottom of a doorway. And we cross that threshold to enter a room. Projects have risk thresholds that we may cross. In this article, we will explore what a risk threshold is, why it matters, and look at some examples.

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The #1 Reason Why Sales Coaching is Critical to Your 2022 Sales Success

Speaker: Tim Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Leadership Associates

Join Tim Hughes, Author of Social Selling – Influencing Buyers and Changemakers and Co-Founder/CEO of Digital Leadership Associates, as he details how investing in sales coaching will teach your team how to navigate social media and therefore create greater sales success.

Tactics Shaping Ransomware Mitigation in 2022

Brad Egeland

As 2022 unfolds, here are three ransomware mitigation tactics to watch and employ: Train, train and train again Whether negligent or malicious, insider threats are a leading cause of security incidents. 31, 2022

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Top Agile Interview Questions and Answers (2022)


The post Top Agile Interview Questions and Answers (2022) appeared first on Agilemania. Agile has been a popular project management framework ever since its inception. The agile adoption rate increased from a mere 37% in 2020 to 86% in 2021. .

2022 79

What Are Task Dependencies in Project Management?

Projects are made up of many tasks which are mapped out on a project schedule so they can be executed in a timely and organized manner. One of the most important steps when creating a project schedule is to identify task dependencies, as they’re critical for time and task management.

2022 337

How to Become a Project Manager in 2022: 3 Ways to Get A Job (with examples)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article first appeared at Rebel's Guide to Project Management. The projects that you read about in the media are often high profile, with budgets in the multimillions or even billions.

2022 195

How Sales Enablement is Supporting Social Selling in 2022

Speaker: Brynne Tillman CEO | LinkedIn Whisperer at Social Sales Link

In this 1-hour session, Brynne Tillman from Social Sales Link will teach you why Sales Enablement teams should own Social Selling

Best PMI-ACP Exam Prep Courses for 2022

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Are you aiming to achieve your PMI Agile Certified Professional ( PMI-ACP )®? Then you’ll be looking for a course that will give you exam confidence and fits the way you want to study.

2022 195

2022 Trends in Industrial Cybersecurity

Brad Egeland

Improving industrial cybersecurity in 2022 and beyond requires that several trends and initiatives come to fruition that push back against attacks and protect the public. These cyberthreats will continue into 2022. To combat these threats, organizations in 2022 and ahead will prioritize cybersecurity as a core principle.

2022 97

Program Manager vs. Project Manager: What’s the Difference?

Project manager vs. program manager. The two roles often differ in their day-to-day tasks and the overarching approach to their role.

2022 428

Top 30 DevOps Interview Questions & Answers (2022)


The search trends for the term ‘DevOps’ grow to 34% from 2017 to 2022. . Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers 2022 [Updated]. Top Agile Interview Questions and Answers (2022). The post Top 30 DevOps Interview Questions & Answers (2022) appeared first on Agilemania.

2022 66

Unlocking Your Supply Chains True Potential in The Midst of Disruptions

Speaker: David Food - Head Of Supply Chain at Board International

In this webinar, Supply Chain Futurologist David Food will discuss how to manage risks and build customer loyalty in the midst of disruption. Don't miss out!