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Top 11 Cities for Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Construction of a Huawei research and development center Aircraft R&D facilities The continued development and expansion of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory LEGOLAND® Park & Resort in Jinshan District at the cost of US$550m, due to open in 2024. This project will deliver 31 stations with a view to increasing capacity by almost 100%.

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ICYMI: Planview Recognized as a Leader in Adaptive Project Management and Reporting


Many of them rely on Planview to help their organizations realize their adaptive project management potential to deliver on strategy. Whereas SPM focuses on enterprise-wide alignment between IT resources and strategic business goals to allow organizations to connect their strategy to their execution. Deliver Results That Matter.

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Importance of digital marketing for businesses in 2022


Let me show you a breakdown of expected spending change for traditional vs. Digital from 2020 to 2024. More than 35% of B2B marketers surveyed have established a lead nurturing strategy. Based on your goal, you can make actionable digital marketing strategies. This strategy works amazingly to build brand authority online.

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IWAS PCH WC 2022, Entry 7 (Saturday 13 August): Play-offs

Gunther Verheyen

Without any unfortunate events (like Corona), the next EC will take place in 2024 (country to be determined) and the next WC will take place in 2026 (country also to be determined), both with 8 teams again. Substitution still seems to not be part of our strategy. Final score: 13-3. Our son didn’t get to play. We don’t know why.

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Agency operations: A 5-step framework for running a successful agency

Resource Guru

Create an operations statement An operations statement is a document that outlines the specific actions, strategies, and processes required to achieve the operational objectives of your agency. Plus, if the business goals or strategy change (for example, there’s an M&A), the impact on operations would be significant.

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How will PPM need to change in the next few years?


billion by 2024. The key to being prepared for change lies in effectively repositioning your company by establishing an  enterprise-wide PMO , advancing digital transformation strategies, and effectively leveraging your talent.

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Top 25 Most In-Demand Skills in 2023 & Beyond


Did you know… the global software-as-a-service market is predicted to be $232 billion by 2024, up from $197 billion in 2023, Statista reports! SQL Structured Query Language, or SQL, is a programming language for accessing and managing large databases. Web design Web design is still an important skill in 2023 and beyond.

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