Sat.Oct 13, 2018

7 Ways To Gain Your PMP Certification Faster

Project Management Hacks

You know you need the PMP certification training to get that next promotion at work. However, finding the time to study isn’t easy. Then you have to face the question of which resources to leverage. Let’s cut through the complexity by looking at a few simple ways to get PMP certified faster.

PMI 44

It’s A Long Project. Are We There Yet?

Tony Adams

You’re on a long project and the finish line is way over the horizon. How do we keep stakeholders interested, when you have a long way to go? An interesting thing happened this week. I’ve been leading an office fit out project in North Sydney since June 2017. When it’s complete later this year, it will provide a showcase facility and a regional hub that will allow the client to work across the Asia Pacific.