Wed.May 22, 2024

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16 Personalities: The Secret to Better Hires and Career Success?


Ever contemplated why some relationships flourish while others flounder, or why some people attain career success seamlessly while others stagnate? You can crack open the enigma with the 16 personalities theory! Hot-wired into our psyche, these unique personality types offer vital clues for getting ahead in personal relationships and professional progression.

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Batch Production: Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages

Manufacturers have a handful of processes they use to make their products. There are five types of manufacturing processes: repetitive, discrete, job shop, continuous process and batch process manufacturing. Let’s take a closer look at the last one, batch production. First, we’ll define batch production and list examples of industries that use it to manufacture their products.


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Winning Estimation Tactics for Agile Teams: From Calibration to Confidence

Estimates are notoriously bad. In the world of agile development, inaccurate estimates can lead to missed deadlines, blown budgets, and frustrated teams. But why is estimation so challenging? Estimates are predictions, and predictions are inherently uncertain. Human biases, lack of historical data, and the complex nature of software development add layers of difficulty.

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What’s the Difference between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager

Online PM Courses

How does a Scrum Master differ from a Project Manager? Let’s look at why they may seem similar and how the roles are very different. The post What’s the Difference between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Your Guide To Transitioning Into Product Management: Essentials For New PMs

Speaker: Leslie Grandy, Product Executive & Drew Weaver, Senior Program Manager

Are you considering a shift to product management or just starting your journey as a Product Manager? Join Leslie Grandy and Drew Weaver for an insightful webinar designed to help you seamlessly transition into this dynamic role. Whether you're looking to pivot your career or enhance your existing skills, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed!

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Das größte No-Go für Trainer-Neulinge: Ein Tipp, mit dem du Frontalbeschallung, passive Teilnehmer und negative Rezensionen vermeidest

Wenn Informationen nur einen Klick entfernt sind, – welche Rolle spielt dann noch der Trainer? Seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt beschäftige ich mich mit Trainings. Ich besuche pro Jahr mindestens drei Seminare. Seit fünf Jahren bin ich Professional-Scrum-Trainer und habe bereits über 2000 Teilnehmer unterrichtet. Und in meinen „Training from the Back of the Room“ -Workshops bilde ich selbst seit dem Jahr 2022 Trainer aus.


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Understanding the Financial Impact of Car Accidents

Productivity Land

Millions of individuals are impacted by car accidents every year, which is a regrettable fact of modern society. The financial ramifications can be almost as overwhelming as the physical injuries and car damage that frequently dominate the immediate concerns. After the original collision, there are still a lot of expenses related to auto accidents. It may involve a variety of costs that have a big influence on someone’s capacity to manage their finances.

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Key Insights to Expect at AgileCon2024!

The IIL Blog

By Lori Milhaven & Ashley Jorgensen AgileCon2024 is a premier online conference for professionals interested in Agile methodologies or simply looking to support more adaptable ways of working across their teams and organizations. Join us as our incredible lineup of Agile thought leaders and practitioners take the virtual stage to share their expertise learned from years of practical experience working in Agile environments and organizations.

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The Impact of Conflict on Team Efficiency and Effectiveness: A Project Manager’s Guide


As a project manager, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure that your team operates efficiently and effectively. However, conflicts within the team can pose significant challenges to achieving this goal. In fact, studies have shown that approximately 20% of revenue can be lost due to inefficiencies caused by unresolved conflicts in the workplace.

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Taking the ‘IT’ out of ITSM

The IIL Blog

By David Barrow, CITP FBCS In today’s digital era, the importance of IT Service Management (ITSM) extends far beyond the confines of traditional IT tasks. Service Management is pivotal in designing and delivering the digital experiences that customers expect and ensuring the seamless operation of the digital services that support every facet of a modern business. anagement professional and frequent speaker, the idea of removing “IT” from ITSM intrigues me.

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Don’t Get Left Behind: Leveraging Modern Product Management Across the Organization

Speaker: Kat Conner

The challenge of delivering the right product at the right time while aligning with strategic objectives is more pressing than ever. Product management is evolving and gaining greater recognition as the means to creating this connection. Join our upcoming webinar and learn how to streamline your product development processes, infuse product thinking across the organization, and bridge the gap between vision and delivery.

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Managing the Present Moment Even If You Don’t Like It

PM Times

A project manager asked what she could do about not liking the present moment. She was learning to do mindfulness meditation and was finding that when she was being mindful of the present moment, she found it stressful. She was bombarded by problem after problem experiencing anxiety centered on the fear that her project was […] The post Managing the Present Moment Even If You Don’t Like It appeared first on Project Management Articles, Webinars, Templates and Jobs.

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How the Need for Security is Driving the Need for Transformation

Leading Agile

LeadingAgile is partnering with Rampart AI to ensure our clients’ applications are secure as they embark on their technology modernization journeys. Listen to the podcast to learn more. Want to Listen Instead? LeadingAgile · How the Need for Security is Driving the Need for Transformation Contacting Mike Cottmeyer If you’d like to contact Mike, you can reach him at: LeadingAgile: LinkedIn: X: Email