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Managing All The Things Webinar

Rebel’s Guide to PM

In this webinar for PMI Phoenix Chapter, I talk about how to reframe your work and stay on top of your To Do list with creative strategies for managing everything — even when it feels like everything is a priority. In this webinar, I discuss practical strategies to help you manage all the things on your To Do list.

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How to Manage Multiple Projects Webinar

Rebel’s Guide to PM

In this webinar we discuss tips and strategies for managing multiple projects. Well welcome thank you for carving out the time in your day to to to be here for the webinar. And if this wasn’t the webinar you were expecting, then you’re probably in the wrong place. Get Your Copy. Can you see me? Thank you.


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BioTech Research Webinar Questions Response

On June the 8th hosted a webinar on the subject of using Scrum in Biotech research. The webinar was moderated by myself with Tyson Bertmaring Head of Partner Success at Dyno Therapeutics and Matt Abbinanti , Senior Program Manager at CRISPR Therapeutics. This allowed the team to rethink their approach, incrementally.

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How to Earn PDUs Fast in 2023

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Look for: Training sessions or courses (internal or external) Organization meetings like attending PMI Chapter events Seminars Webinars Conferences (virtual or in-person). Get instant access to 10 high quality webinars on leadership and specialist topics to help you earn the difficult 'Power Skills' PDUs.

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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto

Speaker: Ryan McInerny, CAMS, FRM, MSBA - Principal, Product Strategy

With 20% of Americans owning cryptocurrencies, speaking "fluent crypto" in the financial sector ensures you are prepared to discuss growth and risk management strategies when the topic arises.

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Best of PMTimes: Top Project Risk Management Strategies And Practices

PM Times

The post Best of PMTimes: Top Project Risk Management Strategies And Practices appeared first on Project Management Articles, Webinars, Templates and Jobs. A risk can be a threat with a negative impact on the project principles or it can either be an […].

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15 Easy Ways to Earn PDUs in 2023

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Give a presentation at work If you take a training course or attend a webinar, offer to give a 15-minute summary version to your team at the next team meeting. Also, you get a breakdown of exactly which webinars cover what Talent Triangle areas, so you don’t have to worry about working out what episode aligns to which Education section.

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Innovating and Driving Agility with Tech: No-Code Development

Speaker: Gautam Nimmagadda, CEO, Quixy

In this webinar, you will learn: The current leading trends in tech and their transformative impact on business growth. How to recognize emerging trends in tech today and leverage them to stay agile for a holistic business strategy.

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Scaling to the Masses - Fit Your Product for a Larger User Base

Speaker: Dustin Smith, Sr. Product Manager, Incubator

In this webinar, you will learn: Making the choice to scale. Strategies to get internal support for your product. Join Dustin Smith, Senior Product Manager of the Innovation Incubator at Indeed, and learn how to scale your product for greatness. How to scale economically and efficiently.

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Projects Deliver Products, Products Deliver Strategy

Speaker: Peter Monkhouse, Founder, NewGenP

It is more important than ever that organizations are able to implement their strategy as effectively as possible. Studies done by PMI show that organizations who implement formulated strategies use projects and thus are able to increase organizational agility and alignment between projects and products. Learning Outcomes.

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Meet Your Goals with a Practical Product Strategy

Speaker: Nils Davis, Principal, NPD Associates

But do you have a strategy? Strategy and goals are different. It's your strategy that allows you to make decisions that help you meet your goals in the first place. If you want to have an articulated strategy that you can use to make decisions, stay on-track, and meet your product goals, this is the webinar for you!

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Connecting Analytics to Strategy - Keeping Your Corporate Objective In Sight

Speaker: Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group

But there is one essential element that is often left out of the conversation, and that is strategy. How does my product decisions support the overall strategy of the business, and am I tracking the right metrics based upon that strategy? It’s easy to lose sight of how the product fits into the overall strategy.

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From Complexity to Clarity: Strategies for Effective Compliance and Security Measures

Speaker: Erika R. Bales, Esq.

is here to teach you: How to break compliance and security down into discrete components Tips and strategies to establish a functional compliance and security protocol for your organization Why compliance and security are moving targets - your job is never “done” And more! Don't miss this exclusive webinar opportunity! Bales, Esq.

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A CHRO’s Perspective on Substance Use in the Workplace: Supportive Strategies to Help Your Workforce Thrive

Speaker: Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Director, Psychiatry and Naj Wright, MBA, C-Suite HR Executive

Join this important webinar that addresses: How to identify employees at risk for - or experiencing - AUD or SUD in your workforce. How to foster an inclusive and open conversation with your workforce about AUD and SUD, including ways that your organization can help.

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Understanding Users at Scale with Product Analytics

Speaker: Sandhya Hegde, Director of Product, Amplitude

Whether you are building new features, trying to improve customer experience or battling poor retention - user behavior forms the foundation of your product strategy. In this webinar you will learn the best practices on how to: Explore & understand the full customer journey. Present and drive product strategy based on evidence.