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Why Agile Engineering Practices in Software Development Are Essential to Achieve Agility

Frameworks such as Scrum are meant to support agility. Sprints are short planning horizons and the artefacts and events in Scrum are there to provide greater transparency and opportunities to inspect and adapt based on early feedback, changes in conditions and new information. After all, Scrum is just a framework.

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The Origins of Scrum Might Not Be What You Think They Are (Wisdom from Rafael Sabbagh)

Gunther Verheyen

In the summer of 2019 I got in touch with O’Reilly Media about their ambition to add a book about Scrum to their “97 Things” series. For that reason I did not want any specific Scrum accountability in the title.


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A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

Project Bliss

Everybody’s talking about agile software development these days: project managers, software developers, IT directors, small startups and big corporations. What is Agile Software Development? Agile software development is an approach that promotes delivering value quickly to the customer.

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Agile Project Management: Principles, Meetings, Values & Tools

Agile project management came about as development teams worked towards getting products to the market faster. The waterfall methodology, which identifies a problem and then plans a solution, forces teams to stick to the requirements and scope of work that was defined at the beginning of the project. Sprint Review.

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In-Depth: The Science On Sustainable Pace, Stress, And Motivation

How sustainable is your pace as a developer? This has always been a huge struggle for us and most of the teams we’ve been part of. Unfortunately, many developers and development teams still burn more hours than are probably good for them. What is a sustainable pace? Talk about stress with your team.

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Scrum Master Interview Questions: Scrum Anti-Patterns

TL; DR: Scrum Master Interview Questions on Scrum Anti-Patterns. Scrum has proven time and again to be the most popular framework for software development. Given that software is eating the world , a seasoned Scrum Master is nowadays in high demand. Question 45: Scrum Master Anti-Patterns.

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Top 10 Project Management Methodologies – An Overview

We’ll go through some of the most popular project management methodologies, which are applied in many sectors such as software development, R&D and product development. When to Use It: The practice originated in software development and works well in that culture. Scrum Methodology.