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How to Write a Project Description: A Quick Guide

A project description seems self-explanatory, but don’t underestimate a well-written project description as it sets your project up for success. It acts as a communication tool for stakeholders and shares the project vision in a clear and actionable fashion.

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Office Timeline Pro+ Review [2023]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Office Timeline is a powerful PowerPoint plugin for creating professional timelines and roadmaps. The Pro+ edition is aimed specifically at project managers needing to create timeline slides for executive briefings and project reviews.

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13 Reasons to Choose Agile Project Management Methods


Are you thinking about introducing agile processes to your project management methodology? You’ve a few case studies, you’ve perhaps even seen agile working effectively at other companies. But now it’s time to dive into the details and decide.

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Self-managing: Scrum’s most misunderstood phrase

According to the Scrum Guide, Scrum Teams are “self-managing, meaning they internally decide who does what, when, and how.” It seems straightforward. And yet, this simple phrase is one of the most commonly misunderstood in the Scrum Guide.

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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto

Speaker: Ryan McInerny, CAMS, FRM, MSBA - Principal, Product Strategy

This exclusive webinar with Ryan McInerny will teach you all about cryptocurrency and NFTs! Register to learn more about identifying crypto transactions, crypto asset market trends, managing risk and compliance, and supporting customers and partners using crypto-based payments.

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5 Main Challenges in Project Portfolio Management in 2023


The main challenges of enterprise project portfolio management vary from enterprise to enterprise.

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The Continuity Of Moving Into A New Year (e.g. 2023)

Gunther Verheyen

Although I don’t have fixed moments at which to do it, I like to also regularly reflect and look back in my personal life or when operating my one-person company called Ullizee-Inc (my vehicle to deliver value in four Scrum Service Areas). [It

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A Project Sponsor Wrecked My Project

PM Times

Sponsors play an important role throughout the life of a project. They help support, shape, and integrate the project to realize the benefits for the business. But the Sponsors can also hinder the success of a project. They can harm a project by becoming too elusive or too intrusive.

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Thinking of Getting Your PMP® Certification?

International Institute for Learning

By Cyndi Snyder Dionisio and J. LeRoy Ward Are you thinking about taking the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam in 2023? If so, you will join 1.2 million PMI®-certified project managers. The PMP® is the gold standard for project management certifications, recognized worldwide.

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What are project milestones and how do you set them?


Learn the right (and wrong) way to set project milestones. Hint: Don't confuse milestones with glorified tasks. Say you’re planning a road trip across the country—all the way from California to New York. In New York awaits the party you’ve most been looking forward to all year.

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Exploring the Overlap: Cost Optimization and Digital Transformation

Speaker: Alex Jiménez, Managing Principal, Financial Service Consulting for EPAM

The largest banks have increased reserves for protection against deteriorating economic conditions. Should banks delay their digital transformation investments and focus on cost reductions? In this webinar, Alex Jiménez will walk us through that question and examine the prudent course of action.

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5 Leadership Skills to Implement Innovation Project Management

International Institute for Learning

By Dr. Michael O’Connor Introduction: In today’s fast-changing world, we need leadership more than ever. Seize opportunities to make an impact. To inspire. To raise up voices that have been ignored. To create beauty. To continue learning.

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4 Easy Strategies To Deal With Unrealistic Project Deadlines

The Digital Project Manager

They may start from a promise made from sales or creep up slowly within your projects, but I think we can all agree that unrealistic project deadlines are becoming increasingly, dare I say, expected in the fast-paced industries we are working within.

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Three Tips for Recognizing the Influence You Have

International Institute for Learning

By Vanessa Bohns Vanessa Bohns, Author of You Have More Influence Than You Think , and Professor of Organizational Behavior at Cornell.

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Unlock the Power of the Project Management Plan

Project Management Essentials

The project management plan (Plan) is a powerful tool. It describes how the project will be executed. It should be tailored based on the project’s context and needs. A good Plan reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding, conflict, and disappointment. Unfortunately, in the rush to start a project, insufficient time is often devoted to creating the Plan. This article presents a framework for. Source Agile Project Management Managing Projects PM Skills Quality Risk Management Stakeholders

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The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020: Initial Catalysts, Current Implications, and Future Impacts

Speaker: Elizabeth "Paige" Baumann, Founder and CEO of Paige Baumann Advisory, LLC

In this session, Elizabeth “Paige” Baumann will cover the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020, which also includes the Corporate Transparency Act. She'll take a deep dive into the catalysts that brought on the act, the current implications of the act, and what impacts the act has on the future of banking and finance.

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Intro to Scrum (3 of 16): What are the Scrum Values?

Are Scrum Values just a fluffy part of Scrum? Should we really embrace and respect those values? What would happen if we didn't? Watch this video to find out what the definition is in the Scrum Guide and what that all really means to you. In a hurry? Read the transcript.

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What is ROI – Return on Investment? | Video

Online PM Courses

Value is a crucial concept in Project Management. But how to calculate it? For me, the best simple way is Return on Investment, ROI. The post What is ROI – Return on Investment? Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. Project Benefits Management Project Management: What is.

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Why are Project Managers always sad?


Project managers play a critical role in ensuring the successful delivery of projects within budget, on time, and to the required quality standards. However, despite the significance of their role, project managers are often portrayed as being sad, stressed, and overworked. In this article, we explore the reasons behind this common perception and the factors that contribute to the high levels of stress experienced by … Project Management

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