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3 Predictions for What’s Next in Project Portfolio Management 


You know the saying: The only constant is change. It’s true for all disciplines and describes the project portfolio management (PPM) market for several reasons. Consider these changes faced by PMOs in recent years: The call to infuse agility and become a modern PMO. The market’s landmark evolution in 2020, which bifurcated PPM to support strategic portfolio management and adaptive project management.

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Ad Hoc Project Management: The Art of Chaos and Confusion


In the world of project management, a methodology stands out like a sore thumb, and that’s the notorious ad hoc project management. Suppose you’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering a project managed in this haphazard manner. In that case, you’ll understand why it’s often the subject of derision and eye-rolling among seasoned project professionals.


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You’ve Chosen a Career in Project Management…Now What?

The IIL Blog

By Veronica Thraen September 20, 2023 In a previous article, I provided three ways to test your readiness for a career in project management when you are looking for a change or just starting your professional career journey. Choosing to embark on a career as a project manager could be one of the wisest and timeliest decisions you make. The Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading certification body for project managers (PMs), predicts that the global economy will need 25 million

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‘Delay Thinking’ Is a Project Success Factor

PM Times

Often, it is better to spend more time than it is to speed to meet a deadline. Fast is good but not always. When rushing to get something done the probability of causing damage is high. Delay Thinking Delay thinking recognizes that there is a delay or lag between an action and its effect. […] The post ‘Delay Thinking’ Is a Project Success Factor appeared first on Project Management Articles, Webinars, Templates and Jobs.

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Why and How to Earn Your PMP® Credential

Gaining your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can be very beneficial for any project manager. Most successful PMP candidates treat preparing for the PMP exam as a personal project. As such, it requires careful planning and a structured approach. Eligibility criteria must be met, and the exam is known for its difficulty, sometimes requiring multiple attempts.

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Regenerative Leadership in Project Management: Essential for 2024 and Beyond

Green Project Management

Regenerative Leadership in Project Management: Essential for 2024 and Beyond In an age where buzzwords like “Transformational Leadership”, “Servant Leadership”, and “Agile Management” dominate boardrooms and workshops, one might ask: “What about Regenerative Leadership?” Over the past year, I’ve attended several conferences where a resonating sentiment was the shift from ‘project management’ to ‘project leadership’ [&#

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Everything You Need to Know about How to Build a Great Project Team

Online PM Courses

One thing above all can make project leadership easier: an enthusiastic project team. Let's look at the things you can do to bring it about. The post Everything You Need to Know about How to Build a Great Project Team appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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I've got a plan: nobody cares

Musings on Project Management

It's so damn frustrating!You spend a lot of time planning, coordinating, evaluating.And then it's D-Day, circumstances intervene, and nobody follows the plan ? (Well, they follow bits and pieces, but the plan as such is almost unrecognizable)That's a few sentences to say what we all know:No plan survives the first touch with realitySo, if this is all too obvious, what is it you do?

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5 Resource Allocation Planning Tips


In the world of project management, success hinges on your ability to harness resources effectively. Imagine your project as a high-speed train, and resource allocation planning as the tracks that guide it to victory. Without a well-thought-out plan, your project may derail before it even leaves the station. But fear not, resource allocation planning is your ticket to a smooth ride towards your goals.

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Portfolio Management: Top 10 Things to Know About A Portfolio Roadmap (Part - 2)

Management Yogi

In the earlier post, we checked the top five points (and utilities) of a portfolio roadmap.

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How to Stay Competitive in the Evolving State of Martech

Marketing technology is essential for B2B marketers to stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape — and with 53% of marketers experiencing legacy technology issues and limitations, they’re researching innovations to expand and refine their technology stacks. To help practitioners keep up with the rapidly evolving martech landscape, this special report will discuss: How practitioners are integrating technologies and systems to encourage information-sharing between departments and pr

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How to Calculate Total Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing isn’t free. There are various costs involved in the production of any product. Being able to make accurate estimates of your manufacturing costs is critical to a company’s profitability and competitive advantage. Before work hits the production line, one must know how to calculate manufacturing cost. First, we need to understand what manufacturing cost is, the different types of manufacturing costs as well as some examples to get context for what we’re talking about.

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The Illusion of #Velocity ?

TL; DR: Why Velocity Is a Useless Metric from a Management Perspective Typically, the obsession with velocity doesn’t originate from the team itself. It trickles down from management. Equipped with spreadsheets and performance dashboards, leaders often turn to easily quantifiable metrics like velocity to gauge progress. But what if this managerial focus on velocity is a fata morgana obscuring the path to true agility and value?

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Episode 185 – Redefining Project Success through Sustainable Project Management


The podcast by project managers for project managers. Projects are instrumental in defining an organization’s vision for a more sustainable future. Dr. Joel Carboni talks about Sustainable Project Management, and the goal to achieve a stated objective while considering the project outcome’s entire lifecycle to ensure a net positive environmental, social, and economic impact.

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Sailing the Waves of Organizational Change Chaos

The IIL Blog

By Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson September 20, 2023 Organizational change isn’t a possibility – it is a certainty. And as organizations change, so do their goals, strategies, teams – and the projects they deliver. These changes can make you, as project managers, feel like you are on a tiny boat lost at sea, trying to navigate your project through the waves and changing winds.

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The Essential Guide to Analytic Applications

Embedding dashboards, reports and analytics in your application presents unique opportunities and poses unique challenges. We interviewed 16 experts across business intelligence, UI/UX, security and more to find out what it takes to build an application with analytics at its core. No matter where you are in your analytics journey, you will learn about emerging trends and gather best practices from product experts.

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What Is a General Contractor In Construction? Role & Responsibilities

Construction projects are notoriously difficult. There are many different trades and professional disciplines required to work together in order to erect whatever structure is being made. To have this work there needs to be one person responsible for orchestrating all these different parts. That’s what a general contractor is in construction project management.

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Decoding Scrum Team Work: Balancing Sprint and Refinement Work

Software Development is not just a systematic process but a dynamic interplay of critical work that shapes the progress of your product. A Scrum team's work can be classified into Sprint work and Refinement. To steer your Scrum Team towards success, it's essential to understand, manage, and balance these two types of work. This article dives deep into the heart of Scrum team operations, offering clear-cut strategies and innovative visualisation techniques to help you understand and manage your S

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5 Strategies to Improve Teamwork


Through the years, we’ve all heard hundreds of quotes about teamwork. People often discuss how effective cooperation and collaboration skills can create a more efficient workplace. We hear it so often because it’s true. With the right combination of social skills, collaborative effort, and strong team leadership, businesses like yours have seen a 17% rise in productivity with a 21% rise in profitability 1.

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The Science Behind Great Teams: How Neurotransmitters Shape Success

The IIL Blog

By Thomas Friend September 20, 2023 In the world of teamwork, we often hear the age-old adage, “Great teams have great chemistry.” But there’s much more to this saying than meets the eye. It turns out that the right mix of chemicals in our brains, such as Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin, plays a vital role in cementing unity within teams.

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From Complexity to Clarity: Strategies for Effective Compliance and Security Measures

Speaker: Erika R. Bales, Esq.

When we talk about “compliance and security," most companies want to ensure that steps are being taken to protect what they value most – people, data, real or personal property, intellectual property, digital assets, or any other number of other things - and it’s more important than ever that safeguards are in place. Let’s step back and focus on the idea that no matter how complicated the compliance and security regime, it should be able to be distilled down to a checklist.

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Production Capacity: Formula, Examples

Production capacity is an essential metric for manufacturers. It informs their production planning, helps them give their customers more accurate lead times and forecasts cash flow. To better understand production capacity, we’ll define the term and go into greater detail as to its importance in manufacturing. Then we’ll explain how to measure production capacity and provide a couple of examples to better illustrate it.

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Mastering Sprint Planning: A Journey into Scrum's Heart

In my years navigating the Scrum landscape, Sprint planning has consistently emerged as a linchpin. It's where the rubber meets the road, where visions transform into actionable tasks. But how does one ensure this process is as effective as possible? Enjoy this video? Like and subscribe to our channel: [link] ! First and foremost, it's paramount that everyone on your team understands the Product Backlog.

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Collaboration Across Departments: Breaking Silos for Improved Business Performance


In today’s business landscape, fostering collaboration across different departments is crucial for success. Unfortunately, organizational silos exist, hampering employee interactions, compromising productivity, and preventing progress. Many companies encounter silos in their organizations in various forms. Consider data silos: Only 22 percent of business leaders say their teams share information effectively.

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Change Management Professional Development By APMG International

International Institute for Learning

Free Newsletter | Learner Login Search Search Close this search box. Courses Browse Courses Live Virtual Learning On-Demand In-Person Professional Certifications Learning Categories Project, Program and Portfolio Management Agile and Scrum Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Business Analysis Business Relationship Management Cybersecurity Information Technology Management Lean Six Sigma Microsoft Project Online Conferences Leadership and Innovation Agile and Scrum International Project Managemen

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The Credential Everyone Wants: The PMP Certification

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification is one of many professional credentials that is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Currently, there are approximately 1.4 million PMI PMPs awarded by PMI, the world’s leading authority on management. The PMP® certification is accredited against the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 and ISO/ANSI 17024 standards.

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Balancing Culture With the Need to Produce Results

Leading Agile

Why are so many Agile coaches and ScrumMasters getting laid off? Is it because Agile is disappearing? Or is it becasue they’ve gotten so dogmatic about the rules and cermonies surrounding Agile that they’re more of a burden then they are valuable? In our latest espisode of SoundNotes, Mike Cottmeyer and Dave Prior explore the competing priorties of many Agislists and the leaders they’re trying to help and talk about how to bring balance to the bigger picture so that companies can get back succed

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Non-Technical Leaders in Scrum

The adoption of Scrum, an Agile framework known for its flexibility and adaptability, has extended beyond the realm of software development. Today, Scrum is utilized in various industries, and as a result, leaders from diverse backgrounds are tasked with guiding Scrum teams. While technical expertise can be an asset, it's not always a prerequisite for effective leadership in an Agile environment.

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9 Project Management Software That Integrate with Xero


Xero is a technology company that provides cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps them easily manage their day-to-day financial operations by simplifying and automating financial tasks, such as invoicing, payroll, and expense tracking. Pairing good accounting software with a comprehensive project management solution is the smartest and fastest way to improve business operations.

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Experiential Marketing: What Is It & How Does It Work?


Crafting an enjoyable and distinctive encounter stands as a potent method for forging connections with customers, instilling within them a curiosity about a brand and its offerings. By delving into experiential marketing initiatives, brands can distinguish themselves from the competition and form genuine connections with their intended audience. Continue pursuing to delve deeper into this winning strategy and discover the secrets to cultivating an enhanced consumer experience.

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ABM Evolution: How Top Marketers Are Using Account-Based Strategies

In times of economic uncertainty, account-based strategies are essential. According to several business analysts and practitioners, ABM is a necessity for creating more predictable revenue. Research shows that nearly three-quarters of marketers (74%) already have the resources needed to build successful ABM programs.

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Avoid Best Effort Mentality AND Get the Agile Culture You Want

Leading Agile

“Technical agility is the underlying precondition for process agility, which is the underlying precondition for organizational agility, which is the underlying precondition for business agility. No amount of leadership attitude or mindset will change this.” — Mike Cottmeyer, CEO LeadingAgile Video Transcript We want a culture in the organization that is safe and is collaborative and does empower people and does enable the people closest to the technology and to the customers to make

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Navigating Sprint Planning: Common Pitfalls and Their Remedies

Sprint planning, a cornerstone of Scrum, often appears straightforward on the surface. Yet, beneath this facade, there's a labyrinth of potential pitfalls that can derail even the most seasoned teams. Let's embark on a journey to understand these challenges and how to sidestep them. At its core, Sprint planning is about, well, planning the Sprint. It's where we decide our direction for the upcoming Sprint, drawing from an ordered and understood Product Backlog.

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7 Tips on How to Hire an SEO Manager


Out of all the digital marketing strategies, SEO is known to have the best return on investment and potential for future growth. Unfortunately, it’s also considered the most “ smoke and mirrors ” as it’s hard to tell if someone is good at SEO or just a really good pretender. So, how do you even hire an SEO manager? Today, we’ll show you everything you need to know about hiring a stellar SEO professional.