The Best PRINCE2® course for beginners

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PRINCE2 was the first project management certification that I got. Choosing the right PRINCE2 course as a beginner is vitally important. You’ve already chosen PRINCE2. I’m going to assume that you’ve already decided that PRINCE2 is right for you. Can I self-learn PRINCE2?


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Here’s the common type of thought we get: I have also considered investing in the PRINCE2 set of qualifications to make me more PM ready and confident but fear investing in the course with no definite sight of returns. I always like to find the answer that says No to PRINCE2 – not an indefinite No – just a hold off a minute until we explore what experience you already have and what it is you’re trying to achieve. PRINCE2


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Where to Start in Finding a Great PMO Job

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You’re looking for a new job in PMO, you don’t just want any job, you want a great job. In this article we start by taking a look at the most important component when it comes to finding a new PMO job. I get a lot of questions from PMO practitioners who find job hunting a struggle – often they can’t work out why there are no positive responses to applications they make or why interviews are not ending in success and a job or contract offer. So for example, the PMO context.

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The PMO is Dead… Long Live the PMO!

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In this guest post from Christopher Worsley at CITI he looks at one of my favourite subjects, the PMO. For those of you who have worked in this field I’m sure you’ll recognise some of the scenarios that can lead to the demise of a PMO. You may or may not agree with his thoughts around the PMO, ” it is a function not a department” or indeed that PMOs are binned because they become stakeholders. What is a PMO anyway? The PMO gets disbanded.

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PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner: Everything you need to know to get this Certification!


What is PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner? PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner. The aim of the first qualification is to provide a background on the concepts, process, terminology, and techniques needed to be able to successfully manage projects using Prince2.

PMO Health Check 101

Brad Egeland

Do you have a healthy PMO? If you are a project-centric organization, then a project management office (PMO) that is run effectively, efficiently, productively and focused on delivering great projects from great leaders is what it's all about. PMO health is all about. A PMO that is headed in the right direction has an experienced leader at the helm. Indeed, the PMO will suffer greatly and it will likely be doomed to fail. Is it run efficiently?

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4 Ways to Supercharge Your PMO

Brad Egeland

I was reading a survey indicating that almost 90% of organizations now have some form of project management office (PMO). 58% of respondents indicated that they did not feel their PMO was effective. Only 34% said that their PMO had good repeatable processes, procedures and templates in place to help them do their jobs well. And a full 47% indicated that their company’s senior leadership had no visible involvement in the PMO.

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Issue Log - Template for Prince2 and Agile


Download this template Issue Log Template At the beginning of the project the log is blank, and is usually filled in by the PM (or PMO). Agile Excel RAID Logs Issue log Prince2 RAIDWhat is an Issue Log? The issue log is a document which aims at capturing and documenting any issues which were brought forward during the lifecycle of the project.

The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019- By Role

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Of note we can see the following: The Project Manager cohort is dominated by PRINCE2 with 62% having attained the Practitioner level and a further 9% having just the Foundation level. Of note we can see the following: The Programme Manager cohort is also dominated by PRINCE2 with 75% having attained the Practitioner level and just 3% having only the Foundation level. PMO Managers: When cut by those indicating that they operate as PMO Managers the top 10 delivers the table below.

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The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019

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PRINCE2 – Top of the Pile: Love it or otherwise, the PRINCE2 certification still retains its position as the most common amongst UK based project management practitioners; with roughly two-thirds of the pool saying they have the Practitioner level of achievement. MSP – A Broader Perspective: After the PRINCE2 certifications we have Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) which 29% of the respondents identified as being part of their learning.

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Brad Egeland

​BOOK REVIEW: ALEXEI KUVSHINNIKOV’S “THE DEEP-SPACE ODDITY PROJECT” (PRINCE2® FICTION) It’s easy to get excited and enthusiastic about something so new and unique. The author called it “PRINCE2 Fiction” and at least I am not aware of anything remotely similar existing on the market. Still, it revolves in a similar fashion around the work of a group of mprofessionals who in this case have different roles in a PMO.

Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year

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There is a dizzying array of project management courses out there to help you achieve project management qualifications, both for PMI courses, PRINCE2 courses and more. Logical Model PRINCE2 courses. Simon has two online e-learning video PRINCE2 courses. The PRINCE2 Agile® Exam course includes mock papers and your exam fees so you get a total package. The PMO Lifecycle. Audience: People involved in building, running of shutting down a PMO.

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Getting Into Project Management – Five Steps to Take

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

A popular way to try and kick start a career has been to take a PRINCE2 course and hope for the best. and ends with the same generic answers: “W ell I’ve done a bit of it in my current role ” or “S omeone said I would be good at it ” or even worse: “B ecause I’ve just done my PRINCE2.”.

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Changing the Face of PM Training

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Go for something like PMP® or PRINCE2 and the choice is even greater. Corporate Learning Managers and PMO Leaders are loving us because they can post a request for proposal (RFP) on and select the highest quality providers in a fraction of the time. Job adverts declare that you have to be PMP certified or a PRINCE2 Practitioner. Primavera, Expert Views PRINCE2 Training

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What Is a PMO? (Infographic)


Project management is a discipline loaded with acronyms: PMP, PRINCE2, CPM, WBS, PMBOK, PMI… and about 150 others. Whether or not you’re a project manager by title, one acronym you’re sure to hear more often is PMO. What is PMO?” PMO stands for “project management office.” The percentage of companies with a PMO has nearly doubled since 2000, according to The State of the PMO 2016. . Definition of PMO. Who Needs a PMO? The PMO Director.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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Gateway (PRINCE2). ’ PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 0 – Strategic Assessment. PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 1 – Business Justification. PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 2 – Delivery Strategy. PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 3 – Investment Decision. ’ PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 4 – Readiness for Service Review. Senior PMO staff.

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Project Management Training – Shifting from Classroom to Computer

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PMO Learning offers a number of their courses online, either as Virtual Classroom or as E-learning. Training has always been an important part of working as a project professional. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all project professionals.

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Moving from PA to Project Administrator

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Don’t dive into a PRINCE2 course – it’s not the right time yet to be looking at that. PM Careers Advice PMO project administratorBecoming a Project Administrator if you are currently working as a PA (Personal Assistant) is not as big a leap as you might think. Essentially a project administrator is someone who is highly organised, knows their way around a PC, works well with managers and teams and ultimately gets any administrative stuff done on a project.

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Gate Reviews: What Project Managers Need To Know

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Gate reviews, or stage reviews are part of the PRINCE2® process, and also part of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s Project Roadmap in the Governance module. The PMO will specify the route your project has to follow. So you want to implement this approach within your PMO?

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Five Top Tips for Gaining Your Next Project Management Job

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Don’t wait until you’ve been knocked back because you don’t have your PRINCE2 or PMP. This post first appeared on PMO Perspectives Blog. You’ve decided that its time to move on and you’re starting to think about getting things lined up to make the job searching as painless as possible. Where do you start?

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Project Business Management talks to Peter Taylor – The Lazy Project Manager

The Lazy Project Manager

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Book review: Risk Happens

Rebel’s Guide to PM

The book is not method specific, so it doesn’t matter if you use PRINCE2® , the PMI® equivalent or any other national or international standard. Mike Clayton. Mike Clayton defines risk as “uncertain events that can affect outcomes,” in his book, Risk Happens!:

10 Places to Get Free Project Management Templates

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PRINCE2 Templates from Axelos. If you work in a PRINCE2 environment, you’ll be aware that it’s quite document heavy! The latest version of PRINCE2 has a focus on tailoring, so you should be picking and choosing the documentation that you need, instead of creating everything. However, you’re always going to need the basics, and you can get free editable Word versions of several PRINCE2 core documents from Axelos. You’ve got responsibility for a project.

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Overview of my year 2020 book reviews

Henny Portman

PRINCE2 and DevOps, a successful marriage or recipe for divorce? whitepaper) How the PRINCE2 Directing Guide helps with decision latency (Book) An IPMA virtual mega project award assessment: what a challenge! 2020 was again an extremely fruitful book review year.

2020 65

Understanding the Steps to Developing Your Project Management Career

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AXELOS – Uses the Best Management Practise toolkit qualifications and are the home of the famous PRINCE2. The qualifications you should be looking at for this level are: APM – Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) and the PRINCE2 Foundation. It is cut from the same cloth as PRINCE2 and MSP so it is a natural step up for anyone who has taken those accreditations.

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Top 10 Must-Read Books on Collaboration on Projects

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Communication Skills for Project and Programme Managers is tailored to PRINCE2® project environments. It’s also very expensive for the amount of pages, so see if you can get your PMO to invest in it!

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Project Manager Job Description (with free copy+paste examples!)

There are two major certifying bodies, PRINCE2 and the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMP certificaction required; PMO experience preferred. Project managers are the point person in charge of a specific project or projects within an organization.

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Kick Start Your Project Management Career in 2017 Project Management Prizes Galore

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We’ve got some great project management books to give away – £400 quids worth – including the MoR and Agile PRINCE2 books. We’ve got a ticket to the PMO Conference to give away too – worth £500 – this popular event has been sold out in the last two years so it’s a great event for people working in PMO.

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Project Management Trends [2022]

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It’s a way of automating repetitive tasks and it’s having a bit of an impact on the PMO community. Moreover, the PMO may be removed from tracking those efforts after the problems have been identified and the teams set the work into motion.”. Think about how your PMO teams are rewarded.

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To project management certify or not…?

Ron Rosenhead

Should I get PRINCE2/ APM/PMI’ is usually attached to the question. Many people who have been on a qualification course come along at the end of the course and saying something like ‘I went onto a PRINCE2/ APM/PMI qualification course and this 2 days makes much more sense’ Or, ‘I can apply this to my projects straight away. That is the question…. Now I know I may well upset a few people with this articles however here goes….

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10 Ways to Write About Your Project Management Career History in Your CV

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You need to find the balance between telling the reader enough about the projects you managed or worked on – for PMO, it’s the same – what type of PMO and what was its objective. So you’ve written your amazing introductory profile and got your key achievements just right. Now it’s time to focus on the real weighty part of the CV – your career history. So what’s the best way to tackle this?

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#PMOT – Who are the Project Managers on Twitter to Follow?

Online PM Courses

And we mustn’t forget that there are other widely used hashtags in the #PMOT community, like #Agile, #PMO, and #PMP. Enthusiastic PMO bod. PMO flashmobber: Leadership #PMO #StrategicPlanning Join us: Senior Project Manager, PMP, PMO-CP certified. Project and Change Management expertise – PRINCE2, MSP, Change Management, APM, Agile DSDM, Online & In-person training and consulting:

2018 70

10 Ways to Write About Your Project Management Career History in Your CV

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You need to find the balance between telling the reader enough about the projects you managed or worked on – for PMO, it’s the same – what type of PMO and what was its objective. So you’ve written your amazing introductory profile and got your key achievements just right. Now it’s time to focus on the real weighty part of the CV – your career history. So what’s the best way to tackle this?

2017 152

Project Boards and Project Steering Groups: An Introduction

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Have as many layers as fits within your PMO methodology. That’s the minimum (and the approach advocated by PRINCE2). Take minutes, or co-opt someone from the PMO to help. Who on your project will have the authority to make decisions at the most senior level?

2022 287

Communications Tools: The Project Banner

Rebel’s Guide to PM

At conferences or trade shows where your business might have a stand (I’m thinking particularly for PMO teams who are recruiting project managers). You'll also like: Inside PRINCE2: Who does what in project Initiation Initiating a project is where it all starts in PRINCE2. This article, Communications Tools: The Project Banner , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM.

2017 240

Project Management System: The Basics


the PMO) to see the big picture, so they can allocate and optimize resources. What is a Project Management System? The term “project management system” is widely used to describe two major pieces of the overall project management puzzle.

2020 124

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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Project management methodologies – Agile, Waterfall, PRINCE2, PRiSM, Six Sigma, Critical Path, and many more. For Europe, you might want to look for a PRINCE2 certification. The PRINCE2 Certification. The PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments2) project management methodology is one of the most popular methods that you can use in PM. This certification has three main levels: PRINCE2 Foundation. PRINCE2 Practitioner. PRINCE2 Professional.

2018 87

The Hybrid Project Portfolio Management Approach

Brad Egeland

Allocating financial resources to the proper projects is often a painful selection process for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), General Manager, PMO Director or whoever makes those decisions in your organization. The hybrid PPM approach A new hybrid approach to project management allows you to combine the best of Scaled Agile with all major features of common PM standards including PMI, IPMA and PRINCE2. What exactly is hybrid PPM?

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Project Status Reporting – 6 Key Considerations

Project Health Check

Management by Exception : This PRINCE2 Principle is extremely valuable as the starting point; the Project shouldn’t need to tell management about every single thing that it has done. For example, cost performance data is collected by the PMO and the Cost Performance Index (CPI) is calculated and compared against defined Organisational standards to determine the Finance Status of the Projects – the PMs Judgement has nothing to do with it.

2017 192

How To Start A Project As An Accidental Project Manager

Rebel’s Guide to PM

He offers online training courses on PRINCE2 that can be found by clicking here. Simon recently spoke at 2017 PMO Conference about the evolution of the Project Management office leader to be Chief Change Officer. This article, How To Start A Project As An Accidental Project Manager , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. Help! I’m an accidental or new project manager. How do I get started? Simon Harris.

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