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How To Make 2023 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Would you like to make 2023 a successful year for your projects? It’s a lot to read, so here are some spoilers drawn from common themes I heard time and time again in the interviews: Agile : if you don’t know enough about it, you need to start learning. I’m sure you do. But what does it take to get there?

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Has Agile Stalled?

Sitting at lunch during Agile 2023, I felt deja vu. I have attended many Agile conferences. At Agile 2023, I did not feel that. The challenges they discussed could be traced to classic business change management issues rather than anything unique to agility. My first was in Chicago in 2009.

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¿Cómo los Scrum Master pueden permanecer relevantes en 2023?

Existe una tendencia de empresas que renuncian a sus Scrum Masters o Agile Coaches. ¿ Por qué pasa esto en 2023? y en nuestra web. ¿Están en crisis los roles de Scrum Master o Agile Coach? En los últimos meses ha crecido el cuestionamiento de las empresas al valor aportado por los roles de Agile.

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Getting Hired as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach

TL; DR: Getting Hired as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach Are you considering a new Scrum Master or Agile Coach job? Read on and learn how to employ search engines, LinkedIn’s people search, reach out to peers in the agile community, and analyze the event markets in the quest for your next Scrum Master job.

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Useless Agile Metrics

TL; DR: Useless Agile Metrics Ideally, a metric is a leading indicator for a pattern change, allowing your Scrum team to analyze the cause in time and take countermeasures. What if these useless agile metrics lead you in the wrong direction while providing you with the illusion that you know where your team is heading?

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The Uncomfortable Truth of Scaling ‘Agile’

TL; DR: The Uncomfortable Truth of Scaling Agile Agile transformations, scaling Agile from a team level to the whole organization, are more than implementing frameworks like SAFe®. You can sign up here for the ‘Food for Agile Thought’ newsletter and join 47,000-plus subscribers. ? ??

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Análisis del ‘The Business Agility Report’ de 2022

Ha salido la quinta edición del ’The Business Agility Report’. . La agilidad empresarial o Business Agility se refiere a la capacidad de una organización para adaptarse rápida y eficientemente a las condiciones cambiantes del mercado, las necesidades de los clientes y los procesos internos. . Qué es la agilidad de negocio?

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