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Leadership Futures from the Next Generation: Adapting, Empowering, Thriving

The IIL Blog

As we open our organisations to leadership’s next generation, it’s clear that the future belongs to those who champion collaboration, innovation, inclusion, and adaptability. That is why agile change and project management approaches are so popular. They just want to have the ‘ladder held for them’, while they try.

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The Agile Fluency Model with Diana Larsen

TL; DR: Diana Larsen on the Agile Fluency Model. On October 12, 2022, agile innovator Diana Larsen delved into the Agile Fluency® Model. After a short introduction to the model, we shifted to an ask-me-anything-style discussion of the groundbreaking view of agile and teams. ?? The Agile Fluency® Model.


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Unlocking the Power and Mastery of Development Approach and Life Cycle

Project Pulse Journal

This domain facilitates strategic alignment, optimized delivery cadence, methodology customization, increased flexibility, and improved risk management. The desire for a project management framework that sustains deliverability, supports the required cadence, and remains faithful to an adaptable methodology is now within reach.

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 Executive’s Guide To Large-Scale Agile Transformation & Sustaining An Adaptive Enterprise w/ Mike Cottmeyer

Leading Agile

Mike Cottmeyer explores the key attributes in each of the three systems necessary for making a success out of the otherwise complex tax of large scale Agile Transformation. The three systems include a System of Delivery, a System of Transformation, and a System of Sustainability. Transcript. Like what are the networks of teams?

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The Agile Fluency model

Henny Portman

The Agile Fluency model, developed by Diana Larsen and James Shore in 2012 and substantially updated in 2018, is a framework to help teams understand their current position and to help them develop an individual road map. Agile teams pass through four distinct zones of fluency as they learn ( fluency evolves).

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The Complete Guide to Scaling Agile and SAFe for Business Agility


What is Scaling in Agile? Agile is a set of values and principles. Agile is an umbrella term for a group of iterative product development frameworks. Most organizations started their Agile journey with one of the frameworks mentioned above, and Scrum is the most popular one. The cadence of development of multiple teams.

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The Three — Wait: Four — Elements of Empiricism

You can sign up here for the ‘Food for Agile Thought’ newsletter and join 35,000-plus subscribers. ?? September 27, 2022 : Join 200-plus peers at the 45th Hands-on Agile Meetup: FAST: An Innovative Way to Scale with James Shore. To help with inspection, Scrum provides cadence in the form of its five events.”.

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