SAFe certification: Launch your Scaled Agile Framework career

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What is SAFe certification? Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) certifications are becoming valuable in larger organizations that are looking for efficient project delivery, ensuring reduced time-to-market, and developing ways to provide better stakeholder value.

Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year

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If your goal this year is to put yourself ahead of the curve and get studying for a certification, then I’m here to help! Certification: CAPM ®, PMP ®. Product: PM PrepCast , Agile PrepCast , Exam Simulators. Certification: PMP ®, CAPM ®, PMI-ACP ®. Certification: PMP ®.

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PMI-PgMP® Certification


The Project Management Institute's Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PgMP) certification is one of the most sought-after certifications for professionals who want to enter the project management field. You are required to take and pass the Certification Exam.

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The Complete Guide To Benefits Of Agile Certification


Agile product management is the most preferred approach to developing new products, services, or solutions. It should come as no surprise since the Agile adoption rate increased from 37% in 2020 to 86% in 2021. . How does agile adoption start? Through Agile certifications! .

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Using Continuous Customer Testing for Pandemic-Proof Product Success

Speaker: Luke Freiler, CEO and co-founder of Centercode

After weathering recessions with a wide range of iconic customers, CEO and Product Manager Luke Freiler has seen first hand the impact the Voice of the Customer has had in making or breaking tech companies during hard times. He's going to walk you through an agile process for continuous customer testing that saves you time and gives you full confidence in your products — no matter how many you're sending out the door this year.

PMI-ACP Certification


What is the PMI-ACP Certification? PMI-ACP Certification is a professional certification offered by PMI. It stands for Project Management Institute - Agile Certified Practitioner. Who should apply for PMI-ACP® Certification?

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SAFe® Agile Certification Cost in 2022


Did you just Google ‘SAFe Certification Cost’ only to realize there is a ton of information which is unnecessarily exhaustive? Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe is a set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide organizations in scaling lean and agile practices.

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Project Management Qualification: Should you go for a PM Certification?

Online PM Courses

The post Project Management Qualification: Should you go for a PM Certification? Should I get a Project Management qualification? Simple to ask: hard to answer. There are many scenarios. We break down the question for you.

12 Incredible Reasons You Should Get a SAFe® Agile Certification


46% of the organizations reported inconsistencies in practices and processes as their main challenge with agile transformation. Source: 15th State of Agile Report. There sure is an Agile framework called SAFe. And SAFe is the road to Business Agility.

CSM or PSM – The Better Certification!! The Never-Ending Debate.


When people posted this question to me, to help them figure out which among the two certifications (PSM and CSM) was better, it was confusing and humbling at the same time. No, I don’t plan… The post CSM or PSM – The Better Certification!!

Agile Certification: Your Guide to the Large Array of Agile Qualifications

Online PM Courses

You want to embrace Agile as part (or maybe all) of your Project Management practice. Which Agile Certification program should you follow? Classifying the Agile Certification Providers. To make this guide easier to read, I have divided the providers of Agile qualifications into three categories: Agile Certification Your Guide to the Bewildering Array of Agile Qualifications. Tier 1: Principle Promotors of Agile Project Management.

Pitfalls of referencing agile

Kiron Bondale

One of the clichés you will run across if you read enough articles or watch enough videos about agility is that we should be using the term as an adjective rather than as a noun. Misunderstandings can also happen when we treat agile as an adjective in the wrong manner.

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Top Benefits Of DevOps Foundation Certification


If you’re keen on exploring a career in DevOps but are skeptical about pursuing a Devops certification, then this blog post is for you. . Before we talk about the benefits of DevOps Foundation Certification in 2022, let’s understand the definition of DevOps.

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5 Best Project Management Certifications and Courses of 2019


Project Management certifications, or a certified professional are not essential to an organization’s core structure, but their involvement makes a difference in ten folds. From the 1960s to early 2000s, Agile Framework adoption was still in its infancy. Teams and organizations who were looking to expand, unknowingly adapted to a specific set of daily rituals that were later termed as Agile Project Management, PMP and other such condiments. CompTIA Project+ Certification.

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The Product Owner in Scrum: Responsibilities, Certifications & Tools

Scrum is a framework for organizing agile teams, and it’s processes and guidelines are excellent for improving team productivity. They act as the project manager for the scrum team, although the agile community generally doesn’t use that term. Product Owner Certification.

Free project management certifications

Moira Alexander

Agile Software Development - goes over fundamental agile concepts to enhance your software development skills. Six Sigma and Lean: Quantitative Tools for Productivity and Quality - covers how to master Six Sigma and Lean fundamentals to improve productivity and quality in your organization and earn a TUM Lean and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. The site offers various PM modules and certification.

Top Benefits of PMP Certification


The Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification is the world’s top recognized project management certification governed by PMI. PMP certification grows your Leading and Directing skills in all three project management approaches – Predictive (waterfall), Agile, and Hybrid -making you competent in any project leadership work and challenge. Now let us understand the PMP certification and its benefits: What is PMP? Benefits of PMP Certification.

Project Management Q&A – Maintaining Your PMP Certification for Free

Arras People

What free options would you recommend for maintaining my PMP certification ? After spending over £400 to get your PMP certification you will probably want to avoid any extra costs maintaining and gaining up to date knowledge. Things like Podcasts, e-learning websites and local seminars and meetups are all great ways to maintain that PMP certification. Agile PM related, try DrunkenPM Radio. Do you use any of the above materials to maintain your certifications?

How Valuable is the PMP Certification?


If you’re wondering whether getting a PMP certification will improve your prospects, it’s important to understand what you’ll need to do in order to earn one, and weigh the time and effort against the potential benefits in salary and opportunities. PMP Certification Requirements.

The Best Agile & Scrum Certifications to Have in 2020


With the ever-changing IT market, its expectations, and demands, it is imperative for organizations to practice agile methods and principles. The post The Best Agile & Scrum Certifications to Have in 2020 appeared first on Agilemania. Agile and Scrum Certification

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PSPO vs CSPO Certification: What Fits Your Requirements?


What is Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification? Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) is an entry-level certification training for aspiring Product Owners. . The PSPO certification for the Product Owners by is recognized globally. Agile Coach.

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The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019- By Role

Arras People

In a recent blog The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019 , we explored the results from the 2019 PMBR (Project Management Benchmark Report) dataset to identify the take-up (or not) of PM certifications in the UK. A not insignificant number of the cohort at 19% have the MSP certification. Scrum is the only Agile based certification making an appearance in the top 10.

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How To Choose The Right SAFe Certification For You


Scaled Agile Framework is rising in popularity. And to further testify the benefits of SAFe, 37% of the organizations use SAFe as per the 15th State of Agile Report. The path to these SAFe jobs are the SAFe certifications offered by Scaled Agile. .

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Incredible Benefits of PSPO Certification In 2022


Scrum is the most popular framework as per the 15th State of Agile Report. As a result, more companies are joining the agile Agile journey, with the agile adoption rate going from 37% in 2020 to 86% in 2021. . Here are the learning outcomes of the PSPO certification- .

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The Best Way to Achieve SAFe® Scrum Master Certification (SSM)

Binfire Collaboration Blog

For this certification, you need to pass a scrum master certification exam, after which you will be awarded your certification of SAFe Scrum Master (SSM®). Aspects of this Scrum Master Certification. To get this certification, you will need to pass the certification exam.

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The Certification Every Tech Project Manager Should have in 2022

Brad Egeland

I have given my recommendations to training teams here as I feel that each and every PMP Should take your Agile Class!” ” Become Cheetah Agile Certified Use code "BRADAGILE" for 10% off. If you have any questions about the certification, you can ask me directly. Agile is an umbrella term for a number of project methodologies, Scrum being the most widely used. At their core, all Agile project methodologies share common characteristics.

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Certification Proliferation and Confusion

Leading Answers

Don’t even get me started on Agile certifications which have splintered and multiplied faster than the brooms in Fantasia’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  We need the same with certifications. Hopefully, we will see the same with certifications. Whereas films and TV shows are filtered by genre (action, adventure, drama), actors and viewer age recommendations, certifications will have different criteria. Agile Project Management Certification PMI-ACP

7 Amazing Benefits of PSM Certification in 2022


Before we get to the benefits of Professional Scrum Master Certification Training, let’s quickly explore the fundamentals. In addition, they oversee that teams follow the Agile principles and values. . Choose a Scrum certification. Grow an Agile mindset.

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The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019

Arras People

One of the top questions we have answered from our inception back in 2002 has been about project management certification. Taking data from the 2019 PMBR (Project Management Benchmark Report) dataset we were able to construct the table below which shows the take up (or not) of PM certifications in the UK. Interestingly, for those who identified as currently unemployed just 56% (-10%) said they had this level of certification. For more PMO related certificates see here.

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Discover The Amazing Career Benefits Of CSPO Certification In 2022


Today’s topic of discussion is the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Certification and its benefits. How is CSPO different from other certifications? They have been operational since 2001 and they have 1, 082, 451 certificates and counting. . Agile Coach .

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Reasons to do a PRINCE2 Certification

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In this post, guest blogger Simplilearn explore just why PRINCE2 is the most popular project management certification in the UK. There are several project management certifications out there in the market and most people aren’t sure of which certification course to take. People with a PRINCE2 certification are able to adapt to almost all situations and tend to deliver projects on time because the structure of this methodology anticipates all the possibilities of a project.

ITIL® 4 Foundation: Tips for ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Exam


By implementing ITIL v4 across your organization, you can become more agile and flexible while improving efficiency. The ITIL 4 Foundation certificate provides an introductory level of knowledge on the principles of IT Service Management. What is the itil4 certification exam?

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Top Scrum Certifications You Need to Know in 2021


The 15th State of Agile Survey is out. The survey revealed 66% of the organizations voted Scrum as the most sought-after Agile framework. Source: 15th State of Agile Report. Becoming a Scrum Master requires certification training from a globally recognized body.

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What is PMP Certification?


With over 750,000 professionals with Project Management Professional (PMP) certification across the world, the popularity of the diploma is clear, but what exactly is a PMP certification? The short answer is that it is a professional certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). So, we’ve taken a look at everything you need to know about PMP certification. How to get PMP certification. How does one retain their PMP certification?

Want to become an Agile Project Manager? Training and Certifications to consider

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Want to become an Agile Project Manager? Important Training and Certifications to consider. Agile Project Management Agile Agile certification agile project manager Agile training PMI scrum

Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article, Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Are you looking to do a project management training course or take a certificate course this year? If your goal this year is to put yourself in that bracket and get studying for a certification (perhaps trying to squeeze in your PMP® before the exam changes), then I’m here to help! Certification: CAPM®, PMP®.

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CSM certification guide: Certified ScrumMaster exam explained

Moira Alexander

What is the CSM certification? Agile practices are being rapidly adopted in project and product management across many industries, and the Scrum master is an important leadership role in agile development. Becoming a CSM offers individuals with valuable benefits, including increased recognition and credibility as a leader, additional opportunities within organizations with agile practices, and a demonstrated knowledge of Scrum.

Scrum Certification – For or Against?

They do this by enabling people to apply Professional Scrum through training courses, certifications and ongoing learning. The certification aspect of this mission is somewhat controversial. Some people love certifications, others, not so much!

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What is the difference between a SAFe and Certified Scrum Master certification


In this article, we will discuss the significant differences between the two prominent certifications in Agile space. The post What is the difference between a SAFe and Certified Scrum Master certification appeared first on Agilemania. Agile and Scrum Certification

The Top Five Project Management Certifications in the UK

Arras People

In this guest post, Simplilearn , a global training provider (who are also part of the Arras People training directory), give us an overview of which certifications are the most popular in the UK today. The easiest and fastest way to carve a career in this field is with a project management certification. In this article, we will tell you about the different project management certifications that are in demand in the UK and what each certification entails.

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