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The 12 Agile Principles: Definitions & How to Use Them

Agile principles are the foundations of agile. Agile is a project management methodology that allows development teams to set up a dynamic work management framework. This method is based on 12 guiding principles, known as agile principles. What Are the 12 Agile Principles? Agile Core Values.

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ProjectManager Is Excited to Launch Its Jira Integration

ProjectManager, an award-winning project management software company, is thrilled to announce its newest integration with Jira, a leading software development tool. Unite the agile world of Jira with ProjectManager’s planning and reporting tools. ProjectManager is project management software for business excellence.


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What Is Kanban? Meaning, Definitions & Best Practices

ProjectManager is an award-winning project management software that offers kanban boards with robust features for managing tasks and workflows in any industry. Assign tasks to your team members, track their progress and monitor project costs in real time. The kanban board is one way to keep track of a team’s workflow.

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Agile Project Management: Principles, Meetings, Values & Tools

What Is Agile Project Management? Agile project management is an iterative approach to delivering a project through short planning cycles called sprints. By using incremental steps towards completing a project, agile teams can easily adjust their project plan or product development plan to better meet their customer requirements.

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Everything You Need to Know About Release Managers

Rebel’s Guide to PM

My software projects needed releasing, so we had to follow the formal process and engage with the release manager to make sure that the bug fixes and new features got pushed to the production environment in a controlled way. The role of a release manager is crucial in ensuring that software projects are completed on time and within budget.

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5 Agile Methodologies for Project Managers that are not Scrum Framework

Project Pulse Journal

By: Hajime Estanislao, PMP, CSM The quest for methodologies that offer efficiency and agility has never been rockier. Agile methodologies stand at the forefront of this quest, providing the blueprint for rapid, responsive, and customer-centric project execution. Agile methodologies offer a path to mastering these challenges.

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¿Qué harías para empezar tu carrera en Agile hoy mismo?

Empezar una carrera en Agile puede ser una excelente decisión en el entorno actual, donde la flexibilidad y la adaptabilidad son claves para el éxito de cualquier iniciativa, servicio o producto. Si estás considerando iniciar tu carrera en Agile hoy mismo, aquí te dejo algunos pasos y consejos prácticos para comenzar tu viaje.

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