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Scrum: The Goldilocks Agile Framework

In the agile world, Scrum stands out as a Goldilocks framework. Scrum consists of five events, three artifacts, and three accountabilities, supported by the five Scrum values , empiricism , and the values and principles in the Agile manifesto. It was modified to accord with the 2020 Scrum guide.

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Agile OKRs to Measure Improvement in Flow and Value Outcomes OKRs

I have been working on agile projects for the past 10 years. A couple of years ago, I asked by an executive how he would know if the money they invested on setting up these agile release trains was working? He was essentially asking me to prove the “ROI” for agile and to measure delivery of value.

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How agile is your team (and what you can do about it!)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Did you know, one survey found that the most common reason to adopt agile is to be able to deliver products more quickly? Yet the same survey found that 75% of people did not believe their organisation had a culture that supported agile ways of working. Discovering the recipe for team agility. This matches my experience.

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Unleashing Agile Excellence: How Scrum Training Empowers Developers and Drives Organizational Success

Image Source: [link] Although Scrum is a well-known framework for agile software development, implementing Scrum alone won’t guarantee success. Scrum and technical practices help achieve business agility by building the right thing and delivering it sooner. Technical skills are needed for adaptable, reliable, and maintainable software.

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Innovating and Driving Agility with Tech: No-Code Development

Speaker: Gautam Nimmagadda, CEO, Quixy

Join Gautam Nimmagadda, CEO of Quixy, and learn how to leverage tech and drive agility with citizen development and the no-code movement. How to recognize emerging trends in tech today and leverage them to stay agile for a holistic business strategy. Tuesday December 15th, 2020 at 11AM PST, 2PM EST, 7PM GMT

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FAST Scaling: An Innovative Way to Scale Agile with James Shore

TL; DR: Hands-on Agile #45: FAST Scaling: An Innovative Way to Scale Agile with James Shore. In this energizing 45th Hands-on Agile session, James Shore shared his experiences with scaling “agile:” first with traditional approaches and, more recently, with FAST scaling. Scaling Agile.

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Agile. Creativity. Innovation.

International Institute for Learning

This family of methods are now commonly known as Agile , and it has been through the formation of the Agile Alliance and the publication of the Agile Manifesto (Fowler and Highsmith 2001). We can say the Agile methods have well-interpreted the so-called Copernican Revolution in management.

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Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Business agile is an approach that gives the right business flexibility and fast decision-making in a volatile environment, providing a great capacity for innovation, adaptation and change. Businesses everywhere are trying to “get business agile”—but it’s not easy to adapt to becoming this adaptive.

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Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Speaker: Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies

Innovation is both a process and an outcome. The best way to begin innovating your products is by innovating your internal process. Innovation and Leadership go hand in hand. Join this webinar to learn how to: Turn a stagnant culture into an attention culture with highly collaborative team dynamics.