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Lean Startup and Scrum

I remember the first time I heard about Lean Startup. I was an analyst for Forrester research on a panel at the Agile conference in Orlando. A member of the audience asked, “What do you think about Lean Startup?”. Honestly, I had not heard of Lean Startup. The ideas of Lean Startup also make sense for feature development.

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The Project Manager’s Agile Transformation Journey

The IIL Blog

Insights from Bosch By Johannes Köber Agility, dynamic, and flexibility are trendsetting words, with good reason. These challenges impact project management practices and project managers, spurring much-cited Agile Transformation. billion euros and is already implementing agile transformation in many units.

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What are the focus areas of an Agile Coach?

Who is an Agile Coach? Though, there is no universal definition of what is an Agile Coach. The first Agile Coaching Competency framework was developed by Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spaydback in 2011. The model has been adopted and adapted as the application of Agile has grown over the years. Agility health radar.

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Lean Agile Project Management for the Strategic PM

The Strategic Project Manager

Agile and lean are not the same thing but are closely related. This post looks at the idea of ‘lean agile’ and its application to project management and strategy. What Is Lean Agile Project Management? Apply Lean to Agile Projects. How can you make agile projects more efficient?

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Wie passen Scrum, Design Thinking und Lean Start-up zusammen? ????

Die gute Nachricht: Scrum ist ein Rahmenwerk, in dem sich Methoden wie Design Thinking und Lean Startup gut integrieren lassen. . Eine Innovation hilft Kund:innen ein Problem besser, sicherer, schneller oder kostengünstiger zu lösen. Wenn eine Innovation das leisten kann, dann begeistert eine Innovation die Kund:innen.

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Improving Private Equity Outcomes using Agility / Evidence-based Operating Systems

In this article, I’ll explore the need for and the attributes of an agile business operating system related to Private Equity (PE) portfolio companies. Dealing with common business challenges through agility. This affects product innovation as well as GTM innovation and other key business processes. .

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Top 10 Project Management Methodologies – An Overview

Agile Methodology. What It Is: In a nutshell, Agile project management is an evolving and collaborative way to self-organize across teams. The agile methodology offers project teams a very dynamic way to work and collaborate and that’s why it is a very popular project management methodology for product and software development.