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In-Depth: Stable Or Fluid Teams? What Does The Science Say?

Kozlowski & Ilgen (2006) describe this reciprocity as “process begets structure, which in turn guides process”. Wang et al (2006) studied software teams tasked with ERP implementations and found that cohesive teams performed significantly better than less-cohesive teams. In turn, this facilitates further collaboration. Bradley et.

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Why Great (Scrum) Teams Have A Mind Of Their Own

Butler et al, 2006, Tolin, 2010) are based on this approach (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT). Kozlowski & Ilgen (2006) describe this reciprocity as “process begets structure, which in turn guides process”. Or you can investigate which models drive you to judge your behavior in a negative light. as often as you want?—?or References.


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Why do projects fail? (Includes examples!)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

The Airbus A380 was due to take to the skies in 2006. Instead, tax payers have footed the bill. The Channel Tunnel construction project saw its budget rise from £4.8 billion to £10.9 The international team did not use compatible design software which led to snowballing problems.

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Burnout in Project Management

The IIL Blog

Articles are now appearing addressing burnout specifically in a project management environment [Verma (1996), Haynes and Love (2004), Richmond and Skitmore (2006), Pinto et al., 2014), and Jugdev et al., Dawood, Shariffah; Pinto , Mary Beth., May2014, Vol. 32 Issue 4, p578-589. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2013.09.003. 2013.09.003. Richmond, A.,

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Die Organisation als Scrum Master verändern? Wie Storytelling dabei helfen kann

Laut der NASA dauerte die Reise etwa eine Minute weniger als beim Start im Januar 2006 vorhergesagt. Für diese Distanz von der Erde von 5 Milliarden Kilometern hatte sie neuneinhalb Jahre gebraucht. Noch mal langsam: Das heißt, die Vorhersage der NASA für diese bahnbrechende, fast ein Jahrzehnt lange Reise traf zu 99,99998 Prozent genau ein!

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In-Depth: How Scrum Motivates Teams Through Goals And Autonomy

We are still so embedded in the leftovers of the mechanical perspective that originated during the Industrial Revolution, that it takes time to adjust our eyes and see beyond structure (Morgan, 2006). But Scrum and the Agile methodologies it builds on are so much more. Scrum is a great example of a motivation framework. A., & Latham, G.

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Seven Project Management Influencers to Watch

Project Risk Coach

Elizabeth Harrin is the creator of A Girl’s Guide to Project Management which she started in 2006. Susanne also actively shares her knowledge on Twitter @SusanneMadsen. Elizabeth Harrin. When I first discovered her website, I quickly found out that her articles and resources are great for guys too!