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Change Impact Assessment & Analysis (Example & Template Included)

With that knowledge, organizations can mitigate the negative impact of those changes or take advantage of any position effects of the change. Change impact assessment is a key part of managing any organization or project. Once the change impact assessment is done, then the product of implementing that change is next.

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How to Conduct a Change Readiness Assessment (Template Included)

When managing projects, change management helps to avoid its negative effects, and a change readiness assessment is one of the ways how it does this. Being prepared for change helps to mitigate the risks associated with those changes. What Is a Change Readiness Assessment?


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Monitoring & Controlling a Project

Alan Parker Blog

Introduction The Monitoring & Controlling phase is about keeping an eye on progress and actively adjusting strategies and actions to align with project goals. Monitoring & Controlling helps project managers address potential risks proactively, manage changes, and ensure that the project adheres to its schedule and budget.

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Change Management Strategy in Projects

Project Pulse Journal

By: Hajime Estanislao, PMP, CSM Are you struggling to keep your projects on track amidst constant change? Change is inevitable in businesses and organizations and requires a strategic approach. Change management strategies in projects are now an expectation and a relevant skill for the project and non-project professionals alike.

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Project Management Triangle: A Quick Guide

When managing a project, there will inevitably be changes or other issues that impact the project. To prevent going off schedule or overspending, project managers are always balancing the project management triangle, which is made up of the three main project constraints. What Is the Project Management Triangle?

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Overcoming Resistance to Change: Causes & Solutions

In business, it can be due to risks to the company or just not wanting to change the way things have always been done. As noted, professional services are hired to implement change, but that doesn’t mean they won’t experience resistance to change. Here are some common types of resistance to change.

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12 Free Project Planning Templates for Excel and Word

Project planning is one of the first and most important aspects of project management. Project management software does more than a static Excel or Word template, but using these free 12 project planning templates for Excel and Word is a decent substitute. Project planning templates are part of project management.

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