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The 5 Phases of the Construction Process (Templates Included)

Construction project management has five phases, the same as any project. Construction phases have different names and require different documentation to begin with. We’ll define in depth each of the five construction phases: initiation, pre-construction, procurement, construction and post-construction.

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What Is a Technical Project Manager? (Job Description Included)

There are many different project managers, but today we’re interested in focusing on just one, the technical project manager. Are you interested in becoming a technical project manager or are you in the market to hire one? What Is a Technical Project Manager? What Is a Technical Project Manager? Learn more.


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An Introduction to Construction Management

” They did it with construction management. Construction is, of course, a project, one that tends to be long, complex and involves many different parties to deliver. In order to control all those moving parts, construction professionals use construction management for all project delivery methods.

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What Is a Construction Site? Site Planning and Site Inspection 101

There’s much to plan in construction. For example, the construction site. The building site requires site inspection, construction site safety and more. Let’s take a closer look at this often-neglected side of construction project management. What Is a Construction Site? What Is Site Planning?

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Construction Engineering: A Quick Guide With Definitions, Roles and More

Construction is a field with a lot of disciplines. Every process is important to construction project management, especially construction engineering. But what is construction engineering and is it the same as civil engineering? We’ll explain what a construction engineer is and how it differs from a civil engineer.

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Commercial Construction Management: A Quick Guide

Construction project management covers a massive number of projects and there are all sorts of builds associated with it. Most people think of the housing market when they think of construction, especially single-occupancy homes, but that’s only a small fraction of the industry. Commercial construction management, for example, is huge.

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What Construction Project Managers Should Know about Change Management

PM Times

A conference talk on the challenges faced by project managers of the 21st century lists several factors experienced across industries: scope management, information technology, team dynamics, customers’ satisfaction, lean management, communication, innovation, and quality. The construction industry in particular is prone to change.