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Construction Cost Management: Managing Construction Costs

Construction costs are one of many metrics that a general contractor has to keep an eye on. But if the construction cost goes over budget, that’s coming out of the contractor’s pocket. That’s why construction cost management is so important. What Is Construction Cost Management?

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Lean Construction Principles & Best Practices

There’s more than one way to manage a construction project. From the world of manufacturing comes an approach called lean construction. But lean manufacturing and lean construction are two different things. Let’s explore lean construction, defining what it is and its key principles. What Is Lean Construction?

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General Conditions in Construction: Definitions & Best Practices

The general contractor is responsible for all the construction contracting activities that occur on a construction site. These general conditions in construction are varied and costly. If you’re a general contractor working in construction project management, you’ll need to know about general conditions.

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Types of Construction Specifications: Key Things to Consider

Construction companies have to do some heavy lifting, and that’s not just the steel and concrete they use to erect buildings, bridges and other structures. There are many different types of materials and labor that go into their work that requires their contracts to have construction specifications.

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Commercial Construction Management: A Quick Guide

Construction project management covers a massive number of projects and there are all sorts of builds associated with it. Most people think of the housing market when they think of construction, especially single-occupancy homes, but that’s only a small fraction of the industry. What Is Commercial Construction Management?

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Construction Delivery Methods: A Quick Guide for Projects

Construction delivery methods matter. They are the means by which a construction project gets from idea to completion. That’s a long and complicated journey in construction project management, which is why knowing the best construction delivery method is so important. What Is a Construction Delivery Method?

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Construction Budget: A Quick Guide (with Examples)

Construction projects will never get off the ground without financing. Money sets the gears of construction management in motion. Creating a construction budget, therefore, is one of the most important pieces when developing a construction plan. Let’s take a look at what goes into making a construction budget.

Budget 375