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Construction Cost Management: Managing Construction Costs

Construction costs are one of many metrics that a general contractor has to keep an eye on. But if the construction cost goes over budget, that’s coming out of the contractor’s pocket. That’s why construction cost management is so important. What Is Construction Cost Management?

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RFI in Construction: A Quick Guide for Contractors

An army of subcontractors each with their own specific discipline complete construction projects. An RFI in construction is a request for information. This construction document helps subcontractors understand what they need to do if they have any questions. What Is an RFI in Construction?


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The Construction Resource Management Process Explained

Managing the workforce in a construction project is a complicated endeavor. There are so many different subcontractors and all have to work together to deliver the project on time and within budget. Resources in construction are managed by construction resource management. What Is Construction Resource Management?

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Schedule of Values in Construction (Example & Template Included)

But what is a schedule of values and why is it such an essential construction project management document? The schedule of values (SOV) is a construction document that’s part of the payment process when working on a project. The schedule of values is an itemized list of all the project activities.

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Construction Superintendent Job Description, Responsibilities and Salary

In construction, there are many hats or hard hats as the case may be. One of the most important, but less heralded positions is that of the construction superintendent. One of the most important, but less heralded positions is that of the construction superintendent. What Is a Construction Superintendent? Many things.

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How to Make a Contractor Payment Schedule in Construction (Template Included)

Construction projects are often long and complicated endeavors. What’s included in the contractor payment schedule and the different types are a critical part of the professional relationship between the project owner and the general contractor. The construction payment schedule can be looked at as a sort of insurance.

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Lean Construction Principles & Best Practices

There’s more than one way to manage a construction project. From the world of manufacturing comes an approach called lean construction. But lean manufacturing and lean construction are two different things. Let’s explore lean construction, defining what it is and its key principles. What Is Lean Construction?