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Contract Management: Understanding the Contract Lifecycle

Managing a project is complex. Project managers are trained to plan schedules and allocate resources to meet deadlines and stay within budgets. But once you’re contracting with people outside of your organization, the legal and logistic issues can be overwhelming.

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How To Adapt Agile And Kanban For Remote Teams

The Digital Project Manager

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How To Create A Website Project Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide


Planning is critical to most work, including web design. Without a website project plan, you’ll have a website that yields poor results, disappoints clients, and frustrates the development team. This article will help you plan web design projects so you can deliver them successfully.

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How Data Science Training Gives Project Managers an Edge


Successful project management requires data insights—now more than ever before. While today’s project management solutions deliver automated insights during planning and review, being able to truly understand, analyze, and communicate these insights is critical for the project manager of tomorrow.

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Insiders' Guide to Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics are vital for how your users interact and engage with your application. As you explore analytics solutions for your application, see why self-service analytics can prove critical to the adoption and stickiness of your application.

4 Ways Trello Enterprise Supports Agile Teams


The agile methodology , which a small group of software developers released in 2001, was designed to support collaboration between cross-functional teams working on projects in fast-paced, changing environments. This methodology is now being implemented by teams across industries around the world.

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Gold-Plating Beyond Done — Making Your Scrum Work #7

TL; DR: Gold-Plating Beyond Done. There are plenty of failure possibilities with Scrum. Given that Scrum is a framework with a reasonable yet short “manual,” this effect should not surprise anyone.

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Everything You Should Know about Resource Allocation in Project Management

GanttPRO Project Management

One of the essential components of an effective project management (PM) process is resource allocation. According to Wellington’s research (2019), it is the second largest project management challenge among surveyed […].

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Dangerous Assumptions About Your Customers ??

Your team most likely is making a lot of assumptions. In a complex world, they have to. Whatever we do, we first have to make some assumptions. But there are two key things to take into account: Are you gathering the information from your actual (or future) customers to help you make assumptions?

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Zijn jongeren met een chronische aandoening alsnog in de vaccinatievergeetput geduwd?

Gunther Verheyen


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4 Approaches to Data Analytics

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, application teams who need to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities in their applications can choose from dozens of solutions. How do you differentiate one solution from the next?

What is Inbound Recruiting? – A Guide for Small Businesses


Recruitment is changing. With the rise of digital technology, social media and content marketing, superstar recruiters can create a landscape where talent comes to them. The new world of inbound recruiting is replacing traditional outbound recruitment strategies. .

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Projects are Life: Asking the right questions takes you far


Project managers are the unsung heroes of the telecom industry. With the increase in the volume, variety, and velocity of projects these individuals are doing more with less and pushing their organization forward by demonstrating outstanding leadership.

Strategies for Improving Workplace Communication Skills


If you want to run a successful company or agency, you and your team members need to be on the same page. Otherwise, you'll run into misinterpreted situations or misunderstandings. What is the force that keeps everyone moving? Many would say that communication is the key to success.

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