Wed.Mar 22, 2023

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Saving ?osts in a Long-Term Perspective: How a Resource Management Solution Will Help You Gain More in the Long Run

Epicflow Blog

In times of economic crisis, enterprises try to find ways to reduce their expenses and improve profitability to survive during tough times. However, some of the cost-saving measures they take can appear to be ineffective in the long-term perspective. How can companies save costs and at the same become more profitable and competitive during the crisis?

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Google Project Management: Professional Certificate Review

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Are you ready to dive into my Google Project Management: Professional Certificate review? I’ve done a lot of project management training in my 20+ years as a project manager, and those courses helped me understand the skills, tools and techniques required to succeed leading projects. Luckily, many of those training programs have been paid for by my company over the years, or provided as internal courses.


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Production Management: A Quick Guide

Production management has to control a variety of functions to deliver projects on time without overspending. There’s the workforce responsible for the production itself, but also the equipment used, any raw materials needed, workflows and much more. Managing all aspects of production requires good management. Production management is the process of optimizing the production of goods.

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Nothing Compares 2 Scrum

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From Predictive to Agile: How to Choose the Right Project Management Methodology

Our profession is undergoing a transformation, moving away from rigid, one-size-fits-all methodologies. Instead, project managers are embracing dynamic and adaptable frameworks that carefully consider project and product variables to determine the most suitable development approaches and project life cycles.

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Leadership Tips for Project Managers – Part 2

International Institute for Learning

By Mike Griffiths Welcome to part two of this four-part series introducing basic leadership ideas that any project manager or Scrum master can employ. Be sure to see article one that explains leadership for project managers and outlines the five leadership components covered in the series. This second article builds on from the “Model the way” leadership attribute introduced in part one and digs deeper into diversity, inclusion, and servant leadership.

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Why Saying ‘Thank You’ Matters: The Role of Gratitude in Client Intimacy

International Institute for Learning

By Ben Chodor In the world of business, it’s no secret that clients are the lifeblood of any company. No matter how exceptional your products, marketing, or sales may be, without a loyal client base, your business is likely to struggle. As a seasoned professional, I have always understood this fundamental truth. Winning over clients can be an arduous and time-consuming process, and when you finally succeed, it’s crucial to build a strong and lasting relationship with them.

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Scrum Song

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2 Agile and Scrum Metrics That Will Guarantee Project Success

International Institute for Learning

By Dr. Harold Kerzner Growth of Agile and Scrum For the past two decades, companies began expanding the use of project management to non-traditional types of projects that were initiated based upon just an idea rather than clearly defined requirements, a business case, and a statement of work. These new types of projects created the need for flexible methodologies rather than being managed by the somewhat more rigid waterfall approach.

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Product Owner by Sprinting Heads

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ERM Program Fundamentals for Success in the Banking Industry

Speaker: William Hord, Senior VP of Risk & Professional Services

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is critical for industry growth in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing risk landscape. When building your ERM program foundation, you need to answer questions like: Do we have robust board and management support? Do we understand and articulate our bank’s risk appetite and how that impacts our business units? How are we measuring and rating our risk impact, likelihood, and controls to mitigate our risk?

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The Relationship Between Project Activities, ESG Disclosures, and Sustainability Reports

Green Project Management

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures and materiality reporting have become increasingly important topics in the business world. In recent years, investors and stakeholders have been placing greater emphasis on organizations’ impact on the environment, society, and corporate governance. As a result, ESG disclosures and materiality reporting have become essential for organizations that want to […] The post The Relationship Between Project Activities, ESG Disclosures,

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I Want To Know What Scrum Is

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10 Best Help Desk Ticketing Systems To Manage CSR Tasks in 2023


If you're looking for a way to streamline customer support and improve customer satisfaction, a help desk ticketing system might be the perfect solution. From incident management to tracking trends, these systems are designed to make it easier for customers to get their issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

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The Fourth And Final Thing You Do To Prevent Value Delivery

This is the final article of this series, and I'm posting it now on because. I forgot to do it earlier. Anyway, here's the Fourth and Final thing you do to prevent value delivery. I'm assuming you've read and (hopefully already corrected) the First , Second and Third Things. I found these things during my years of working in the (attempted) change industry.

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The Definitive Guide to Dashboard Design

Dashboard design can mean the difference between users excitedly embracing your product or ignoring it altogether. Great dashboards lead to richer user experiences and significant return on investment (ROI), while poorly designed dashboards distract users, suppress adoption, and can even tarnish your project or brand. That’s one of the many reasons we wrote The Definitive Guide to Dashboard Design—to help you avoid common pitfalls, including… Cramming too much onto one screen and expecting the u

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10 Best Enterprise Task Management Software in 2023


Are you feeling overwhelmed with managing tasks in your enterprise? Enterprise task management software is a great way to improve productivity and increase agility. It can help automate processes, support collaboration, and provide task scheduling and reporting capabilities.

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Raising Climate Awareness in Scrum Teams - a Scrum Master’s Journey

One of the most exciting outcomes of Scrum being adopted by a team is innovation. Empowered teams focus on Product and Sprint Goals, but their ownership of the outcomes and the resulting affinity with the problem and stakeholders leads to surprising results. Broadly that is described as innovation. Innovation around the team's working practices. Innovation in the product and in the case of the following interview, innovation in the broader context of climate change.

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Make Sure You’re Ready to Stream This Year!

Productivity Land

Our world has transformed massively over the past few decades. We no longer need to go out to a Blockbuster shop to rent a movie or wait for a specific day of the week to watch the latest episode of our favorite series. Thanks to the internet and the development of modern technology, streaming movies, and TV shows have become much more accessible, and far easier than it ever was before.

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Should the Product Owner ‘close’ Product Backlog items?

When Scrum Teams experience a work quality issue, they sometimes shift the responsibility for quality control to the Product Owner as a solution. Not only is this impractical, but it's also anti-Scrum. Here's why. Defining our Terms Before we delve into why having the Product Owner mark PBIs as “closed” is not a good idea, let’s define the two Scrum accountabilities at play and the Definition of Done.

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The Power of Storytelling in Risk Management

Speaker: Dr. Karen Hardy, CEO and Chief Risk Officer of Strategic Leadership Advisors LLC

Communication is a core component of a resilient organization's risk management framework. However, risk communication involves more than just reporting information and populating dashboards, and we may be limiting our skillset. Storytelling is the ability to express ideas and convey messages to others, including stakeholders. When done effectively, it can help interpret complex risk environments for leaders and inform their decision-making.

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Psychology at Work to Improve Performance

PM Times

Most of what gets in the way of optimal performance is rooted in psychological or emotional issues. That is why the most valued traits for a manager are communication, emotional and social intelligence, empathy, and adaptability. Psychology Psychology is the study of the way the mind functions and influences behavior. Individual psychology influences relationships […] The post Psychology at Work to Improve Performance appeared first on Project Management Articles, Webinars, Templates and J

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ChatGPT 4: Ein Schnäppchen für Scrum-Praktiker? ??

Als OpenAI letzte Woche sein neues LLM-Modell GPT-4 herausbrachte, konnte ich nicht widerstehen und habe mich für 20 Dollar pro Monat angemeldet. Ich wollte herausfinden, ob ChatGPT 4 seinem Vorgänger überlegen ist, der in den letzten Monaten einen guten Eindruck hinterlassen hat; siehe meine früheren Artikel zu Scrum, Agile und ChatGPT. Ich habe mich für drei Vergleiche entschieden, bei denen die Antworten der neuen GPT-4- und der früheren GPT-3.5-Modelle über die identische Eingabeaufforderun

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How to build a project management team: 5 best practices to follow

Resource Guru

When you’re figuring out how to build a project team, it comes down to finding the right people with the right skills for the task at hand. Simple as that. Project success relies on a good project team (made up of strong leaders and team members) who follow a clear project plan to deliver the right outcomes for key stakeholders. We all know teamwork and collaboration are crucial components of project success , but how do you actually go about building a project management team?

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Why is Satya Nadella a better example of agile leadership than Steve Jobs?

This is a great question, although I imagine I might pick up a bit of flack because of the hordes of people who love Steve Jobs and think of him as one of the most iconic leaders of the past century. Steve is great, but in terms of Agile leadership , he doesn’t touch sides – in my opinion – to Satya Nadella. You can see the difficulty he created within Apple because all innovation, product development, and so forth stemmed from him rather than a culture of innovation that permeates through

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The Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics

Every application provider has the same goals: to help their users work more efficiently, and to drive user adoption. But many companies fail to achieve this goal because they struggle to provide the reporting and analytics users have come to expect. The Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics is designed to answer any and all questions you have about the topic.

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5 Tips for Designing a Candidate Scorecard for Interviews


Hiring with your heart or gut feeling is just not viable in today’s super-competitive talent market. One way to improve the accuracy of your hiring hit rate is by designing and using a candidate scorecard for interviews , so your team can support their hiring decisions with real, quantitative data. With practical tools, like interview scorecards, your team has the insight for smarter decisions that save you time and effort.

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Scrum im Selbststudium – Teil 13: Daily Scrum – Tägliche Überprüfung des Fortschritts in Richtung des Sprint?Ziels und Justierung der geplanten Arbeit

Willkommen zum 13. Artikel der „Scrum im Selbststudium“-Artikelreihe. Solltest du den letzten Artikel verpasst haben, findest du ihn hier. Nur weil Scrum Teams in Sprints arbeiten, bedeutet es nicht, dass sie nie auf unerwartete Probleme stoßen. Die Arbeit kann sich als schwieriger und zeitintensiver herausstellen als angenommen. Es können Teammitglieder verhindert sein.

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Save time and filter the schedule to quickly allocate the right resources to projects

Hub Planner

Save time and filter the schedule to quickly allocate the right resources to projects Filter the schedule for a quicker and more responsive approach to resource scheduling and project management. Searching the schedule, looking to match the right resource to the right project task? Get rid of the cumbersome, time consuming search by activating the schedule filter.

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What Can We Measure in a Scrum Team?

During our last webinar , we have received a lot of questions regarding metrics and the Scrum Team. In this post I will try to address a few of them. Can you give examples of team metrics you found useful? Well, for me, the important thing in using metrics is understanding the context and answering 4 key questions: What do we want to measure? Why are we measuring it?

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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto

Speaker: Ryan McInerny, CAMS, FRM, MSBA - Principal, Product Strategy

Cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - what are they and why should you care? With 20% of Americans owning cryptocurrencies, speaking "fluent crypto" in the financial sector ensures you are prepared to discuss growth and risk management strategies when the topic arises. Join this exclusive webinar with Ryan McInerny to learn: Cryptocurrency asset market trends How to manage risk and compliance to serve customers safely Best practices for identifying crypto transactions and companies Rev

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How to Give Bad News to Your Client, Sponsor, or Boss | Video

Online PM Courses

No one wants to be the bearer of bad news. But, sometimes you have to. Let's see how to give bad news to your client, sponsor, or boss. The post How to Give Bad News to Your Client, Sponsor, or Boss | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.