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Joint Application Development (JAD)


Joint Development Application (JAD) is a very common technique in business analysis world. It brings system developers and users together in a productive and creative environment through a structured approach that involves discussion groups with the goal to obtain requirements and specifications.

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Citizen Developer Foundation & Practitioner Review: PMI Training

Rebel’s Guide to PM

With straightforward application logic, a hands-on approach to software development, and an easy-to-understand user interface, anyone can build simple tools for their business unit. Business users, like project managers and teams, are using this approach to take some of the workload off application developers.


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Agile Project Management: Principles, Meetings, Values & Tools

Frustrated developers started to introduce new methods, such as Scrum, rapid application development, extreme programming, DSMD, features-driven development and pragmatic programming. But things change when executing a project. All of these approaches were more flexible with less overhead planning.

Agile 312
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Diversity Is Essential for "Done" According to These Highschool Students

They implemented Scrum to build a real-world mobile application called "The Edge". The self-managed team of 5 Developers works in Sprints to deliver The Edge. Connie Skomra is an Application Development & Programming Instructor for The Delaware Area Career Center. Also, a diverse range of stakeholders use The Edge. .

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Joint Application Development


What is Joint Application Development? Coming soon.

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What’s New in SAFe® 6.0?


They are changing the nature of application development and will determine if an organization will succeed. Integrating emerging technologies (such as AI, Big Data, and Cloud) into our Value Streams is a growing component of working differently. The power of the Agile Team has never been more critical in achieving this.

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The Low Code No Code Opportunity

The Strategic Project Manager

Development of processes for implementing new digital applications. Development of technology standards. The low code no code technology is disruptive innovation to established application development technologies. Training of personnel on their responsibilities within this structure.