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How to Fix 5 Project Management Skills Gaps

Rebel’s Guide to PM

I bet your project sponsor expects you to dive into the detail and understand why a line of code isn’t working, and strategically advise on business benefits as a result of your project… and everything in between. As a project manager, you are expected to have all-round skills encompassing the technical fields of project management like planning and scheduling, through to the interpersonal skills like communicating up and influencing others.

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The Psychology of Project Management: Navigating Motivation, Leadership, and Team Dynamics


Project management, a field often associated with schedules, deadlines, and deliverables, is deeply rooted in psychological principles. Understanding the psychological aspects of project management is crucial for successfully leading teams and achieving project goals. This article delves into the core psychological elements – motivation, leadership, and team dynamics – that play a pivotal role in the realm of project management.


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Project Management Requires Product Thinking

I was recently at a large consumer packaged goods organization talking about Product Ownership. As I discussed the Product Owner accountabilities, I realized I had not asked why they were interested in this topic. Like many others, I am guilty of jumping to conclusions and launching into the subject without asking the simple question, “Why are we talking about this?

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Agile Project Management Essentials: Navigating the Basics

PM Times

In the dynamic landscape of project management, Agile methodologies have emerged as a transformative approach, fostering adaptability and collaboration. Understanding the essentials of Agile Project Management is crucial for navigating the complexities of modern projects. This guide will take you through the basics, providing insights into Agile principles, methodologies, and the key components that make […] The post Agile Project Management Essentials: Navigating the Basics appeared first

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Understand Digital Debt, Form a Team, Set Goals, and Plan Roadmap for Transformation

Understanding digital debt is crucial before digital transformation. Assemble a team to assess internal operations, market pressures, and digital debt's impact. Define future digital vision with measurable goals. Refine hypotheses and conduct market analysis. Develop a roadmap for transformation with defined projects, cost estimates, and governance.

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How to Write Project Scope Aligned with Project Objectives

PM Basics

Here’s the secret! Scope Management is the most crucial knowledge domain for all industries and all sizes of a project. Project management is built around defining project scope. You got the point. Scope is the King of project management. Today, I want to explain how to manage scope in a more reliable way AND with a real-life… The post How to Write Project Scope Aligned with Project Objectives first appeared on IT PM School.

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The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing Project Management: Best Practices and Strategies

Epicflow Blog

How can manufacturers ensure the successful delivery of their complex projects under conditions of increasing uncertainty and a lack of required human resources? The solution lies in intelligent project and resource management. Read the article to gain insight into the specifics of manufacturing project management and learn useful recommendations on the effective orchestration of projects in the industry.

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5 Ways AI is Already Transforming Project Management (and How You Can Get Started)


The world of project management is experiencing a revolution, driven by the power of artificial intelligence (AI). From automating mundane tasks to predicting potential roadblocks, AI is changing the way projects are planned, executed, and delivered. AI empowers project managers to be more efficient, proactive, and insightful, leading to happier teams and successful projects.

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How to Streamline Resource Planning for Multiple Projects: Strategic Approach for 2024

GanttPRO Project Management

Resource planning for multiple projects may seem challenging and chaotic. Any business may face asset-related problems at any time. If teams don’t overcome resource constraints and threatening issues timely, they […] The post How to Streamline Resource Planning for Multiple Projects: Strategic Approach for 2024 first appeared on GanttPRO Project Management Blog.

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Review Project Portfolio Management in Theory and Practice – Thirty Case Studies from around the World

Henny Portman

The book Project Portfolio Management in Theory and Practice – Thirty Case Studies from around the World by Jamal Moustafaev briefly explains project portfolio management by looking at the three pillars of project portfolio management: Project value. Projects selected must maximize the value for the company (Scoring matrix, e.g. strategic fit, resources required, technical feasibility, financial value, riskiness, joker project concept).

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Strategic Project Finance Essentials: A Project Manager’s Guide to Financial Metrics

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar - Sopheon’s Director of Product Management

Empower yourself as a project manager with insights that directly influence the financial landscape and strategic direction of your organization! Join us for a deep dive into the world of financial strategy, as we dissect key metrics that drive CFOs and business leaders’ investment decisions. This session will equip you with the necessary tools to craft compelling business cases as well as a comprehensive understanding of the crucial distinction between capital expenditure and operational expend

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The Gantt Chart in Construction Project Management: Understanding the Best Planning & Scheduling Tool

Gantt charts have been a fundamental project management tool for over a century, and it’s easy to understand why. They provide a visual overview of project tasks and the timeframe in which they need to be completed. Construction Gantt charts, therefore, are a natural fit. Gantt charts in construction can be used for any number of different activities.

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How to use LinkedIn to promote your project management skills

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Do you only look at LinkedIn when you are in the market for a new job? I’d hazard a guess and say that’s what most people use it for. However, if you’re on LinkedIn (and you are, aren’t you?), it can do a lot more for you than that. LinkedIn is a great professional network where you can connect with past and current colleagues. You can add a lot more professional detail about your experience and career history than social sites like Facebook or X (I still call it Twitter).

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Value-Driven Mastery: Relentlessly focus on Value over outputs (From PM to PSM 06)

For a professional Project Manager transitioning to a Scrum Master, the shift to a value-centric approach is both fundamental and transformative. The project management principle "Focus on value" aligns perfectly with Scrum’s core tenet of delivering value through iterative and incremental development. In Scrum, value is not just an end goal; it is continuously realized throughout the product development lifecycle.

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What Makes Visual Planning So Great?


Enthusiasm is great. But a truly winning formula couples unbridled enthusiasm with a plan of action. And that’s where visual planning comes in. That’s because, as knowledgeable or as passionate as you may be about your industry, you can’t expect to see success if you’re flying blind. Until you come up with a plan, you and your employees will never be on the same page.

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20 Common Mistakes Made by Inexperienced Project Managers

You’ve read the PMBOK® Guide several times, taken the certification exam for project managers, passed, and you are now a PMP®. So why do you keep making rookie mistakes? This whitepaper shows 20 of the most common mistakes that young or inexperienced project managers make, issues that can cost significant time and money. It's a good starting point for understanding how and why many PMs get themsleves into trouble, and provides guidance on the types of issues that PMs need to understand.

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Henry Gantt’s Biography & Role in Gantt Chart History

The Gantt chart has become a staple of project management. Have you ever wondered why Gantt charts are capitalized or where the tool originated? It’s capitalized because Gantt is a proper noun. It’s the name of Henry Gantt (1861-1919). Who was Henry Gantt and what was the history of the Gantt chart? We’ll provide a biography of the man and a short Gantt chart history.

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5 Tips To Re-Energize Your Daily Standup Meetings

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Elisa Cepale I facilitate daily standup meetings for our support team. When I started working for White October we followed the conventional “scrum” format, where the team get together, share what’s new, what’s challenging and what’s happening, and everyone gives feedback and makes suggestions to unblock each other. In this article, I’ll look at 5 activities you can try in your daily team standup meeting.

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Exploring Estimation Approaches: What is the Right Fit for Scrum Teams!

Estimation is a complementary practice Scrum Teams use in Product D evelopment. The purpose of estimation is to provide a rough idea of how much effort, time, and budget are needed to complete specific features or PBI- Product Backlog Item of the product. Estimation may also help with planning, ordering backlog , and tracking the progress of the work.

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Does Agile Without Results Even Matter?

Leading Agile

Some companies strive for a culture where people come first. They value trust, empowerment, safety, fun, and collaboration. And they’re right to value that stuff. It’s super important. Others strive for a culture where results take priority. They value things like metrics, accountability, commitment, ownership, and performance. And they’re right to value that stuff.

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The Big Payoff of Application Analytics

Outdated or absent analytics won’t cut it in today’s data-driven applications – not for your end users, your development team, or your business. That’s what drove the five companies in this e-book to change their approach to analytics. Download this e-book to learn about the unique problems each company faced and how they achieved huge returns beyond expectation by embedding analytics into applications.

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Microsoft Project Gantt Chart: A How-to Guide With Pros, Cons & Alternatives

The Gantt chart is one of the most important tools in a project manager’s toolbox. One side is a spreadsheet that collects important project data and the other is a visual timeline that shows the entire project from start to finish. The Microsoft Project Gantt chart is typically seen as the centerpiece of that project management software. However, some never get the chance to use Gantt charts for Microsoft Project because of the steep price and learning curve.

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How to create a competitive analysis (examples and free template)


Whether it’s projects, products, or even whole companies, initiatives fail if they don’t properly address users’ needs. Fully understanding customer demand, the broader market, and the competitor landscape is vital to ensure you don’t fail - and that’s where a competitive analysis can help. A competitive analysis allows you to understand your entire market, including your customers and competitors, to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best strategic decisions.

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Is Agile Just About the Rituals?

Agile, at its heart, is not merely a collection of rituals and processes we blindly follow. It's a philosophy that challenges us to think differently about how we develop software, products, and even how we structure our organisations. In my journey with Agile, I've observed a common misconception that adopting Agile practices is an end goal. However, this perspective misses the transformative power of Agile.

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VRIO Framework Analysis For The Strategic Project Manager

The Strategic Project Manager

This post provides an overview of the VRIO analysis framework, a very useful framework today for both strategists and PM’s. It then does a deep dive into each component of the framework, with examples. The post then provides specific areas where the framework can be most effectively applied as part of a strategic analysis. Finally, it provides several areas where PM’s can use the framework and principles to improve project, program, and portfolio performance.

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Acclaim Projects Helps Deliver Innovation Projects on Time and on Budget

This large intercity transportation company for people and freight employs 100+ IT employees and contractors across North America and Europe and spends $10MM annually for approximately 50 inflight projects. The company needed the right financial tools to budget for innovation initiatives and real-time information on spending and forecasting. This transportation company turned to Acclaim Projects by Sopheon to help deliver projects on time and within budget.

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5 Best Tools for Creating a Simple Gantt Chart

Gantt charts are powerful planning tools in project management, but they’re also notoriously difficult to make. There is, however, a simple Gantt chart that can be made in a variety of ways that can be essential when scheduling a project. Let’s look at what a simple Gantt chart is and why one would want to use it over the more dynamic Gantt charts. Then, we’ll explore the different tools that you can use to build a simple Gantt chart and offer some free simple Gantt chart templates to get you st

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Transforming team dynamics: the impact of collaborative calendars in the workplace


In today’s fast-paced and interconnected business environment, effective communication and seamless collaboration are essential for the success of any organization. Traditional methods of scheduling and managing tasks are becoming obsolete as teams increasingly turn to collaborative calendar tools to streamline their workflows. Research shows that the appointment scheduling software market should reach $633.47 million by 2025, indicating just how essential this solution is for both the current w

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読者の皆様、 Scrum.orgのプロフェッショナルスクラムトレーナー(Professional Scrum Trainer・PST)をしております、グレゴリー・フォンテーヌと申します。このブログでは、今後シリーズとして、海外のPSTが投稿した英文ブログの中から、質が高く日本の読者の皆様に関連性の高い記事の日本語翻訳版をご紹介していく予定です。このシリーズのブログ記事の全リストをご覧になりたい方は Agorax.

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Digital Value Management System (DVMS)

The IIL Blog

By Rick Lemieux – Co-Founder DVMS Institute February 14, 2024 Rick is a Keynote in this year’s LeadCon2024 Online Conference! Register here. As Cloud Services revolutionized the creation and management of digital infrastructure, the DVMS-CPD Model will revolutionize how organizations leverage the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and other business systems to manage digital risk, resiliency, and client data privacy.

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From Concepts to Actionable Insights: Powering Digital Transformation Success

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar - Sopheon’s Director of Product Management

70% of most digital transformation projects fail. Learn how you can quickly improve that success rate. To be successful, digital transformation involves the strategic application of digitalization to improve a business’ entire system of production, procurement, sales, operations, human resources, and financial management. In short, to basically transform the way a company makes money and delivers value to customers.