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Risk Mitigation


Risk is an inherent part of every organisation, no matter the size or the sector in which the company is operating. Every team has to deal with some risks in the span of a project. So, to tackle the negative impacts due to unlikely scenarios, risk management strategies are developed.

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Analogous Estimation Vs Parametric Estimation


As a Project Manager, doing project ESTIMATION is a key responsibility but how often are we able to deliver the project under budgeted cost and time? Do we have imbibed all the required variables contributing to the cost and duration? The answer could be a combination of both Yes and No which may not be enough to fulfill required commitments. What will help in this scenario would be the right understanding of estimation tools and techniques.

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5 Ways To Give (Thoughtful) Thanks To Your Team


A simple “thank you” can truly go a long way. Whether it’s around the boardroom table, in a Slack channel, or privately outside the workplace, the act of showing gratitude can lift the spirits of anyone receiving some positive praise. Productivity

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How To Resolve Project Team Conflicts


Tips For Resolving Project Team Conflicts Differences and conflicts are pretty much inevitable when you’re a part of a team. The pressure to deliver quality results on a short timeline grows pressure on even the best of us. The result?

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Capacity Planning: What It Is and How to Do It

Capacity planning is an issue of supply and demand: one that can decide the fate of your project. Read on to learn how to plan your resources, and make sure your team members are working on the right task at the right time. What Is Capacity Planning?

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Benefits Realization Management for Projects


Let’s say an organization is taking initiative to build a Smart Website for its internal and external stakeholders which employs artificial intelligence (AI). Two project managers are shortlisted to manage the project.

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What Is a PMO? PMO Meaning and Examples


In the last decade, more and more corporations have developed a project management office (PMO) to benefit their business. When you set up this kind of office correctly, it can help you become a more efficient and productive company.

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How to manage projects properly


How to manage projects properly is one of the most important things new project managers and students of project management should learn. Like most other disciplines, you become proficient as a project manager by practice and not just studying.

The 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas (PMBOK)

What do you need to know to succeed at project management? Everything! While there’s some truth to that joke, it’s not helpful to the student or the experienced professional who is looking for a way to understand the myriad responsibilities of being a project manager.

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What we want from project management tools in 2020

Girl's Guide to PM

I don’t often wear a watch, but when I do it’s a very unassuming watch with real hands. Not a smart watch. I’ve been a little bit in awe at colleagues who get WhatsApp messages on the wrists. I’m not sure if I would want that, but I do love the simplicity of it.

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Small is beautiful for product backlog items

Kiron Bondale

One of the reasons for having small work items at the top of a product backlog is so the team is able to complete them within a short amount of time.

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Job done?

Musings on Project Management

Agile Principle 5: Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done. Trust them to get the job done. What job? Is it the job described in the business plan and in subsequent project plans, albeit lean plans consistent with the Agile Manifesto? Is it the job that has been estimated and scheduled? Is it the job. agile

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What Is a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

The industry-standard definition of a work breakdown structure is a “deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition that offers digestible tasks for team members to meet the project’s objectives and create the required deliverables.” ” That’s a mouthful.

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How Do You Manage Projects When Your Team Takes Time Off?


People are always taking time off, and that’s as it should be. In the US, we have a problem with people not taking enough time off.

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Project Management YouTube Channels: A Round-up of the Best

Online PM Courses

It's time to round-up the best Project Management YouTube Channels. There's a wealth of valuable material out there. And it's all free. The post Project Management YouTube Channels: A Round-up of the Best appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. Project Management Career Project Management Training

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Does Your Organization Need a PPM?

Brad Egeland

You're a growing company with new projects in the works, projects that are currently happening and a debris field of successful and failed projects behind you.

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Project Scope Statement: Include These 7 Things

Project scope—it’s a moving target and one you want to get a bullseye on before you map out your project. Defined as the sum of all resources, deliverables, features, and tasks within a given project, your project scope is the boundary in which your entire project exists.

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What Does a Project Manager Do? How Project Managers Keep Business Moving


Whether you’re looking for a career change or you’ve been tasked with hiring a competent PM, project managers are an integral part of the modern-day office.

The Grateful Agile Leader

International Institute of Learning

By Susan Parente, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSPO, PSM I, CISSP, CRISC, PMI-RMP, RESILIA, ITIL, GL®CP, MS Eng. Risk Management Guru – Agile Specialist – IIL Senior Instructor. We know that servant leadership is an excellent match for Agile methods.

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? The list of international events presented in this paper involves the ones covering not only project and portfolio management challenges but also relevant topics of construction, engineering, product development, and more.

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10 Chats & Diagrams for Better Project Management

ProProfs Project Management

Managing a myriad of projects always takes a heavy toll on business owners because there are many problems that can halt the workflow. That’s the main reason why businesses always prefer to get experienced and certified project managers on board.

Waterfall vs agile or knowledge vs values


People often compare waterfall vs agile and argue one is better than other. Discussions also happen around simple requirement vs complex requirement and if simple then. The post Waterfall vs agile or knowledge vs values appeared first on Agilemania. Agile and Scrum Certification

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How To Stay Compliant Using Agile

Agile Advice

Compliance is a necessary cost that businesses have to accept. After all, it is meant for the good of your business as well as your stakeholders. However, one aspect that makes most startups and established enterprises fear compliance is the price tag it comes with.

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? The list of international events presented in this paper involves the ones covering not only project and portfolio management challenges but also relevant topics of construction, engineering, product development, and more.

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Leveraging Agile Principles for Portfolio Management – Guiding Principle #1


Agile work methodologies have reshaped the way that project management offices (PMOs) deliver results to their organizations. With that track record, it’s no surprise that the next great frontier for many businesses is how to apply those Agile principles at the portfolio level, to enhance strategic decision-making, improve overall performance and deliver greater value both internally and externally.

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30% Off All Project Management Templates

Girl's Guide to PM

Running out of time at the end of the year? Looking for a quick way to get your project documents sorted? I’ve got ya’ (No, I don’t really talk like that. But…). My templates shop is having a Black Friday sale!

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The 7 Questions Every PMP Exam Student Asks Their Coach


When students start their Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam prep (for the first time, or again after having failed the exam), there are a number of questions that come up time and time again.

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How project management software can improve your digital design agency

Function Point

A key competency that digital design agencies have is the creativity of your people. When your creativity and ability to come up with great design ideas is all you have to sell, you don’t want to do anything that could jeopardize your team’s ability to innovate.

Going from Project Completion to Product Delivery – What every project manager should know


Moving from a project-completion mindset to a product-focused delivery model is a small shift with a big impact. As project management office (PMO) leaders become less focused on activities and more driven by outcomes, it has changed some of the fundamental ways we execute on projects. While some might manage both products and projects similarly (or even the same) there is much to gain by adopting the principles of product delivery into your project management practices. Here’s what I mean.

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Project Management Q&A: Entry Level PM Roles

Arras People

I want to pursue a career in project management, what are some of the entry-level roles that I could take a look at?

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Black Friday Deals: for Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

I used to think Black Friday was just for people who wanted to get. ahead on Christmas shopping and buy high-priced electrical goods with a. bit of a discount. But it seems like every year more and more sellers get in on the discount action (including me!).

Cybersecurity Guide in Project Management

GanttPRO Project Management

Alex Mitchell@VPNpro Cybersecurity and privacy tools tester with 11 years of experience. Also a member of cybersecurity experts team at News GanttPRO Project Management Tips

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Being Thankful, Project Management Style!

Bridge the Gap Consulting

Tis the season for being thankful; the time of year when we take a step back and appreciate that which is around us. From family, to friends, to career, it’s time to take stock of what we’re thankful for. I’ve been in project management for over 20 years.

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The Complex World

The Lazy Project Manager

Is your business life ‘Complex’? Well don’t panic, you are certainly not alone, but you should accept that you are part the ‘VUCA’ world today! C = Complexity: the multiplex of forces, the confounding of issues, no cause-and-effect chain and confusion that surrounds organization.

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