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If success goes to those who can innovate the fastest, how do we nurture innovation? To innovate faster than our competitors, we need to maximize our learning potential. Yet when searching for an innovative solution, we want all these extra brain circuits engaged.

Lean Portfolio Management Operations: An Agile Approach


This blog is part of a series on Lean portfolio management for the enterprise. If you haven’t already, we recommend reading: Part 1: What is Lean Portfolio Management? Part 2: Lean Portfolio Management: Lean Budgets and Investment Funding. Lean More.

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Design Thinking: Human Centered Design for Innovative Problem-Solving

Project Bliss

Design Thinking is a human centered approach to innovative problem-solving. His company works with clients to successfully solve problems using innovation and Design Thinking approaches. Anyone who wants to solve a problem can use Design Thinking to find innovative solutions.

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What Puts Manufacturing Teams Ahead: Lean Six Sigma


There are always common themes that come up at these conferences, but these days it seems that you can’t turn around without getting smacked in the face by Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma has been growing up for quite a while now. Why Lean Six Sigma Now?

Design Hacks for Non-Designers: Ask Expert Laura Klein

Speaker: Laura Klein, Principal at Users Know and Author of UX for Lean Startups

We all have to make quick decisions about product interfaces, and there's not always a designer around when you need one. That doesn't mean that you're doomed to failure, though. Learn a few really common user experience design mistakes and how to avoid making them. Join UX designer and product management expert Laura Klein for a no-holds-barred Ask Me Anything session on UX design. Laura—principal of Users Know and author of Build Better Products and UX for Lean Startups—has over 20 years of experience helping companies innovate responsibly and improve their product development processes.

Embracing an Innovative Mindset

Tony Adams

A new paradigm for commercial success is emerging, grounded in speed to market, innovative thinking and the ability to reimagine the customer experience. Standard project delivery approaches (Waterfall, Agile, Critical Chain, Prince 2, Lean, Scrum and Extreme Project Management) remain de rigeur, each deconstructing project effort to smaller, more manageable components – without addressing the complexity of environment within which they are applied.

Webinar Recap: How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tad Haas’ How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s MPUG webinar, How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success. Tad: The conversation today is built off a white paper called Innovation and Portfolio Management Office.

Beyond Startup: The Lean Canvas for Business Development

Leantime - Project Management

Lean is Business Development. Most people are familiar with Lean because of Toyota Manufacturing ; this concept of eliminating waste, increasing efficiency and improving profits was revolutionary in the business world. Move forward in time and Eric Ries made popular the principles of Lean by applying them to starting a business. It shouldn’t stop when you’re done starting up; nor is Lean only for manufacturing.

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Types of Planning Crucial to Delivering on Strategy


Our penchant for applying technology to every problem often makes innovations and development more complicated. Lean and Agile PMO Product InnovationToday’s world of work is fraught with complexity and an ever-increasing need for speed.

Design Thinking, Innovation Workshop

Tony Adams

This week, I went to a fabulous 2-day workshop with the good folk at Monash University, during which we spoke about innovation practices in both commercial and non-commercial project environments.

Route to Enterprise Scale Agility


I caught up with Kanban pioneer David Anderson on the sidelines of Lean Kanban Central Europe and Lean Kanban India last year and asked him about his thoughts. While Scrum is probably most prevalent in IT, Kanban and Lean are significant too.

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Fika Stories 1 – Help! Our Kanban Died!


Explain what the dead kanban system means to their organization’s capability to deliver value and improve/innovate; get their commitment and do some change. Look at Jason Little and his excellent Lean Change Management for guidance. Lean/ Kanban agile Kanban Lean Scrum user story

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Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

Leading Answers

As organizations realize their software systems provide the competitive advantage then stopping development equates to an end to innovation or competing. Agile Project Management Leadership Lean NoProjects Teams Warning Signs

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5 Ways to Become Agile: A Summary


Organizations must become more adaptive to achieve greater innovation, responsiveness, efficiency, and productivity. One of the primary reasons for this disconnect is the fact that PMOs aren’t embracing different ways of working, such as Lean, Agile, iterative, and collaborative.

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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


Dave is a Principal Consultant at Depth Consulting Ltd, and Program Director of the KCP Program at the Lean Kanban University. The Kanban Method pulls a great deal of its values from a Lean value system. There isn’t really a “Lean Manifesto” but the works of Taiichi Ono and W. Edward Deming contribute to a common understanding of what it means to be a lean thinker. Scrum’s Sprint duration is a great innovation over the traditional approach to managing work.


Shifting from Projects to a Product-Centric Approach


Customer demands are not static; they change as technology evolves and accelerate the pace of innovation. Together, PMOs, finance, and business leaders can ensure the organization is allocating funding responsibly to drive the agility and innovation to achieve strategic objectives.

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Roadmapping: An Essential Planning Practice to Deliver Outcomes


You should be able to continually assess portfolio priorities against capacity to determine which combination best advances the company’s growth, innovation, or transformational goals; and make investment decisions in the context of the overall portfolio of investment. Lean and Agile PMO

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Beginner’s Guide to Kanban for Agile Marketing


As a result, After Meetings tend to be fertile ground for ideas to improve the process and generate innovations. Agile Marketing agile Kanban Lean

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The Journey Towards Embracing Agile: A Holistic Approach for the PMO


For example, some elements of governance may still apply, but are adapted to various ways of working, like collaborative, iterative, Lean, and Agile. Change is no longer the enemy, it is the spark that ignites innovation. Lean and Agile PMO

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33 Selected Blogs about Innovation, Project Management and 2.0: Vote for the Best!


I’ve assembled a list of blogs that give me substantial food for thought when I write on innovations in project management. tools empower innovation and collaboration in the business environment. The post 33 Selected Blogs about Innovation, Project Management and 2.0:

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Six Sigma: A Simple Guide for Project Managers

Lean Six Sigma. Six Sigma has proven itself adept at working with collaborative teams since the year 2000 when it developed into Lean Six Sigma. Since then, Lean Six Sigma has been used in a variety of economic sectors, such as healthcare, finance and supply chain.

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33 Selected Blogs Update: 11 More Blogs for Project Management Innovators


So in this post, I’d like to add another 11 blogs for project management innovators to my initial collection. I’m Not Actually a Geek is a blog written by Hutch Carpenter, a well-known evangelist of innovation and Enterprise 2.0. The post got over 220 comments and still counting!

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Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

Leading Answers

As organizations realize their software systems provide the competitive advantage then stopping development equates to an end to innovation or competing. Agile Project Management Leadership Lean NoProjects Teams Warning Signs“ Software is eating the world ” claimed venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen in his 2011, New York Times article. Seven years on, the trend continues, and project managers are also on the menu.

Business Agility: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

At the center of any business agility framework is innovation. All this is leading to your innovation hub , which are the people who execute the plan and are responsible for its success. Businesses love nothing more than stability.

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Develop Better High Performing Teams

It’s not solely about the decisions of executives though, it’s also about great project leaders learning to run fast and lean while developing high performing teams that can deliver value to their organization. Behaviors and competencies for lean and fast teams can differ in many ways.

2019 389

SAFe 5.0 brief preview

Henny Portman

The three dimensions of Organizational Agility are: Lean-thinking people and agile teams (house of lean, SAfe principles, Agile Manifesto), Lean Business Operations (process time – delay time – process time) and Strategy Agility.

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The 18 Most Influential People in Project Management

Thought leaders in project management have strong social media followings, are published authors, and are working as leaders for innovative companies and enterprises in the project management industry. Project management is an increasingly diverse field.

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Enterprise Agility in Financial Services: Learnings from the 2019 Planview Horizons Customer Conference


Senior leaders provide space to innovate, but not how. Teams work closely with customers, both internal and external, to identify the root of problems and innovate to solve them. Compare this with the outcome-based approach of Lean-Agile practices.

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A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

Project Bliss

Continuous innovation and improvement are regular practices. Innovation happens quickly these days, and teams need to be able to adjust. Lean software development was originally developed by Mary and Tom Poppendieck, in their book Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit.

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Free project management certifications

Moira Alexander

Six Sigma and Lean: Quantitative Tools for Productivity and Quality - covers how to master Six Sigma and Lean fundamentals to improve productivity and quality in your organization and earn a TUM Lean and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. Customer-Centric Innovation teaches how to take on competition by creating successful and innovative business ideas through a thorough understanding of customer needs.

How to Write a Business Case

In fact, in some lean or agile organizations, over-reliance on documentation is seen as a clear impediment to innovation and collaboration. A business case is the way you prove to your client, customer or stakeholder that the product you’re pitching is a sound investment.

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Capturing Actuals in 2020: Who Said Timesheets are Passé?


You may be thinking that with more and more teams adopting Lean/Agile principles, a traditional timesheet just won’t cut it. There are time reporting options for you – whether you work in a traditional, Lean/Agile, or hybrid world. Automatic timesheets in Lean/Agile organizations (i.e.,

2020 78

How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

XP, scrum, lean, etc.) The lesson I need to remember is that, whilst experimenting is an integral part of innovation, the most successful programmes are those that recognise the ongoing needs of business-as-usual and balance the tried and tested with the new.

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Healthcare PMO: BCBS Roundtable Exchanges Thought Provoking Ideas


These include realizing Agile-at-scale, embracing the changing world of work, and creating an innovation culture. Then there is the pressure to innovate and deliver the right products and services to BCBS members quickly. Creating an Innovation Culture: “Crowdsourcing is powerful.”.

How to shrink your project with the Minimum Viable Product: 5 Tips for Minimum Viable Projects


We are expected to deliver a perfect engineering performance, but real innovation? According to the lean startup principle "Build - Measure - Learn", the product is further developed iteratively. This is why most large companies cannot be transformed into a lean start-up.

2019 130

7 Employee Engagement Ideas to Improve Office Culture

The race to acquire top talent across industries further intensifies as the business world becomes more complex and intricate, and unique companies continue to create innovative and ground-breaking products.

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Top 20 Project Management Methodologies & their Scions: Which One You Should Choose & Why?


Kanban focuses on lean principles and applies strict processes to increase efficiency. Just like Six Sigma and Kanban, lean project management methodology focuses on streamlining the business process, delivering value and eliminates wastage. With lean project management, you can reduce overall costs and increases customer satisfaction. There are five key principles of lean project management: Specify value.

How to Eliminate Red Tape in an Organization

Hindrance to innovation. This can be by first looking over the process you’re using and deciding on which side of the scale you’re more heavily leaning. It’s hindrance to innovation because of bogging things down.

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Webinar – Solving Wicked Problems: What is Old is New Again

Leading Answers

As companies race to innovate and compete in a global market, we are seeing wicked problems more and more often. My PMXPO webinar has now been watched by > 11,000 people and received lots of positive feedback. It is hosted at here.

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10 Best Project Management Quotes

You can be an expert at the textbook definition of a dozen methodologies, or an intuitive leader who manages from the gut, but if you lean too heavily on one or the other, you’re never going to fully realize your potential. It’s easy to forget that Henry Ford was a great innovator.

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