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Kanban vs. Scrum: What’s the Difference?

Kanban and scrum are agile project management methodologies that can be used for similar purposes, but each has its unique pros and cons. As a project manager, it’s important to understand the difference between kanban and scrum so you can determine the best approach for your team. What Is Scrum?

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Learnquest Scrum Master: Course Review

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Are you considering the LearnQuest Scrum Master Certification ? However, I’m not and never have been, an agile expert. I’ve worked with Scrum teams and Agile development teams, I used Kanban during lockdown to help plan our days and the homeschooling, but I can’t say that I’m experienced in Agile ways.


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“Agile Is Just for Software” and other Scrum Myths

Scrum is the most popular Agile framework. According to the latest State of Agile survey from, 90% of teams who are using an Agile framework are using Scrum. I like to think that this is because Scrum is a goldilocks framework … with just enough - but not too much - structure.

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Mastering Scrum: Navigating the Simple Yet Complex Agile Framework

Scrum, a framework I've engaged with extensively in my professional journey, is deceptively simple to comprehend yet remarkably challenging to master. In my latest video, I explore this intriguing aspect of Scrum, shedding light on why something so seemingly straightforward can become complex in real-world scenarios. Enjoy this video?

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What is Scrum? An Introduction to the Scrum Framework

Speaker: Eric Naiburg, Chief Operating Officer at

Although Scrum has been around for more than 25 years, it is still new to many. In this session, we provide an overview of the Scrum framework, discuss how Scrum enables agility and ways that empiricism can empower the teams that use it. The 2020 Scrum Guide - Scrum Events - Scrum Artifacts.

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?? Cynefin, Scrum e Agile

In questo articolo, Cynefin, Scrum e Agile, condivido parte della trascrizione di una conferenza di Dave Snowden del 2017. Mi ha permesso di capire che cos’è un sistema complesso e perché Scrum e Agile sono, al momento, gli approcci più efficaci per risolvere problemi complessi. Consultare l’ultima versione di Cynefin.

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Where does Scrum Master END and Agile Leader BEGIN? Differences/similarities

Before we talk about the comparison and contrast between Scrum Master and Agile Leader, people often compare and contrast Scrum Master and Agile Coach, and they often ask me, what’s the difference? The oversimplified answer is $200 per day because a scrum master should be working at an organizational level.