Construction Budget: A Quick Guide (with Examples)

Construction projects will never get off the ground without financing. Money sets the gears of construction management in motion. Creating a construction budget, therefore, is one of the most important pieces when developing a construction plan.

Construction Bids: Mastering Construction Bidding

Construction projects are won by responding to solicitations or requests for proposals with a construction bid. Managing the construction bidding process and expanding your customer base without breaking the bottom line is a delicate art. What is a Construction Bid?


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Construction Risk Management: An Introduction

Few things are as risky as construction. The answer is construction risk management. It can be mind-bogglingly complex, which is you should make a detailed construction risk management plan. What Is Construction Risk Management? What are the Types of Risk in Construction?

Construction Daily Report Template

Construction worksites are a busy place, and everything that happens on one needs to be detailed and recorded daily. The best way to make sure you log all these activities is by using our free construction daily report template. Download Construction Daily Report Template.

What is Subcontractor Management in Construction?

Construction projects are complex in nature. This makes subcontractor management a necessity for most modern construction projects. Create and track subcontractor work on construction projects with Construction Project Management Software. Projects aren’t a one-man show.

Best Construction Software for Small Builders and Construction Companies


Construction projects deal with a number of different elements and require effective management of resources, time, and budget to be deemed a success. Benefits of Investing in a Construction Software for Small Builders. So why should you spring for construction software at all?

Construction Project Manager Job Description (with Free Example!)

The construction project manager role is a unique position, though it shares many of the attributes associated with any kind of project manager. If you’re looking for an experienced construction project manager, you need to understand their job. Creating a construction schedule.

5 Best Construction Project Management Software to Use in 2021


Whenever you are constructing a building or a structure of any kind, you always need to ensure that the foundation of the building is the strongest. The same goes for a construction business. 5 Construction Project Management Applications for You Right Now. Project budgeting.

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Construction Contracts: Types, Best Practices & Mistakes

This is especially true of construction projects. Construction projects often require outside specialists to complete aspects of the work, and construction contracts bridge the gap between contractors who they hire so everyone knows what is required.

How to Make a Construction Schedule

Construction projects are notoriously difficult, and they’re known for encountering delays. If any discipline needs a well-thought-out schedule, it’s construction project management. The construction schedule is the backbone of any successful project management for construction.

Best Construction Scheduling Software of 2021 for Managing Projects

Construction projects can be big, complex and often unruly, with regulatory issues, safety concerns, equipment rentals, multiple teams and more. If you want to keep a construction project on track and meet your deadlines, you want construction scheduling software that is robust and dynamic.

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Construction Quality Control: Essential Tips for Managing Quality

Managing construction projects is complex and stressful. Quality means different things to different people, which is why you should adhere to construction quality control. What Is Construction Quality Control? Why Construction Quality Control Matters.

What you Absolutely Need to Know about Construction Risk Management in 2021


But when it comes to construction risk management, you need to be extra careful, because a software project going bad might not be as life-threatening as a construction project going bad. What is Construction Risk Management? Benefits of Construction Risk Management.

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A Quick Guide to Change Orders for Construction & Other Industries

To keep the project on schedule and within its budget, those changes have to be managed. Because of these changes to budget and schedule, change orders are not acted upon until both the owner of the project and the contractor responsible for the change agree on terms and conditions.

Best Construction Project Management Software of 2020

Smaller construction projects need construction project management software, and bigger ones definitely require the kind of control that only a PM tool can provide. If you’re going to manage a construction project, you want project management software that is robust and dynamic.

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Epicflow Summer 2021 Updates: Generic User, Budget Task and Budget Distribution, Meeting View

Epicflow Blog

Budget Task: Plan and Monitor the Amount of Work Allocated for Project Tasks . Budget Task feature indicates a certain part of work that has to be completed within the scope of a project. There can be several budgets at one level.

How to Effectively Run Construction Management Projects


Construction is thriving. It’s stats like these that fuel further workforce growth, adding an average of 200,000 employees to the construction industry sector per year. In an industry like this one, it’s no wonder more and more people are interested in learning how to get started as a construction manager and the key steps necessary to effectively perform their duties. Everything You Need to Know About Construction Management Projects. Step 6: Begin construction.

How To Create a Construction Management Plan


Construction planning and management requires strong project management skills and the right tools. Not having these two key elements has resulted in statistics like nine out of every 10 construction projects run out of funds before they’re complete.

Top Tips for Reducing Risks as a Construction Project Manager


Every project brings a whole lot of risk and uncertainty with it — particularly in the construction industry. What is the role of a project delivery manager in construction? What common risks are associated with project delivery in construction? Risk #3: Budget overages.

How 20 Teams Actually Manage Construction Projects


’ Even the most experienced managers in the construction industry consistently strive to learn different methods of management that allow them to increase their team efficiency and deliver more successful projects. Project Management Software for Construction Teams.

How to Create a Flawless Construction Schedule for Clients


Unless you’re building a Lego spaceship with your kids, construction is never a spontaneous or fast process. Why Construction Schedules Are Important. A flawless construction schedule is a blueprint for success. The many functions of a construction schedule include: Asset management. According to one study , the financial loss represented by a piece of inoperable construction equipment could be up to $2,800 per eight-hour workday. Keeping things within budget.

Best Construction Project Management Software of 2019

Smaller construction projects need construction project management software, and bigger ones definitely require the kind of control that only a PM tool can provide. Construction projects can be big, complex and often unruly, with regulatory issues, safety concerns, equipment rentals, multiple teams and more. If you’re going to manage a construction project, you want project management software that is robust and dynamic. What Is Construction Project Management?

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2021 Online & On-Site Events for Project Managers

Epicflow Blog

2021 is going to be full of both online and offline events for project managers engaged in different areas of business: construction and engineering, IT, healthcare, and many others.

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Project Planning 101: How to Stay In Budget and On Deadline


To be a successful at project planning, you need to be able to deliver quality work while balancing a budget and sticking to a deadline. When you confirm what needs to be accomplished and when, you can maximize the allocated resources, time, and budget needed to accomplish all deliverables and prevent the project from being taken off track, a frustrating phenomenon known as ‘ scope creep.’. Has an impact on the schedule, budget, or outcome.

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A Quick Guide to Contractor Risk & Contractor Risk Management

Risk is always present in construction projects. By definition, construction risk feels unpredictable and damaging, but you can identify and manage them. Suddenly, the success of the construction project rests on the shoulders of those are less accountable to you.

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Project Manager Job Description (with free copy+paste examples!)

Project managers plan, budget, monitor and report on the project with project management tools , sometimes pitching the idea of the project or being assigned to it once it’s already been approved. Monitoring Progress. Manage budget. Monitor and report on project progress.

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Time and Materials Contract: When to Use One & Best Practices

What Are Time and Materials on a Construction Project? The term “time and materials” refers to the amount of time and construction materials that a contractor or subcontractor requires to execute the project. Related: Free Construction Estimate Template.

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Fixed Price Contract: What You Need to Know for Your Project

It’s one of the more straightforward construction contracts. Execute your fixed-price contracts with powerful construction scheduling software. Owner: This will be the person or organization who is hiring the general contractor for the construction project.

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Cost-Plus Contract: How to Use One

This means the owner is not agreeing to a set budget for things like materials and labor, but rather, agreeing to pay whatever it takes to get the job done. Execute your cost-plus contracts with powerful construction scheduling software.

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7 Tips For Better Cost Control & Expense Control

In order to understand cost control, you must first understand why it is used: monitoring expenses and identifying risks in order to increase profits. Cost control is the process of estimating costs in order to plan and adjust a budget. That doesn’t mean they have to go over budget.

Procurement Contracting: Types of Contracts & Best Practices

Keep track of your procurement contracts with powerful construction management software. Once you know that, you can start to research a list of suppliers who can deliver your requirements at a price within the constraints of your budget. Monitor Progress.

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Project Controls: A Quick Guide

Like the name implies, project controls are about controlling the project and keeping it from exceeding budgets and deadlines. Think of project controls as the mechanism that keeps a project on schedule when planning and executing, keeping costs within budget.

Project Resource Management: The Ultimate Guide on How to Master It

Girl's Guide to PM

The materials for a road construction project are soil, rock aggregates, binders like lime, bituminous materials, cement, etc. As a project manager, your primary concern is: How do I deliver a project on time and within the stipulated budget?

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The Ins and Outs of Software Development Project Management


In order for a software development project to be deemed a success, it has to be within defined variables including the timeframe discussed, the quality standards expected, the budget approved, and the overall wider scope. The Construction Phase.

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Change Order Form Template

There might be inclement weather that causes delays, stakeholders with changing expectations or supply chain issues that strain your schedule and budget. The change order revises not only the schedule, but the budget, too. Projects are prone to change.

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How to Create a Project Proposal

Budget: What budget do we have to work with? All project proposals have six elements which construct the proposal’s foundation. Even a business document like a proposal will suffer if it’s poorly constructed, has typos or impenetrable.

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Project Management Software Comparison for 2021

They plan, execute, monitor and report on performance. Task Management Focused: Tools that target your work, organizing it and monitoring your progress to keep you on schedule. Its project tracking is limited, which can be frustrating as you try to keep to your schedule and budget.

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Contract Management: Understanding the Contract Lifecycle

Project managers are trained to plan schedules and allocate resources to meet deadlines and stay within budgets. But once the contract is signed, the need to monitor and oversee its implementation is critical to meeting the obligations of the contract. Managing a project is complex.

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What Are the Objectives of Project Management?


A project, regardless of its size, generally involves five distinctive phases of equal importance: Initiation, Planning and Design, Construction and Execution, Monitoring and Control, Completion.

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An Introduction to Workforce Management

Whether you’re in IT, construction or retail, mastering the basics of workforce management can benefit you immensely. Aside from optimizing staff schedules and time management plan , a great workforce management system also includes workforce forecasting, monitoring and analysis.

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