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What Is Program Governance? Importance & Benefits

A program is a set of connected projects that are under the oversight of a steering committee, which is the program governance body. Program governance is a critical component to successfully managing a program of projects. But what does program governance mean and why is it so important? What Is Program Governance?

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Change Control Board: Roles, Responsibilities & Processes

This is why projects have a change control board. If changes are requested, the change control board shows how those changes are managed with the least amount of disruption to the project’s plan. The importance of a change control board to a successful, high-quality project cannot be overstated. What Is a Change Control Board?


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IT Governance: Definitions, Frameworks and Planning

IT governance ensures that IT departments are prepared for what’s next, without losing focus on what matters. What is IT Governance? At its base level, IT governance is one or multiple processes that enable the IT staff to better manage risk and operate at its most efficient to the benefit of the organization on the whole.

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Construction Quality Control: Essential Tips for Managing Quality

Quality means different things to different people, which is why you should adhere to construction quality control. What Is Construction Quality Control? Construction quality control is a management system aimed at ensuring the final deliverable meets the standards and guidelines set by the client. Try ProjectManager free today!

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The Project Clinic: Assessing Project Health, Planning, and Execution

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar

What are some key aspects of project governance that need to be established for effective monitoring and control of projects? (yes, there is some amount of planning required even for agile methodologies) How do you monitor the health of projects once they are in-flight? 📅 June 18, 2024 at 11:00 am PT, 2:00 pm ET, 7:00 pm GMT

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How AI is Driving Strategic Decision-Making in Business and Government

The IIL Blog

A recent McKinsey Government agencies historically lag the private sector in the adoption of such innovations, so we can surmise an even lower figure for government agencies. Similar concepts have been explored on a smaller scale in industrial parts and controlled urban settings worldwide.

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The Importance of Data Governance for Business

That plan is called data governance. What Is Data Governance? Data governance provides an organization with a plan to make sure that its data is available, usable, consistent and secure. Data governance is holistic in that it involves the people, processes and information technology department of an organization.

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Understanding Scope Creep

Scope change control is now becoming a critical component of project management requiring project teams to become more active in solving problems and making decisions. Scope change control will require collaboration with stakeholders and possibly government agencies.

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ERM Program Fundamentals for Success in the Banking Industry

Speaker: William Hord, Senior VP of Risk & Professional Services

How are we measuring and rating our risk impact, likelihood, and controls to mitigate our risk? He will also dive into topic definitions, governance structures, and framework components for success. When building your ERM program foundation, you need to answer questions like: Do we have robust board and management support?