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Project Management Skills Needed in 2020: Experts Share Their Points of View

GanttPRO Project Management

Starting a new career in project management or looking for ways to update your knowledge? Learn from the experts! We talked to four acknowledged managers about the project management skills […]. News GanttPRO Experts Project Management Tips

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Sprint Planning 101: How to Plan Great Sprints

Ask a dozen people what agile is and you’ll get a dozen different answers. But it’s best defined by scrum as a model. Scrum is a way to manage a project within an agile framework and is made up of three roles: product owner, scrum master and team.

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Plan Your Portfolio Like an NFL Team – 4 steps to better portfolio planning


‘Tis the season for football playoff clinching and bowl game preparations as we watch our favorites and fantasy teams advance to the post season. Winter has a lot going on, but most PMO leaders are late to holiday dinners and gameday parties because they are spending much of their time in planning meetings, discussing the merits of proposed initiatives and deciding what projects will be taken on over the next year.

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Why Project Management is Like a 1978 Ford Fiesta

Brad Egeland

I may need to set up a little background for this concept to actually make sense to anyone but me. If you ever owned a Ford Fiesta (the American version back in the late 70’s, not the new one still made in Germany), then you might get this.

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Red Flags, Blue Lessons


Watch for these warning signs, so you don’t end up twisting in the wind! As a project manager (PM) for an international consulting firm, I was once assigned to a very large account that taught online classes through the internet. The company was called the High Intensity Teaching Corporation or HIT.

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How To Build A High Performing Team


8 Proven Leadership Ways to Build High-Performing Teams A high performing team is a blend of goal-oriented professionals , experts in their respective fields, responsible for planning, executing and yielding outstanding results.

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5 Essentials of a Project Manager Resume

Brad Egeland

According to PMI’s Industry Growth Forecast , 15.7 million new project management roles will be created globally across seven project-intensive industries between 2010-2020.

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Best Productivity Applications, Extensions and Add-Ons for Project Managers

Epicflow Blog

Project managers’ professional life is full of events that touch upon not only orchestrating projects where special PM tools are needed but it also involves interpersonal communication and frequent traveling.

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DPM Podcast: Why Should I Trust You? (With Mike Clayton)

The Digital Project Manager

In this episode, I talk with Mike Clayton, author of 14 print books on project management, about the components of trust—credibility, reliability, intimacy—and how to earn the trust of your colleagues and clients. The post DPM Podcast: Why Should I Trust You? With Mike Clayton) appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. DPM Podcast

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

Finding an Optimum – ‘More Haste: Less Speed’ | Video

Online PM Courses

More haste: less speed' my dad would say. And it is certainly true when you are trying to find an optimum way of doing things. The post Finding an Optimum – ‘More Haste: Less Speed’ | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. Project Management Tips Thoughts for Project Managers video

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