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Einstein, AI, and the PMO

Musings on Project Management

Consider this observation from Daniel Miessler:AI is not competing with Einstein and Tolstoy. AI is competing with:The task not being done at allIt being done poorlyIt being done inconsistentlyIt being done slowlyIt costing too much Like this blog? You'll like my books also! Buy them at any online book retailer!

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125 Project Management Buzzwords

The IIL Blog

By: Dr. Michael Shick, MSPM, PMP, CSM Whether you have decades of project management experience or are trying to change career fields, without fluency in industry-specific terms, executives and peers are likely to either overlook your expertise or not draw the connection to your knowledge and professional experience unless they come from a similar background and are part of similar professional project management organizations.


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Why do some people trigger an allergic reaction in you?

Susanne Madsen

​Collaborating with clients, stakeholders and team members can be challenging. Some situations – and people – push your buttons, making it hard for you to self-regulate and respond appropriately. Perhaps someone you rely on hasn’t completed a critical task on time, and as the manager it now falls back on you to resolve the issue as it’s ultimately your responsibility.

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Creative Project Management Essentials: Characteristics, Stages, and Reasons to Implement PM Software

GanttPRO Project Management

Managing projects in the creative field can be simultaneously inspiring and challenging. However, by assembling a talented team and utilizing appropriate tools, organizations can guarantee the evolution of creative project […] The post Creative Project Management Essentials: Characteristics, Stages, and Reasons to Implement PM Software first appeared on GanttPRO Project Management Blog.

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Demystifying DAPs: A Practical Guide to Digital Adoption Success

Speaker: Pulkit Agrawal

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are revolutionizing the way organizations interact with and optimize their software applications. As digital transformation continues to accelerate, DAPs have become essential tools for enhancing user engagement and software efficiency. This session is your guide into the robust world of DAPs, exploring their origins, evolution, and the current trends shaping their development.

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Understanding Microsegmentation and Its Best Practices


In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations are turning to advanced security measures to protect their networks and critical assets. One such technique gaining popularity is microsegmentation. In this article, we will explore the concept of microsegmentation, its benefits, and delve into best practices for implementing it effectively.

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Project Performance Reporting: Key Performance Reports

Keeping tabs on the performance of your project is an essential part of project management. Tracking project performance gives project managers the data they need to keep the actual effort of the project aligned with the planned effort and deliver the project on time and within its budget. But what exactly is project performance? We’ll answer that question and then show you how to measure project performance in your project.

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Streamlining Success: Lean Principles in Project Management


Efficiency, Quality, and Simplicity for Project Success Let’s Start With a Story If you write, you probably use the circumstances you encounter in your life as fodder for your work. This article originates from a combination of events. First, our last article touched on waste in the context of lean. Second, I am the father of a recent engineering graduate who is now working as an engineer, and part of the onboarding was a class on lean.

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Fontur partners with Sitetracker to improve employee experience and grow their project portfolio


FONTUR International Inc., a leading wireless infrastructure services company in Ontario, leveraged Sitetracker to streamline operations and drive business expansion. Their core objective is to accelerate on-air deployment and maximize tower profitability through leasing and collocation revenue. Founded in 2008, the company values quality, dedication, ethics, and performance.

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The Purpose of Estimation in Scrum: Sizing for Sprint Success

The purpose of the Sprint is to deliver a done increment of valuable, usable product. In order to get there, it is important that higher ordered Product Backlog items are sized so that they are small enough to be completed within a single Sprint. The purpose of estimation in Scrum is to size higher ordered Product Backlog items so they can be completed within a single Sprint.

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Provide Real Value in Your Applications with Data and Analytics

The complexity of financial data, the need for real-time insight, and the demand for user-friendly visualizations can seem daunting when it comes to analytics - but there is an easier way. With Logi Symphony, we aim to turn these challenges into opportunities. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate advanced data analytics, generative AI, data visualization, and pixel-perfect reporting into your applications, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

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Project Management Conferences in the UK 2023/2024

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Attending a project management conference is an excellent way to network with other project managers, build your skills, and improve your career. We have compiled a list of project management conferences in the UK so that you can stay close to home. Looking to travel a bit further? We also have lists for project management conferences in the US and Canada , as well as project management conferences in Europe , Asia and Oceania.

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The 5 Phases of the Construction Process (Templates Included)

Construction project management has five phases, the same as any project. But there are major differences that are important to understand. Construction phases have different names and require different documentation to begin with. We’ll define in depth each of the five construction phases: initiation, pre-construction, procurement, construction and post-construction.

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User Story Mapping 101 – How to Create a User Story Map

Online PM Courses

In this video, I want to answer the question, ‘What is a User Story Map?” and show you how to create one in Agile Project Management. The post User Story Mapping 101 – How to Create a User Story Map appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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How to Set and Achieve Effective Sprint Goals

Many teams grapple with the intricacies of Scrum, and one of the most pivotal components is the Sprint Goal. It's not just a fleeting thought or a mere list of tasks; it's a commitment, a promise, and a clear direction. Thanks to our reviewers: Ralph Jocham | TLDR; The Sprint Goal is the heart of Scrum, representing the team's commitment to the value derived from the Sprint's outcome.

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Your Guide To Transitioning Into Product Management: Essentials For New PMs

Speaker: Leslie Grandy, Product Executive & Drew Weaver, Senior Program Manager

Are you considering a shift to product management or just starting your journey as a Product Manager? Join Leslie Grandy and Drew Weaver for an insightful webinar designed to help you seamlessly transition into this dynamic role. Whether you're looking to pivot your career or enhance your existing skills, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed!

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Project Management Conferences in Europe 2023/2024

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Looking for project management conferences in Europe to attend? We have compiled a list specific to Europe for events where you can network with other project managers and improve your skills. We also have lists for project management conferences in the US and Canada and project management conferences in the UK, Asia, and Oceania. July to September 2023 Bridge 2023: PM & PMO Conference: Vilnius, Lithuania and Online, 21 September 2023 The annual event has a theme of Projectized-Digitized-Con

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How to Make a Construction Phase Plan (Templates Included)

Construction projects come big and complex as well as small and simple, but one thing they all share is a construction phase plan. The construction phase plan is a critical construction project management document that helps to ensure a safe project. Before explaining how to make a construction phase plan, let’s first define the term and note some of the many reasons why one should use it.

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From Waterfall Walls to Agile Architecture: The New Era of Construction

PM Times

This is a collaborative article cowritten by Lucas Marshall and Jason Braun. Productivity is hard to measure. It differs depending on industry, for one. What’s more, the construction sector is what the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago considers “strange and awful,” representative of raw BEA data suggesting “that the […] The post From Waterfall Walls to Agile Architecture: The New Era of Construction appeared first on Project Management Articles, Webina

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Imitation is not flattering: B2B Startups Must Forge Their Own Organizational Structures

Scrum hasn’t much to say about organizational design. And rightfully so – if there is any area that has no universally applicable template, org design is it. B2B startups – that is, companies whose customers are other businesses – have an especially hard time with organizational design. Their customers are hundreds or even thousands of times larger than they are.

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Don’t Get Left Behind: Leveraging Modern Product Management Across the Organization

Speaker: Kat Conner

The challenge of delivering the right product at the right time while aligning with strategic objectives is more pressing than ever. Product management is evolving and gaining greater recognition as the means to creating this connection. Join our upcoming webinar and learn how to streamline your product development processes, infuse product thinking across the organization, and bridge the gap between vision and delivery.

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Project Management Conferences in Europe 2023/2024

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Looking for project management conferences in Europe to attend? We have compiled a list specific to Europe for events where you can network with other project managers and improve your skills. We also have lists for project management conferences in the US and Canada and project management conferences in the UK , Asia, and Oceania. Do you know of an upcoming event to add to the list?

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Eisenhower Matrix: Identifying Important vs. Urgent Tasks

Managing a project is basically making decisions. There are many tasks, but not all tasks are created equal. This means that a project manager must be able to make decisions about the priority of each and often use the Eisenhower matrix to help them make those important decisions. The Eisenhower matrix is an important tool for project management. We’ll define it, see how it helps project managers determine what’s important vs. urgent and explain how to make and use the Eisenhower matrix wh

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The Road to Responsible Collaboration: Architecture and Models

The IIL Blog

By Robin Hornby Collaborative working has become something of a buzzword. Every project would claim it is their intention. But more than good intentions are needed. In this sixth article, Robin presents a business focused architecture for projects, and supplementary models designed to promote collaboration. This establishes a framework for implementing a Delivery Organization.

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Experiment: Create A Low-Tech Metrics Dashboard To Track Outcomes

How well is your team performing? Do you know what outcomes you’re delivering? More often than not, teams try to answer these questions by tracking the velocity or number of items completed per Sprint. Although this tells you how busy you are, it doesn’t tell you how useful that work actually is. Even worse, organizations often tell teams what to measure and then compare them with other teams.

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The Project Clinic: Assessing Project Health, Planning, and Execution

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar

Picture your projects as patients, each with its own unique rhythm and pulse, thriving under your care 🥼 🩺 Step into the role of an innovative project doctor in our upcoming webinar! This session is your guide to evaluating the health of your projects through Waterfall and Agile practices like Scrum and Kanban. We’ll explore the vital signs of project success through the lens of the “iron triangle” metrics, using deliverables as tracers.

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5 Ways to Improve Communication

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Effective communication is the backbone of any business because it means your team can collaborate with each other, understand customer needs, convey information, and support your credibility as a brand. Some people seem naturally good at communication in a project setting , but even if you don’t feel confident in your ability, communication skills are definitely something you can develop and improve over time.

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Episode 187 – The Best Project Implementation of All Time


The podcast by project managers for project managers. A project story about a massive initiative focused on an EPIC implementation at University Hospitals in Cleveland. Hear why this project to streamline patient information, enhance care, and improve operations has the tagline “Best Implementation of all time.” Table of Contents 04:29 … University Hospitals of Cleveland 05:11 … The EPIC Integration 07:18 … The Size of the Initiative 09:51 … The Cost 11:21 … Convey Calmness and the R

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An all-new Dashboard that’s all about you

Resource Guru

In the chaos of a busy working week, focus can be elusive. We’ve completely redesigned our Dashboard to give everyone a space where they can shut out the noise and turn their attention to the most important action items in their day. Let’s take a look at what’s changed. Slick, stylish, and irresistibly scrollable Let’s start with the obvious – our new Dashboard has an entirely new look and feel.

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Die wahre Aufgabe eines Scrum Masters und 3 Werkzeuge, sie zu erfüllen

Wie lautet die wirkliche Aufgabe eines Scrum Masters in einem Unternehmen? Und nein, die Moderation von Meetings ist es nicht. Sondern: Als Scrum Master bist du ein Vorbild für die Agilität im Team und im Unternehmen. Aber was bedeutet Agilität? Eine schöne Beschreibung stammt von Maarten Dalmijn: Agilität bedeutet, mit dem zu arbeiten, was man weiß, um zu entdecken, was man nicht weiß.

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Deliver Mission Critical Insights in Real Time with Data & Analytics

In the fast-moving manufacturing sector, delivering mission-critical data insights to empower your end users or customers can be a challenge. Traditional BI tools can be cumbersome and difficult to integrate - but it doesn't have to be this way. Logi Symphony offers a powerful and user-friendly solution, allowing you to seamlessly embed self-service analytics, generative AI, data visualization, and pixel-perfect reporting directly into your applications.