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Manufacturing Engineer Job Description

Manufacturing depends on a supply of raw materials, labor and the proper functioning of machinery to turn those inputs into the outputs that customers want. Manufacturing engineering is what keeps those integrated systems operating. What Is Manufacturing Engineering? Learn more What Does a Manufacturing Engineer Do?

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How to Make a Production Order for Manufacturing

Manufacturers make things, and how much they make is determined by demand and the supply of raw materials. First, let’s define what a production order is and why it’s so important to the manufacturing process. The creation of a production order will trigger certain events in the manufacturing process.


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How to Calculate Total Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing isn’t free. Being able to make accurate estimates of your manufacturing costs is critical to a company’s profitability and competitive advantage. Before work hits the production line, one must know how to calculate manufacturing cost. What Is Manufacturing Cost?

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10 Free Manufacturing Excel Templates

Manufacturing requires a lot of attention to detail and coordinating various moving parts to deliver the final product. In order to accomplish those goals and meet a tight deadline and an even tighter budget, you need these 10 free manufacturing Excel templates. ProjectManager has dozens of free templates to download.

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Manufacturing Resource Planning: A Quick Guide

Everything you need for your manufacturing process is a resource—people, materials, equipment, software, facilities, etc. That process is called manufacturing resource planning (MRP II), and it’s a method that used to work more effectively. What Is Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)? Why is it called MRP II?

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Manufacturing Cycle: A Quick Guide

By the time a product shows up on the shelf, it’s been through a much longer journey called the manufacturing cycle. Each product is manufactured from raw materials that need to be procured before the product hits the market. The manufacturing cycle is an essential part of all types of manufacturing. Learn more.

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Manufacturing Process Planning: Steps, Types & Benefits

Manufacturers need to have a process by which to make or assemble their products. This is an important step before manufacturing and must be thoroughly understood. Then find out the steps to process planning and see what a manufacturing process plan is and why it’s beneficial to production. What Is Process Planning?