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Product Innovation: Scrum Teams can use Kanban and Product Discovery to make Innovation Transparent

Can your Kanban practices fuel innovation within your team? By integrating Kanban methodologies with product techniques that encourage experimentation, your team can embark on a journey of continuous innovation. As the Professional Scrum with Kanban course teaches, your Scrum team can utilize these practices within the Scrum framework.

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Embracing Agile: A Developer's Journey from Tradition to Innovation

Like and subscribe to our channel: [link] The defining moment in my journey was my introduction to Scrum. Attending a Professional Scrum Developer class in Australia, I found the principles of Scrum resonating deeply with my experiences. At NKDAgility, we're transforming how Agile and Scrum training is delivered.


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Innovation within a Scrum Team

The focus of this article is on one of the most important things giving lifeblood to the Product Backlog and promoting its characteristic of long-living artifact, the Innovation. The innovation allows us to shift from a Project perspective, by which a project is limited in duration, to a Product perspective, with a product evolving over time.

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Flucht aus der Feature Factory — von Output zu Innovation

In vielen großen Unternehmen geraten Scrum-Teams in die „Feature Factory“-Falle und konzentrieren sich mehr auf die Produktion von Funktionen als auf die Schaffung echter Werte. Schade, dass diese Entwicklung agile Prinzipien untergräbt und den langfristigen Erfolg und die Innovation gefährdet. Erfahren Sie wie!

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The Project Clinic: Assessing Project Health, Planning, and Execution

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar

Picture your projects as patients, each with its own unique rhythm and pulse, thriving under your care 🥼 🩺 Step into the role of an innovative project doctor in our upcoming webinar! This session is your guide to evaluating the health of your projects through Waterfall and Agile practices like Scrum and Kanban.

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The Multifaceted World of Scrum Values!

Embracing Scrum's core values not only enhances teamwork but also empowers everyone within the Scrum framework to contribute effectively. This week, we're excited to offer you a unique perspective on Scrum Values, viewed through the lenses of the Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developers, and Stakeholders.

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How To Spot Successful Scrum Masters

TL; DR: How To Spot Successful Scrum Masters In this article, I unravel the secrets of what makes a Scrum Master not just good but amazingly outstanding. From regularly achieving Sprint Goals, delivering value to customers, and building stakeholder rapport easily, discover the traits that set apart successful Scrum Masters.