Scrum for Newbies: How to Use Scrum to Tame Chaos


More specifically, we chose to get our work done using a Scrum framework. How Scrum Helps With the Chaos. We’ve written about Scrum before. Scrum helped us manage that project and maintain my sanity as well. The Elements of Scrum. How to Make Scrum Work.


Dr. Harold Kerzner Q&A: How Changes in Project Management Are Supporting Agile and Scrum

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This past November as part of IIL’s IPM Day online conference , Dr. Harold Kerzner delivered a keynote on “ How Changes in Project Management Are Supporting Agile and Scrum. This appears to be true for continuous improvements in Agile and Scrum activities. AGILE AND SCRUM.


Can the Words “Innovation” and “Project Management” Be Used In The Same Sentence?

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Companies are recognizing that brand loyalty accompanied by a higher level of quality does not always equate to customer retention unless supported by some innovations. According to management guru Peter Drucker, there are only two sources for growth: marketing and innovation [Drucker, 2008]. Innovation is often viewed as the Holy Grail of business and the primary driver for growth. The question, of course, is “How do we manage innovation needs?”.

Top 10 Things About Scrum That Will Change Your World


Looking for a fantastic explanation about Scrum and Agile, but don’t want to wade through a bunch of whitepapers, convoluted diagrams and confusing explanations with words you’ve never used before? ” And, you’ll learn how you can implement Scrum to help your team. This vision is shared by stakeholders and the Scrum team. Every day, Scrum teams ask themselves: “Is this project going in the right direction or do we need to adapt?”. Scrum is about people.


The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


A question that I often get while speaking with people is: What is the difference between Kanban and Scrum? Scrum. Scrum is primarily influenced by the Agile Manifesto which describes the “Agile” value system. Scrum strives to “protect” the development team from the influences of “traditional” project management tactics. In Scrum this is primarily achieved through the retrospective tactic which is an Inspect and Adapt-based tactic. Introduction.

Top 10 Things About Scrum That Will Change Your World


Looking for a fantastic explanation about Scrum and Agile, but don’t want to wade through a bunch of whitepapers, convoluted diagrams and confusing explanations with words you’ve never used before? ” And, you’ll learn how you can implement Scrum to help your team. This vision is shared by stakeholders and the Scrum team. Every day, Scrum teams ask themselves: “Is this project going in the right direction or do we need to adapt?”. Scrum is about people.


Reflection and Takeaways on Agility from the SMC-IT 2018 Space Mission Design conference

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Case studies on how agile methodologies have been applied to mission planning and how scrum has been used in spacecraft construction were discussed, as well as topics such as developing and delivering software, reliability and reuse of software, onboard processing, and communication.

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What Are the Advantages of Waterfall Project Management?


An early form of this methodology was Scrum , developed in 1986, which presented the concept of requirements volatility. Project Management Agile project management agile vs waterfall project management method methodology model pros and cons Scrum waterfall project management

5 Tips To Re-Energise Your Daily Standup Meetings

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When I started working for White October we followed the conventional “scrum” format, where the team get together, share what’s new, what’s challenging and what’s happening, and everyone gives feedback and makes suggestions to unblock each other. Scrums feel more energised.

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Fika Stories 1 – Help! Our Kanban Died!


Explain what the dead kanban system means to their organization’s capability to deliver value and improve/innovate; get their commitment and do some change. Lean/ Kanban agile Kanban Lean Scrum user story

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The Basics of Agile and Project Management

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In this guest article from Germain Paris, a consultant at Genius Project , we get back to basics to see perhaps where the drive is coming from, what that means, and how the practical aspects of Agile, things like SCRUM artifacts are managed. Seek to regularly improve and innovate.

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A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

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Continuous innovation and improvement are regular practices. Innovation happens quickly these days, and teams need to be able to adjust. Scrum. Scrum is the most widely used lightweight Agile framework.

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#PMOT – Who are the Project Managers on Twitter to Follow?

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Scrum Alliance : @ScrumAlliance. SCRUM ALLIANCE® is the largest professional membership organization in the #Agile community: Dedicated to improving the profession of software delivery by leading the maturity and evolution of Scrum.

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Getting Started with Project Management


They use a Scrum Board to get things done. After seeing the product team’s success with agile development, the sales team might decide to adopt agile sales development techniques and switch to Scrum. Getting Started with Project Management.

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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Natalie Warnert

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You work as a Scrum Master. They also ensure the team understands the principles and ceremonies of Scrum – they’re really the expert that enables and facilitates the Scrum process. I got into Agile and Scrum through my development background.

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How to Pick a Project Management Methodology for Success


here are numerous project management methods out there, most often with single-noun names (think Scrum and Lean) that don’t really give away much about what they actually mean for a project manager. Scrum.


The Best 53 Project Management Blogs You Should Be Reading

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What to expect: Mike’s blog helps software development teams improve their work through Agile and Scrum. These will give you the incentive and knowledge to implement Agile and Scrum in your own organization. Ux Runway – How To Incorporate Ux With Agile/Scrum Teams. What is Scrum?

Pulse of the Profession 2018: The Project Manager of the Future


Innovator: acts as product owner and developer. Versatile Manager: has experience with various approaches—waterfall, Scrum, agile, lean, design thinking etc. Innovations in learning will continue to make it possible for the new worker to learn anything, anytime, and anywhere. New technologies bring rapid and continuous change to our workplace.

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Project Management: 5 lessons learnt the hard way


Kanban, Scrum and Agile ways of working can all make a big difference to productivity, but implementation should be organic to ensure team buy-in. Things at Google may have changed since those days, but at what cost to innovation? Digital project management is complex.

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2018 Project Management Conferences You Won’t Want To Miss

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The theme this year is “Disrupt or Disappear: Connect, Innovate & Transform.” Global Scrum Gathering: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 16-18 April 2018. I’m not an Agile expert by an means but if Scrum is your wheelhouse, this could be a good event to get to.

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2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

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If pure Scrum works, or you’re totally a waterfall shop, then as long as you are seeing results no one is going to care. I’ll be watching the Infrastructure Industry Innovation Platform to see what impact that has on project success (lots, I hope).

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10 LinkedIn Groups every Entrepreneur & Project Manager should join


Another large group accommodating 370,842 members, where you can discuss anything related to project management including PMP certification, PMBOK PDU, Prince2, software development, CMMI, IEEE, ISO, Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum, ITIL & PMO. Starting a business is not everybody’s cup of tea.

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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XP, scrum, lean, etc.) The lesson I need to remember is that, whilst experimenting is an integral part of innovation, the most successful programmes are those that recognise the ongoing needs of business-as-usual and balance the tried and tested with the new.

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The Idea Hackathon

Growing Agile

We had some diversity: testers, developers, agile coaches, scrum masters, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, a receptionist and a university lecturer – not too bad for our first attempt. A week ago we held a 1 day event – The Idea Hackathon.


The Agile Cannon

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Quest for control (in manufacturing sense) makes innovation harder [2]. Innovation causes variability. Establish a Zero backlog approach to planning - Scrum creates Sprint Backlog. Highly effective Scrum teams have seven items in Sprint Backlog.

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Zero Tolerance for “Brilliant Jerks”

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Catch Christa Kirby’s presentation “Cultivating an Agile Mindset: Creativity, Trust, and a Plastic Toothbrush Case” at this year’s Agile & Scrum Conference! .

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Basis of Estimating Software Development

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Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Large, Multisite, and Offshore Product Development with Large-Scale Scrum , Craig Larman and Bas Vodde, Addison Wesley, 2010. Scaling Lean & Agle Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum , Craig Larman and Bas Voode, Addison Wesley, 2008. Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products , Jim Highsmith, Addison Wesley, 2004.

20 Team Building Activities That Your Team Won’t Sigh At

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The game is great for people who want to better understand the Scrum mechanics. Robots might represent the Scrum team who carries out the sprints. The communicator is the Scrum Master who acts as a servant-leader for the Scrum team.

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What’s the Most Important Job of a Project Manager?


Building the plan is not a project manager’s most important job— especially for projects that need to innovate among a lot of uncertainties. If innovation is required to be successful, the most important job of a PM is to nurture an environment where the team can innovate.

5 Questions with the Cheetah Learning CEO Who Guarantees Your PMP Success

Brad Egeland

What is the most innovative thing you've heard, read or thought about Project Management in the past year or so? While Agile (and other SCRUM) based approaches to project management have their own vernacular, many of the methods are very similar to what we developed in Cheetah Project Management using accelerated learning principles.

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Beginner’s Guide to Kanban for Agile Marketing


Compared to Scrum, Kanban is a young work-management method. But, for teams that chafe under the strictures of the Scrum process, Kanban can be a freeing alternative. In fact, many Scrum teams use this type of visualization to manage their work.


Agile Consulting

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People are always developing innovative ways of describing agile techniques, and we can share the best with our clients. April’s theme at where I write a monthly column was “Consulting,” and in this article, I examine the world of Agile Consulting and coaching.

Agile project management- A tutorial


Today the majority of projects in IT industry use variants of the Agile method like Scrum, Kanban or Extreme programming to manage projects. More and more, the Agile project management method is associated with scrum, since scrum has become the de facto standard for the Agile method.

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Why Executives Don’t Go to Agile Conferences

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Anti-Scrum pundits say Scrum ruined Nokia. There is only the dance of competition and innovation. I worked at an organization years ago that was almost put under by a postal strike. Let’s say at the time, cash flow was a problem. The owner had to put in a substantial chunk of his own savings to make payroll, all because of a 3-ish week strike.

Your 5 Best Books on Product Management & Product Marketing


Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. As one of the co-inventors of the Scrum software development process , Jeff Sutherland has a ton of stories about software project failure.


Insider Perspectives on Recruiting With Ronald Yoon

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how much are you supported), attitudes to innovation (i.e. is innovation a priority for company) and communication style. Other popular certifications of value include the ITIL and Scrum Master certifications. How does recruiting work? What do recruiters want?

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Feature Driven Development


FDD allows team members to communicate more easily while encouraging team creativity and innovation. Feature driven development vs Scrum. When comparing Scrum methodology to FDD, it is obvious that they have many common points. On the other hand, unlike FDD which focuses on specific engineering practices, Scrum does not specify any particular engineering practice. Also, while FDD has longer feedback loops Scrum has short feedback loops and focuses on a vertical slice.


Introducing Clarizen Panels


Our newest innovation, Clarizen Panels , helps achieve just that … and much more. An example of this is the Team Board which is used by organizations working with Agile/Scrum methods.

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Route to Enterprise Scale Agility


While Scrum is probably most prevalent in IT, Kanban and Lean are significant too. Scrum provides a structured model, making it useful for transitioning from traditional development structures and methods.

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Wrike vs Asana – which PM tool works best for YOU?


Given that SCRUM has become an integral part of project management, not just in software development projects, but across much more varied industries, one would expect that such features and functions associated with SCRUM would make their way into PM solutions. We couldn’t find the latest attachment, or it was out of date,” says Kimberly Otte, Menu Innovation Project Manager.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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There, product managers created a five-stage process in 1986, which they called their ‘stage-gate innovation’ Then, in 1991, a senior Corning IT executive borrowed the process and moved it to a project environment. The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers.

What are the Best Project Management Books?

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Innovative Techniques for Project Management. Chuck knows his stuff and has a highly pragmatic approach to Agile, which allows you to adopt it at any level from the local to the enterprise, and in any degree of rigor, from pure Scrum through to an adaptive blend of methodologies.

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80+ Awesome Online Resources for Project Managers


Choose from exam prep in several areas of project management, including Agile and Scrum certification. David Prior, a certified Scrum trainer, dives into the challenges of moving from traditional project management to Scum master.

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