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Zombie Estimation

Zombie Estimation is where a team mechanically assigns story points to tasks without a true understanding or engagement in the purpose and method of estimation. The team goes through the motions of estimation, but the numbers lack consistency, insight, and fail to facilitate effective planning or reflection.

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Free Google Sheets Timeline Template: Create Plans Online

Project management software is the most efficient way to create timelines to plan, assign and track their tasks. For example, this Google Sheets timeline template is meant to help plan the operations of an organization. When managing teams, it’s essential to create timelines to track their progress as they execute their tasks.


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Project Estimate Template

The more accurate your estimates, the more likely you’ll keep to your budget and deliver a project on time. Using a project estimate template is the perfect way to get your project planning on the right track. Download the Project Estimate Template. Download the Project Estimate Template.

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Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM): Understanding ROM Estimates

Rough order of magnitude (ROM) can help you better estimate project costs. But what is ROM and how can you calculate ROM estimates? We’ll explain the process, define the term and detail the steps for making a rough order of magnitude estimate. As noted, the rough order of magnitude is a technique to estimate project costs.

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Understand Digital Debt, Form a Team, Set Goals, and Plan Roadmap for Transformation

Develop a roadmap for transformation with defined projects, cost estimates, and governance. Strategic planning ensures successful outcomes. Define future digital vision with measurable goals. Refine hypotheses and conduct market analysis.

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12 Free Project Planning Templates for Excel and Word

Without a plan, projects are in trouble. Project planning is one of the first and most important aspects of project management. Using project planning templates can help you schedule tasks, estimate budgets and allocate resources. Why Use Project Planning Templates? Get started with ProjectManager today for free.

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Estimate at Completion: A Complete Guide + Template

Rebel’s Guide to PM

In this article, I’ll explain what Estimate at Completion is for project managers, how to use it (because there are 4 different ways) and give you examples. Estimate at completion (EAC) in project management tells you how much the project will cost when the work is finished. What is the formula for estimate at completion?

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