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The Risk Management Process in Project Management

It sounds negative, but pragmatic project managers know this type of thinking is preventative. Issues will inevitably come up, and you need a mitigation strategy in place to know how to manage risks on your project. Project dashboards help you identify risk before they turn into issues. How to Manage Risk.

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What Does Project Governance Really Mean?

Projects like anything that involves a lot of people working together need governance. The government runs a nation and project governance in the same fashion runs the project. Consider this your civics lessons in project management. What Is Project Governance? The Three Pillars of Project Governance.


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The Budgeting Process in Business & Project Management

There’s one thing that all businesses have in common with project management: money. Without funding and the proper budgeting process, projects in any industry grind to a halt. Budgeting is how those funds are spent. But first, let’s define what a budget is and explore the types of budgets and methods for making a budget.

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What Is a PMO Director? Role, Responsibilities & Salary

PMO stands for project management office and it’s responsible for the project management standards in an organization. The two others are the program management office and the portfolio management office. They’re responsible for making sure that the related projects are completed on time and within budget.

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How to Conduct a Change Readiness Assessment (Template Included)

When managing projects, change management helps to avoid its negative effects, and a change readiness assessment is one of the ways how it does this. Being prepared for change helps to mitigate the risks associated with those changes. It might be a cliche, but those who ignore it are doomed to learn a lesson the hard way.

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PMO as a Service (PMaaS): Benefits, Disadvantages & Best Practices

A project management office (PMO) as a service (PMOaaS) is a way for companies to execute their enterprise strategy. PMO as a service or project management as a service seeks to do many things from increasing project managers’ capacity to streamlining processes through automation.

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Measuring the Project Management Maturity of Your Organization

When you’re a PMP, program manager or portfolio manager, you need to deliver all those multiple projects on time and within budget. This requires an organization with a well-developed project management process. This is done by using a project management maturity model. What Is Project Management Maturity?