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Everything You Need to Know About Release Managers

Rebel’s Guide to PM

They work with development teams to track progress and identify potential risks, as well as liaise with other departments such as QA, ops teams, service management, and support. The release manager at my last job worked closely with the development team to review what code changes would be coming.

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To Fix Your OKRs – Go Back to First (Familiar) Principles

Figuring out the right Cadence . It’s all about finding the “goldilocks” cadence that provides frequent enough transparency and the opportunity to inspect and adapt at the right level. There can be a different cadence for everyone involved in achieving an OKR as compared to the cadence involving all stakeholders interested in that OKR.

Cadence 177

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Unlocking the Power and Mastery of Development Approach and Life Cycle

Project Pulse Journal

This domain facilitates strategic alignment, optimized delivery cadence, methodology customization, increased flexibility, and improved risk management. The desire for a project management framework that sustains deliverability, supports the required cadence, and remains faithful to an adaptable methodology is now within reach.

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The Forgotten Scrum Event

Chances are that you said something like “Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, and…. And yet, the Sprint serves a pivotal role in Scrum by setting the cadence for feedback, inspection and adaptation in Scrum. However, it's crucial to recognize that the Sprint sets the cadence for all of the other events.

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Use MVIs for team improvements

Kiron Bondale

But what about changes to the team’s way of working (WoW)? Whether a team uses a scheduled cadence for reviewing their WoW such as the use of retrospectives in Scrum, or they use a just-in-time approach they will come up with improvement ideas. Some of those ideas will be all or nothing.

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Improving SAFe Through Professional Scrum

In real life, these Product Owners are typically accountable to the value delivered by these multiple teams and rely upon a lot of assistance from the Development Teams in order to deal with the challenge of scale. . SAFe has a cadence at the Team and Program levels. But we can't ignore the differences in lingo.

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A Review Of Scrum For Kanban Teams


In case you haven’t read Yuval’s post, basically, it presents a map of values and practices in Scrum to Kanban language, and encourages Kanban teams to approach Scrum from a practices point of view. This is probably the set of things that, regardless of the name, Scrum and Kanban teams will have the most in common.