The data-driven project manager: Using analytics to improve outcomes

Moira Alexander

With project failure rates remaining troublesome, many project managers are turning to data for help. Proper use of data can take the guesswork out of decision-making and provide tangible support project managers can use to guide their teams.

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"Little Data"

Musings on Project Management

"Big Data" is the meme du jour, but most projects run on "little data", the sort of data that fits into the constraints of spreadsheets like Excel. Let's Excel So, assuming you using Excel as a spreadsheet for doing actual calculations and data entry, you will find that. It's everyday stuff that drives estimates, scorecards, dashboards, task assignments, and all manner of project analytics.

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The case for "little data"

Musings on Project Management

"Big Data" is the meme of the day, but most projects run on "little data", the sort of data that fits into the constraints of spreadsheets like Excel. So, assuming you using Excel as a spreadsheet for doing actual calculations and data entry, and not a row-column table. data management Problem Solving Project Management

2018 174

What Is JotForm Tables & How Does It Manage Project Data?

The Digital Project Manager

The post What Is JotForm Tables & How Does It Manage Project Data? appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Best Tools Reviews Tools

2020 214

4 Approaches to Data Analytics

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, application teams who need to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities in their applications can choose from dozens of solutions. How do you differentiate one solution from the next?

How To Build A Culture Of Data-Driven Estimation (with Marcel Petitpas from Parakeeto)

The Digital Project Manager

The post How To Build A Culture Of Data-Driven Estimation (with Marcel Petitpas from Parakeeto) appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. DPM Podcast

2021 194

Data-Informed Retrospectives

TL; DR: Data-Informed Retrospectives. The second stage refers to gathering data so that the Scrum Team can have data-informed Retrospectives. Read on and learn how you can avoid falling victim to both scenarios by gathering data continuously and asynchronously. ??

2021 68

Don't ask for data if.

Musings on Project Management

The first rule of data: Don't ask for data if you don't know what you are going to do with it Or, said another way (same rule) Don't ask for data which you can not use or act upon And, your reaction might be: Of course! But, alas, in the PMO there are too many incidents of reports, data accumulation, measurements, etc for which there actually is no plan for what to do with it.

2020 163

How Data Visualization Tools Can Improve Your Project Management

Data visualization is a great way to help people literally get the big picture. What Is Data Visualization? Data visualization is a way to display data in a picture or graphic. However, with the invention of the computer and its ability to work with large amounts of data, the use of data visualization can make complex information easier to comprehend. Qualities of Great Data Visualization. Never distort the data. Make large data coherent.

2018 314

How Data Science Training Gives Project Managers an Edge


Successful project management requires data insights—now more than ever before. And that calls for strong data science skills. Critical Data Science Skills for Project Management. Data Visualization and Communication.

2021 78

2021 State of Analytics: Why Users Demand Better

As organizations become more data driven, their analytics requirements grow. Find out how knowledge workers use analytics and explore their needs and preferences.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Prepare Your Data for AI-Driven Project Management Tools

Epicflow Blog

The work in digital project management is impossible without data analysis. The thing is that the amount of data can be enormous which makes it impossible for a human brain to process it. That entails preparing and inserting necessary data into the system. Type of Data.

Remote Work 101: 5 Best Practices to Protect Data Privacy and Security


In this article, we’ll take a look at best practices for remote workers to follow to protect data privacy and security. What is Data Security and Privacy? Think about the customer data that your business handles?—?names, And that’s data about your customers.

2020 95

Small data is the project norm

Musings on Project Management

One-time projects don't generate enough data for real statistical process controls to be valid. To wit: projects are the domain of small data. Usually) And so, small data drives most projects; after all, we're not in a production environment. Small data is why we approximate, but approximation is not. I've written before that the PMO is the world of 1-sigma; 6-sigma need not apply. Why so?

2020 163

How to Use Data to Be a Better Manager

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how to use that data to become a better manager. In Review – How to Use Data to Be a Better Manager. Why Is Data Important? Okay, if we don’t fudge the numbers, data is fact-based figures and information. This data is stored, usually in computers, and can be a great resource. Data can help you monitor and control your work. Data tells a story that helps you communicate. Data indicates variances.

2019 256

4 Approaches to Data Analytics for Your Application

Selecting the right solution for your embedded analytics is crucial to the success of your application. But with so many solutions and vendors, how do you make this critical selection? Learn about the different approaches to analytics and the pros and cons for each.

Using Enterprise Data To Communicate Impact & Celebrate Wins (with Agile Delivery Champion, Bill Moroz)

The Digital Project Manager

The post Using Enterprise Data To Communicate Impact & Celebrate Wins (with Agile Delivery Champion, Bill Moroz) appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. DPM Podcast

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Why Data-Driven Decision Making is So Important


Today, it’s difficult not to hear about big data and data-driven decision making. By understanding how to both measure and analyze your data accurately and using the right reporting tools, you will find it easier to do data-driven decision making that will help your business thrive.

2020 78

Big Data and Risk Management

Brad Egeland

The Big Data age is finally here. In fact, the IDC revealed that global data would increase from 23ZB in 2017 to 174 Zettabytes by 2025. Depending on the type of your organization or the industry you are in, you could be having massive volumes of internal and external data readily available for creating viable projections, mining, and applying predictive analytics. Generally, the health of your organization improves significantly when data is assessed accurately.

Risk 110

How to use data analytics to improve project outcomes

Moira Alexander

Ted Friedman, vice president and analyst at Gartner , predicts the following three trends will drive fundamental changes in the use of data and analytics: Instead of just reflecting business performance, data analytics will become the driver of operations. Data and analytics will become infused in an organization's architecture from end to end, creating a holistic approach -- and this will include strategic project management in EPMOs (enterprise program management offices).

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Insiders' Guide to Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics are vital for how your users interact and engage with your application. As you explore analytics solutions for your application, see why self-service analytics can prove critical to the adoption and stickiness of your application.

Creating a Data Driven Culture with Power BI


I believe Microsoft’s Power BI allows for the creation of a data driven culture within our organisations. We’ll learn how to pull in the data, cleanse it, analyse it, and create interactive dashboards and reports which can be made available throughout your organisation.

2021 52

What's your Data Point?

Project Health Check

Next time they do that, just stop them and ask "What's your data point?". But it does cut to the crux of the matter: I don't want opinion or views, I want hard data. The "data point" represents the precise measurement of a process to give true insight into its performance. Ideally a Project Manager would never have to write their own status report, the project tools would do this automatically based on the current actual performance data.

2017 120

Importing Data from Excel to MS Project


The project manager can then use import functionality of MSP to integrate and merge the Excel data. As you can see, importing data from Excel into MSP can be useful. Steps to Import Project Data from Excel to MS Project. Here, we will merge data into an existing project.

2020 87

Big data -- sorting this and that

Musings on Project Management

Here's some stuff you can use, and it only takes 6 minutes to learn a few things It's all about sorting "big data", to wit: millions of records. We've all sorted data on a spreadsheet -- a few thousand records at most -- but that happens at the blink of an eye. Big data takes a bit longer. Running a database project? Want to be agile and try different stuff quickly?

2016 218

Creating the "Right" Product Roadmap With Data

Speaker: Sunil Parekh, Head of Product Management, SimplyInsured

Data can be qualitative or quantitative, and comes from multiple sources: customer interviews, product usage & funnel analytics, company financial performance, and internal stakeholders. How do you use that data to create a product roadmap that is aligned with your organization’s business needs?

Effectively Using Excel for Analyzing MS Project Data


Excel is also a great tool for analyzing any type of data. The advantage of Excel is that it is more commonly used and can analyze any type of data. In fact, these Visual Reports use Excel’s data analysis features to analyze MSP schedule data.

2020 91

All Project Data is at Risk

Brad Egeland

IT is responsible for the security of the data in the organization, right? As employees of an organization, we generally assume that the data we are working with is being appropriately handled within the IT and security groups and is as secure or non-secure as it actually should be. I can say that during my application developer and tech lead days I didn’t worry much about the data. First, if the consultant is working with sensitive data, liability insurance is a must.

How To Categorise Data in Project Management Software

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How To Categorise Data in Project Management Software , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Project management software tools are great in many ways, but when it comes to finding the data that you’ve entered… Sometimes I find my files disappear into the internet. To get round this, you need a data taxonomy. An information taxonomy is simply a way to classify data. Which makes reporting on the data incredibly hard.

2017 233

How to Leverage Team Data for Big Projects


Work performance data is crucial, otherwise you may have a general idea of what direction you need to move in, but will be shooting in the dark about the specifics. This is why you need data analytics for project management. How important is big data for project management?

Selling Data and Decisions to your Team

Speaker: Cait Porte, SVP Product and Customer Experience, Zmags

Gathering support for a product feature or enhancement is a critical skill for Product Managers. Talking to customers, working with key stakeholders in the business and convincing development that a feature is necessary can be a daunting task. Join Product Management expert Cait Porte as she covers how to sell your ideas internally by leveraging data to drive decision making.

Improving big data project management


Big data and project management often go hand in hand, but some project managers, or those wishing to follow a career in project management, may be unfamiliar with the term. The right tools, training and knowledge are also important to help people come to terms with big data.

2021 78

Auditing and Analytics in Big Data

Brad Egeland

The rapid evolution in technology has been utilized by cybercriminals to develop sophisticated techniques to phish data. To further guarantee security, organizations use internal audit data analytics which gives more targeted recommendations thus ensuring tighter security regulation controls. This article will explain the concept of big data and its uses in data analysis and auditing. Big Data: What is it? What is Audit Data Analytics?

2019 110

Data quality, data parentage

Musings on Project Management

John LeCarre data managementMy early career was in technical intelligence, so I was struck by this phrase applicable not only to that domain, but to my present domain -- project management: "The value of [information] depends on it's breeding. Until you understand the pedigree of the information you can not evaluate a report. We are not democratic. We close the door on intelligence without parentage."

2016 174

Announcing Jira Sync: Automatic Data Imports for Jira Users


This powerful new feature allows users to automatically import existing Jira data directly into Toggl Track. No more tedious, repetitive data entry. The Jira Sync feature ensures that Track data is synced up to Jira data.

2021 63

Ask the "Right" Questions: Your Analytics-Guided Product Strategy

Speaker: Yoav Yechiam, Founder and Head Instructor, productMBA

Analytics are highly important for product managers - and yet, analytic implementations often fail to actually help us. It's not the technology, and it's not the tactics. In most cases, it's our approach that's misguiding us! Analytics are there to answer important product questions, not just to collect data. How can we be mindful of our analytics so they enable us, rather than confine us? Join Yoav Yechiam, Founder and head instructor at productMBA, as he explains best practices for a data-guided strategy that helps product managers get to the "why" of their biggest product goals.

The Best Business Intelligence Tools of 2019 To Get Insight From Your Data

The Digital Project Manager

The post The Best Business Intelligence Tools of 2019 To Get Insight From Your Data appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Learn the types of business intelligence tools for your projects and agency teams. Then, get started with my top BI tools list, overviews, and answers to FAQ. Tools

2019 164

6 Tips for Making Better Data Management Decisions


Services businesses depend on data insights more than ever to understand how they can improve their work, meet ever-increasing client needs, and streamline behind-the-scenes processes. But gaining these insights requires the right data management solution that will orchestrate the flow of information and create insights needed to excel in the services industry. What Data Management Solution is Right for You? Create a Data Dictionary for Effective Management.

2019 90

A Project Team’s Guide to Data Conversion: Book Review & Interview with Dave Gordon

Project Bliss

But what about all that data in the old system? Gordon has you covered with his book The Data Conversion Cycle: A guide to migrating transactions and other records, for system implementation teams. In this book, Dave explains how to handle complex data migrations (or even simple ones). It’s difficult to know how much effort will be required to find and fix those errors in the production system before you migrate the data.

2017 175

Marketing Project Management: How Data Analytics Can Help


This is where data analytics and reporting comes into the picture. This post is designed, keeping in mind the importance of data analytics and reporting for marketing project management. How Can Data Analytics Benefit Marketing Project Management?

2020 110

Using a Non-Revenue North Star Metric

Speaker: Ashley Carroll, Partner, Social Capital

In this session, we’ll look beyond revenue as the primary metric in product analytics. What other metrics are applicable as your north-star, and how do you establish reliable data sources? By taking an experimental approach to your KPIs, you’ll establish more useful analytics that reduce churn in the long term.