Project Documentation: 10 Essential Project Documents

Project managers know the importance of having project documentation. Project documents must be accurate and constantly updated to keep current with the project. What Is Project Documentation? Let’s take a look at which project documents should be created at each project phase.

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5 Golden Rules for Writing Good Project Documentation

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Whether it’s a statement of work, a business case, or project requirements, there are lots of documents produced by projects. Successful projects need documents, so you can’t get away from them, nor would I want to. The first version of the document you prepare is version 0.1.

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Level Up Your Business with The Best Document Management Software


The transition from the physical to the digital world is unavoidable, the same goes for paperback documents. Digital documents are the latest means of storing digital data. Millions of bytes of data are stored in these documents every day. What Is A Document Management Software?

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How to Compile a Project Requirements Document

Epicflow Blog

Collecting and documenting project requirements may seem a formality and additional paperwork, but in fact, if done correctly, it will become one of the prerequisites for project success. So, what should you know about project requirements and how to create a proper requirements document?

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Giveaway! Essential Documents

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Project management creates a lot of documents — let’s not pretend it doesn’t. However, you don’t need ALL the documents to do your projects. If you’re searching online for project document templates, it’s hard to know if you are finding quality files or things that will be relevant to your projects. That’s why I created the Essential Documents bundle. I’m giving away the Essential Documents bundle.

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9 Essential Project Documents (With Templates)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There were lots of other documents that all had a degree of overlap with a charter, but not an actual charter. Here are nine documents that no self-respecting project should be without. The project business case is the document that kicks off the whole project. Be reasonable and pragmatic – there’s no point in creating overkill documentation at this point. The most important document in the Project Initiation phase is the project charter.

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Everything You Need To Know About Process Documentation for Smart Teams


Process documentation can be a crucial double-edged sword. A lot of businesses usually ask, is process documentation […]. Agile Project Management document management Process Project Collaboration Project Management Techniques

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How To Do Document Version Control

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article, How To Do Document Version Control , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. A reader got in touch recently and asked for more info on document version control. The main elements of configuration management aren’t that different when we’re talking specifically about documents. The quick version is this: document version control is a way of making sure you know which is the current iteration of a document. Better Documents Improve Your Skills

Documentation and Developer Onboarding

Leading Agile

Yeah, so did I: “The problem with depending on documentation to find your way around a new code base and environment is that documentation tends to drift away from the true state of the code very quickly.” First, because of the level of detail, it’s almost a certainty that the documentation will be out of date. What sort of documentation might be useful, then? I’ll never read reams of offline documentation.

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AgilePM documentation based on building blocks

Henny Portman

If you look at the AgilePM (The DSDM Agile Project Framework) documentation set-up you could ask yourself if it’s not too much for an agile way of working? In AgilePM the following documents are described: Terms of Reference. If I look at templates used by organisations you are running the risk of large documents. How many board members have ever read these bulky documents? AgilePM documents consist in part of identical information blocks.

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Delivering Perfect Document to Your Project Customer

Brad Egeland

How many of you project management readers out there have heard moaning and groaning from your team members about producing or even proofing plan documents? The best solution I’ve found is to incorporate a peer review for every piece of documentation that goes to the customer.

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Are You Documenting Good Requirements?

Brad Egeland

But making sure your requirements meet the criteria discussed in this article will help minimize that risk and help to ensure that you’re building the right solution – avoiding the re-work that often comes with poorly documented or incomplete requirements.

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How To Write a Project Scope Document


Knowing how to write a project scope document is a critical skill for project managers. A project scope document can be the difference between a successful project and one that gets dragged down by scope creep. . What is a project scope document? . Step 3: Finalize the document.

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Project documents or online repositories (Part One)?

Kiron Bondale

When designing project delivery methodologies, we are faced with the decision of whether information should be housed in standalone documents or in online repositories. Assuming we have or can procure or build underlying tooling support we can then choose to host some information centrally and utilize standalone documents for the rest. Redundant or conflicting information – documents supporting project delivery are moderately interdependent.

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Online repositories or project documents (Part Two)?

Kiron Bondale

In my last article , I wrote the first half of my overview of the benefits and disadvantages of following a document-centric or repository-centric approach to managing project information. If a PMO leader wishes to institute governance and gating over the project portfolio, having key project data captured in documents scattered across multiple folders or sites makes this objective manually intensive.

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How to Maintain Document Version Control on Your Project | Video

Online PM Courses

On a project, we can end up in all sorts of trouble, if we have multiple versions of the same document. So, we need document version control. The post How to Maintain Document Version Control on Your Project | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

Project Plans and Documents

Project Management Resource Network

The intended audience for this course are those who want an introduction and basic understanding of project management plans and documents. Topics for Project Plans and Documents Course: Project Charter. The post Project Plans and Documents appeared first on Project Management Resource Network. We will review and discuss the project charter, project plan, project schedule, status reports, meeting agendas and notes, risk register, and many more.

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Key Things To Look For In Project Contract & Scope Documents

The Digital Project Manager

The post Key Things To Look For In Project Contract & Scope Documents appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. How-to Project Initiation Insights Topics

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Best of Document Management Software 2021

TrustRadius Project Management

Document Management Systems (DMS) provide enterprises with the capability to digitally capture and convert documents and files. Features of document management software may also extend to document storage, search and retrieval, and sharing. Document Management.

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5 Steps to Create Technical Documentation That’s (Actually) Helpful


For as long as we’ve had tools we need help using (and language to talk to each other), we’ve had technical documentation. Technical documentation refers to any document that explains the use, functionality, creation, or architecture of a product. Technical documentation can quickly go from “here’s how to use this if you’re unfamiliar and have limited experience” to “here’s an unedited transcript of everything our developer told us about this obscure application of our API.”

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How to determine, document, and communicate your project scope

Moira Alexander

When it comes to determining project scope, there are key elements, but also some additional things to factor in that just might make every stakeholder’s life much simpler and help avoid scope creep. First, in the planning stage develop a scope management plan, that outlines exactly how the scope of the project will be defined, verified and managed.

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Document Management Systems – How They Work and What Are The Benefits?


Organizations worldwide rely on massive amounts of documents from their stakeholders, employees, and all of the other resources associated with the company to make sure that their business runs smoothly and there are no gaps in information. It is the 21st century, and information is king.

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Business Requirements Document Template | BRD vs FRD


Business Requirements Document There are many use-cases for a business requirements document. A business requirements document, or BRD, details a high-level overview of a business-project.

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Minimal sufficiency applies to tooling just as much as it does to documentation!

Kiron Bondale

“Working software over comprehensive documentation” This value statement from the Manifesto for Agile Software Development is a reminder to remain vigilant that the by-products of our product or project processes don’t distract us from delighting our customers and stakeholders. This is usually accomplished through elimination, consolidation and streamlining of documents.

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What to Do When a Project Fails: How to Document and Share Lessons Learned


The issue is that not everyone knows how to properly document lessons learned. But without a formalized way to document, analyze, and archive lessons learned, it’s impossible to make use of these insights. Step 2: Document. Step 2: Document.

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Decision Document Template Word - Project Management


Download this template Project Decision Document Template Project Decision Document When faced with multiple choices, one can use a Project Decision Document which mainly is a tool that can help the manager/stakeholders to assess the pros and cons of each recommendation and then finalize on a decision. All these details are documented in the Project Decision Document and can be used for future reference. Project Decision Document

How to Craft a Perfectly Streamlined Document Approval Process


A document approval process is crucial for streamlining your operations and bring order to your creative workflow. Getting documents approved in a structured, timely fashion is one of the more understated challenges in project management. This is why developing a document approval process is crucial for every agency. I’ll show you why creating a document approval process is important and how to go about creating one. A document approval process.

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The Two Most Important Documents – Initiation

ProProject Manager

Do you know the two most important documents in the Initiation phase of Project Management? The post The Two Most Important Documents – Initiation appeared first on ProProject Manager. In 2021, I wrote a couple of classes to present at a conference.

How to Feel Progress: A Complete Guide to Documenting and Tracking Progress


If you want to feel like you have achieved something, you must document progress and track advancements toward your final goal. Some people even like using Post-It notes to document progress. There are a variety of ways you can document progress.

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Document management – enterprise work collaboration software


Keeping documents organized and up-to-date is a challenge when many individuals are participating in a project together and all touching the same documents. Besides having inaccurate or outdated files there is also the trouble of email inboxes overflowing with Excel sheets, expense reports and any other number of project documentation. Managing a project can require a plethora of different types of documents for planning, tracking and reporting.

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Like PB&J: Work Better Together with Document Collaboration


Set your marketing team up for success by implementing a document collaboration plan for your next project. Your team needs a way to work better together on document collaboration. Here’s what we’ve learned about document collaboration within our marketing team that can help you avoid some headaches with that next big document collaboration project. Set up a document review process. Rely on your tech stack for better document collaboration.

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How To Easily Make A Project Initiation Document

The Digital Project Manager

Why bother going to the trouble of creating a Project Initiation Document? The post How To Easily Make A Project Initiation Document appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. You’ve received sign-off. How-to Guides How-to Project Initiation PM Skills & Best Practices Topics

How to write a lean PRD (product requirements document) for your next project in 5 steps (with free template)


A product requirements document (PRD) is one of the most important documents for teams using traditional project management. What is a product requirements document? How to write a product requirements document (PRD) in 5 steps. What is a product requirements document?

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How To Write a Business Requirements Document (Template Included)


The key to a successful project is a thoughtful and well-written business requirements document (often abbreviated as a BRD). What is a business requirements document (BRD)? So, what is a business requirements document? How to write a business requirements document.

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9 Best SharePoint Alternatives to Use in 2021


Document sharing and storage. Document storage. Document conversion. The software is an incredible document management platform that allows your team to work more dynamically and that too while they work remotely. Document management. Document Automation.

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FileHold Document Management Software with Workflow and Approval

Brad Egeland

Some Comparisons to Sharepoint ​ Document management Software (DMS) doesn't seem like something you would need to give a lot of thought to from a project management standpoint. Those projects require proper handling, tracking, storage, retrieval, and archival of sensitive financial-based project documents and electronic records. Ok, maybe figuratively, not literally, but this offering is what we need when we are handling project documents and records.

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How To Create A Project Initiation Document


How To Create A Project Initiation Document. MindGenius Online has thousands of possible uses within an organization to help individuals and teams to plan more thoroughly, stay on track and get the right things done on time.

A Quick Guide to 9 Essential Project Documents


What is going to be more successful – a project with two or three project documents or a project with hundreds of project documents? What is certain is that project documentation should be clear, relevant and up to date. I recently asked some of my wider community for tips on project documentation and I have summarized my findings in the blog post below. Documents News Project Management

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How to Feel Progress: A Complete Guide to Documenting and Tracking Progress


If you want to feel like you have achieved something, you must document progress and track advancements toward your final goal. Some people even like using Post-It notes to document progress. There are a variety of ways you can document progress.

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Project Document Management: How to Organize and Manage Project Information

Online PM Courses

Projects spawn vast amounts of knowledge, information, & documentation. Yet project document management doesn't feature in Project Management methodologies. The post Project Document Management: How to Organize and Manage Project Information appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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