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8 Best Workplace Management Tools of 2022


To be super successful, your organization must be efficient, agile, and productive as well as put an emphasis over managing the internal processes that involve your most essential asset – your employees. High performing employees empower the organization to find their true potential and maximize the profitability. With the rapid and modern digital transformation of […].

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Leadership, Leadership Levels, and Leadership Styles for Project Managers


Leadership, Leadership Levels, and Leadership Styles for Project Managers. We need a leader. Courageous, sacrificing for the people, setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a leader, people line up for ’em, cheer for ’em, scream their names, and years later tell how they stood in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one who told them to hold on a second longer. — From the movie, Spiderman 2.


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10 Project Timeline Templates To Kick Start Planning


Every project starts with a plan. But how does a blank document become a solid, detailed project timeline? How do you present your ideas in the most coherent, logical way? Where do you start? It helps if you have a framework to build upon. Project timeline templates can provide that initial plan structure, spark some ideas, and get you going quickly.

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Manifesting Project Success – Setting Objectives

PM Times

In project work the whole idea is to manifest success – satisfying stakeholder expectations by delivering timely and financially and emotionally rewarding results. “The word ‘manifestation’ means to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality. In psychology, manifestation generally means using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to our […].

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Demystifying DAPs: A Practical Guide to Digital Adoption Success

Speaker: Pulkit Agrawal

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are revolutionizing the way organizations interact with and optimize their software applications. As digital transformation continues to accelerate, DAPs have become essential tools for enhancing user engagement and software efficiency. This session is your guide into the robust world of DAPs, exploring their origins, evolution, and the current trends shaping their development.

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Being anti-fearful

Musings on Project Management

Is this the worst news possible in project management?All the money has been spent, and nothing has been delivered. nothing has been earned!Yikes! What happened to get the project to this point?Did you fear the data?Were you fearful of the data, unwilling to measure or unwilling to believe the measurements of value attainment?Or worse yet, you actually don't know how to measure value.


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Power of Neuroscience: How to Harness it for Project Success

Online PM Courses

I review Carole Osterweil’s excellent book, Neuroscience for Project Success. But, I also share some of the key ideas from neuroscience. The post Power of Neuroscience: How to Harness it for Project Success appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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What Is OKR in Business?


When managing a team, you need to be sure that every member is pulling their weight and going in the same direction. However, things don't always go according to plan. OKR or objectives and key results can make this process significantly easier, securing a single direction and helping your business produce measurable results. After all, you don't want your long-term planning to turn into wasted effort.

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What Are Task Dependencies in Project Management?

Projects are made up of many tasks which are mapped out on a project schedule so they can be executed in a timely and organized manner. One of the most important steps when creating a project schedule is to identify task dependencies, as they’re critical for time and task management. What Are Task Dependencies in Project Management? Task dependencies are the interrelations that exist between project activities.

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How to Get Ready for Next Week

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Sunday nights in this house are a buzz of activity. For me. Everyone else seems chilled out after the weekend. On a typical Sunday I spend the evening making sure my outfit is planned for the morning, packing my laptop bag, preparing snacks, and finding my train ticket. That’s just work related tasks to get ready for next week. Then there’s the other getting-ready-for-the-week stuff like meal planning for the week ahead, online shopping and checking whose birthday we have forgotten so I can apol

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Provide Real Value in Your Applications with Data and Analytics

The complexity of financial data, the need for real-time insight, and the demand for user-friendly visualizations can seem daunting when it comes to analytics - but there is an easier way. With Logi Symphony, we aim to turn these challenges into opportunities. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate advanced data analytics, generative AI, data visualization, and pixel-perfect reporting into your applications, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

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PMI-RMP® Training for the New Exam

Project Risk Coach

On April 1, 2022, the Project Management Institute (PMI®) rolled out the new PMI-RMP® exam. In this article, let's examine why the new PMI® Standards matter and what to look for in your PMI-RMP® training. New PMI® Standards The new PMI-RMP® Exam Content Outline and Specifications (March 2022) includes Reference Materials. And the Reference Materials include two new PMI® Standards: The Standard for Project Management (found in the PMBOK® Guide, Seventh Edition 2021 ) The Standard for Risk Managem

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14 Produkt-Backlog Prinzipien, die Ihrem Scrum-Team zum Erfolg verhelfen

In Kürze: 14 Produkt-Backlog Prinzipien. Entgegen der landläufigen Meinung hat der Product Owner keine diktatorischen Befugnisse, was die Zusammensetzung und Reihenfolge des Produkt-Backlogs angeht. Stattdessen basiert Scrum auf einem ausgeklügelten System von Checks & Balances, Zusammenarbeit und gemeinsamer Entscheidungsfindung, um das Risiko zu mindern, dass sich der Product Owner in seine Lösung verliebt und nicht in das Problem des Kunden.

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How to Make a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)

Requirements are the tasks that must be done in order to deliver a final project. That includes the features, functions and so forth. Tracing those features can ensure that none slip through the cracks, a process that’s best completed by using a requirements traceability matrix. If you’ve never heard of a requirements traceability matrix and you’re managing a project, you’ll need a crash course.

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How to Manage Competing Priorities


There are peaks and troughs in every workload, but when you’re struggling to keep all the balls in the air, how do you manage competing priorities? There is some truth in the saying that when everything seems important, nothing truly is. . I’ve had many times in my career where each of my project sponsors believes their work is the priority. Often I’ve ended up having a day where I’ve worked for the person who made the most noise about deadlines instead of on something strategic.

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Your Guide To Transitioning Into Product Management: Essentials For New PMs

Speaker: Leslie Grandy, Product Executive & Drew Weaver, Senior Program Manager

Are you considering a shift to product management or just starting your journey as a Product Manager? Join Leslie Grandy and Drew Weaver for an insightful webinar designed to help you seamlessly transition into this dynamic role. Whether you're looking to pivot your career or enhance your existing skills, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed!

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What is T-shirt Sizing? | Video

Online PM Courses

T-shirt sizing has become a popular method for estimating in agile projects. So, I answer the question, what is T-shirt Sizing? The post What is T-shirt Sizing? | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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14 Product Backlog Principles to Help Your Scrum Team Succeed

TL; DR: Product Backlog Principles. Contrary to popular belief, the Product Owner does not have dictatorial powers regarding the composition and order of the Product Backlog. Instead, Scrum as a framework is based on a delicate system of checks and balances, collaboration, and joint decision-making to mitigate risk; for example, the Product Owner falling in love with their solution over the problem of the customers.

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Can’t-Miss Product Update: Risk Management, Recurring Tasks & More Features to Manage Risks at Scale

ProjectManager is excited to roll out another product release designed to bring more value to our customers and help them overcome roadblocks across various industries. Among this release’s hundreds of product updates, we wanted to highlight two that our business edition subscribers and above can access: risk management and recurring tasks. Manage Risks to Avoid Unexpected Project Impacts.

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29 Agile Methodology Statistics and Trends for 2022

TrustRadius Project Management

Every organization knows the feeling of trying to find better, more efficient ways of creating their product or service. Agile development is a relatively young workflow methodology. At the start of the millennium, software devs pioneered the development of agile, and here we are. Since its inception, agile has seen incredible adoption across the business world, especially in tech sectors.

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Don’t Get Left Behind: Leveraging Modern Product Management Across the Organization

Speaker: Kat Conner

The challenge of delivering the right product at the right time while aligning with strategic objectives is more pressing than ever. Product management is evolving and gaining greater recognition as the means to creating this connection. Join our upcoming webinar and learn how to streamline your product development processes, infuse product thinking across the organization, and bridge the gap between vision and delivery.

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How to Decompose a Project into Tasks (Real Example)

PM Basics

Decomposition is one of the most used techniques in project management. You can use it on different levels of project scope. But the way you use it differs depending on what you decompose. Decomposition is a planning technique that helps you break down big parts of the project scope into smaller, manageable pieces. First, we decompose project outcomes into deliverables.

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How to Fix the Cycle of Ineffective Meetings and Events with Better Facilitation

If you struggle to pay attention during meetings (made even more challenging by virtual meetings), you are not alone. I, and many of you, are part of the some 90% of people who daydream during meetings, and the 73% who use meeting time to do other work.* And. we are also probably part of the group that overestimates our own abilities to lead and facilitate effective conversations, feeding that vicious circle of soul-sucking meetings and events that are ineffective. .

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How To Implement Lean Portfolio Management?


What is LPM? Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) involves connecting strategy to execution by using lean principles. Budgets are allocated to execute an enterprise’s strategy by portfolio management teams. An LPM portfolio of investments is creatively determined and actively managed throughout its investment life cycle, just like any other portfolio.

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Helio Costa’s Best Project Management Advice: Flexibility, Integration, and Risk

Online PM Courses

What is Helio Costa’s best Project Management advice? Helio Costa tells me, among other things, about Flexibility, Integration, and Risk. The post Helio Costa’s Best Project Management Advice: Flexibility, Integration, and Risk appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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The Project Clinic: Assessing Project Health, Planning, and Execution

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar

Picture your projects as patients, each with its own unique rhythm and pulse, thriving under your care 🥼 🩺 Step into the role of an innovative project doctor in our upcoming webinar! This session is your guide to evaluating the health of your projects through Waterfall and Agile practices like Scrum and Kanban. We’ll explore the vital signs of project success through the lens of the “iron triangle” metrics, using deliverables as tracers.

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What is Scope Management (7 critical processes and tools)

PM Basics

Here’s a career development tip for you! No matter the industry or size of a project, scope management is the most crucial aspect – you must become a professional scope manager first of all. . Scope management is a combination of processes and tools that help to identify tangible and intangible project outcomes. After that, these integrated processes help to describe, control, and validate the work to be done by the project team in order to create those outcomes.

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Wie du das Sprint Planning gestaltest, ohne noch mehr Zeit im Meeting zu verschwenden

Hand aufs Herz: Wie lange plant dein Scrum Team einen Sprint? Wenn es so lange dauert, wie bei mir damals, dann wahrscheinlich viel zu lange. 2018 kam ich neu als Scrum Master zu einem Team. Das Team plante seinen Sprint so: Das Team wählte eine User Story aus dem Backlog für diesen Sprint aus. Jeder im Team brach die Story in detaillierte Aufgaben herunter.

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10 creative ways to get over a mental block


If you’ve felt especially foggy, slow, or “stuck” lately, you’re not alone. According to memory researchers , we’re experiencing more mental blocks than ever — moments where we forget simple things or can’t perform routine acts that were once second nature. In your personal life, a mental block is an annoyance (like forgetting an old friend’s name).

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2022’s Best Resource Management Software Comparisons


Managing your company’s resources including personnel, budget, and other critical resources such as equipment is a complex task for project leaders. Resources are finite and often are shared across many teams. To be a successful project leader, you need to know what resources you have available to complete the job or project in the allotted time and within a constrained budget.

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Deliver Mission Critical Insights in Real Time with Data & Analytics

In the fast-moving manufacturing sector, delivering mission-critical data insights to empower your end users or customers can be a challenge. Traditional BI tools can be cumbersome and difficult to integrate - but it doesn't have to be this way. Logi Symphony offers a powerful and user-friendly solution, allowing you to seamlessly embed self-service analytics, generative AI, data visualization, and pixel-perfect reporting directly into your applications.