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Get To Know Inloox: Martin - Software Engineer and Employee from “Day One”


Ortwin: Software Developer at InLoox. Konrad: Software Engineer at InLoox. Andreas: Software Engineer at InLoox. Kathrin: Marketing & PR Manager at InLoox. Linh: Marketing & PR Manager at InLoox. Juline: Executive Assistant at InLoox. Annalena: Working Student Marketing.

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What Does a Software Engineer Do on a Daily Basis?


When someone mentions software engineers, do you first think of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Not many people know that a software engineer isn't just the mind behind a computer program. They need to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, especially if they work on demanding software.


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Common complaint: “Scrum Doesn't Work Here”

Common complaint: "Scrum is not working in today's software engineering industry." Likewise, if Scrum isn't “working” in today’s software engineering industry, then perhaps there are counter-signals in the industry that are preventing teams from employing Scrum effectively.

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The Pillar of Steady Operations: Site Reliability Engineer


Enter the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), the unsung hero of the digital age. This comprehensive article will delve into the world of SREs, exploring their role, responsibilities, importance in business operations, the intersection of software engineering and systems administration, and the future trends shaping this crucial field.

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Get to Know InLoox: Andreas – Software Engineer at InLoox Headquaters in Munich


Andreas has been working as a InLoox software engineer, mainly for our desktop product, at our main location in Munich since 2014. As a member of the engineering team, he is responsible for the maintenance of our cloud version (InLoox now!). Picture: InLoox software engineer Andreas in New Zealand 8.

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Stop normalizing unprofessional behaviour in the name of agility

Think about the lead software engineer at Volkswagen that got a 3-year prison sentence for following orders and writing code that disabled the catalytic convertor when under emissions tests. Think about the engineers at Boeing that don't yet know their fate over the 737 Max.

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Using Generative AI to Drive Corporate Impact

TechEmpower - Project Management

In the sphere of software engineering , AI is pivotal for corporate IT by automating coding, optimizing algorithms, and enhancing security to boost efficiency and minimize downtime. By automating routine and complex tasks alike, AI allows engineers to focus on innovation and strategic tasks.