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Risk Mitigation in Project Management

Risk is something every leader knows well. We all need to become comfortable with some risks. We are never going to eliminate all risks. What Is Risk Mitigation? It involves a process that we’ll explore in a moment but basically addresses the top risks in order to fully protect the project. Learn more.

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12 Free Project Planning Templates for Excel and Word

Without a plan, projects are in trouble. Project planning is one of the first and most important aspects of project management. Using project planning templates can help you schedule tasks, estimate budgets and allocate resources. Why Use Project Planning Templates?

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Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM): Understanding ROM Estimates

Rough order of magnitude (ROM) can help you better estimate project costs. But what is ROM and how can you calculate ROM estimates? We’ll explain the process, define the term and detail the steps for making a rough order of magnitude estimate. As noted, the rough order of magnitude is a technique to estimate project costs.

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Workforce Planning Basics for Businesses and PMOs

One way to make sure you’re supporting your team and project alike is with workforce planning. Workforce planning is important and we’ll show you why. Then we’ll help you with the workforce planning process and explain the benefits of using workforce planning in your projects. What Is Workforce Planning?

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Project Estimate Template

The more accurate your estimates, the more likely you’ll keep to your budget and deliver a project on time. Using a project estimate template is the perfect way to get your project planning on the right track. Download the Project Estimate Template. Download the Project Estimate Template.

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Tactical Planning: Creating a Tactical Plan for Your Business

Tactical planning is the practical counterpoint to strategic planning, which describes the overall direction of an organization. Tactical planning tells you how to get there. This concept is an important part of project portfolio management (PPM) and project management offices (PMOs). What Is Tactical Planning?

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Estimate at Completion: A Complete Guide + Template

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There is a project management formula that will help answer those questions. In this article, I’ll explain what Estimate at Completion is for project managers, how to use it (because there are 4 different ways) and give you examples. What is EAC in project management? What is the formula for estimate at completion?

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