How to Manage Project Scope Without Scope Creep (with examples)

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Examples of scope creep. Example of scope creep in software development. Example: The customer sees a wireframe of the software and decides that it’s so good they want to extend functionality and add in more product options for the end user. Example of scope creep in Scrum.

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9 Inspirational Teamwork Examples

There are many examples throughout history that illustrate the importance of teamwork. We cherry-picked 10 of our favorite inspirational examples of teamwork as it applies to a variety of circumstances. How the 25-year-old team captain Mike Eruzione got his team to bring home the gold and beat the odds-on favorites, the seasoned Soviet team, is a most inspirational teamwork example. One of the most historic examples of teamwork is the Apollo 11 1969 mission.

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Resignation Letter Examples & Tips

His whole letter can be read here , along with other noteworthy bad examples not to follow. Resignation Letter Examples. Formal Resignation Letter Example. Informal Resignation Letter Example. The post Resignation Letter Examples & Tips appeared first on Given that some people change jobs on an almost annual basis in today’s economy, one of the common hurdles for the modern worker is the resignation letter.

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What Is a Virtual Team? Definition & Examples

Examples of Virtual Teams. So, for example, when one shift is complete on the East Coast, the West Coast team takes over their duties. As with the last example, an action team is not exclusively virtual. Definition & Examples appeared first on

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How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

For example, if you placed Feature B in the upper right quadrant. For example, are they seeing a static set of charts or can they. For example, are they. For example, do elementary users have tooltips to. See some examples of this framework in action on the next page.

How to Make an Action Plan (Example Included)

Action Plan Example. To further illustrate the importance of an action plan, let’s take our pie example on step further and put it into an action plan. Start with the priority of your tasks, for example, you need to make the crust, but might not need the powdered sugar on top as a final ornamental touch. The post How to Make an Action Plan (Example Included) appeared first on Whether at home or at work, we all have goals.

How to Write a Scope of Work (Example Included)

Scope of Work Example. I’ll outline the deliverables, timeline, milestones and reports in this scope of work example. The post How to Write a Scope of Work (Example Included) appeared first on In this video, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how to write a scope of work for project management. Follow her steps to get started or use our project plan and scope document template! Here’s a shot of the whiteboard for your reference!

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How to Perform a SWOT Analysis (Example Included)

She also includes a SWOT analysis example in the video, so be sure to tune in! As a SWOT analysis example, she talked about a digital marketing agency. So let’s walk through an example. The post How to Perform a SWOT Analysis (Example Included) appeared first on What is a SWOT analysis, and why are so many successful companies using this powerful tool? Jennifer Bridges, shows you the what, why and how.

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Understanding Critical Path in Project Management (Example Included)

Critical Path Method Example. For example, you can’t build the birdhouse until you have a design and materials. The post Understanding Critical Path in Project Management (Example Included) appeared first on Projects are made up of tasks that have to adhere to a schedule in order to meet a deadline. It sounds simple, but without mapping the work it can quickly get out of hand and you’ll find your project off track.

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How to Make a Work From Home Policy (With Examples)

We’ll even provide some example policies for you to check out. For example, if customers regularly come to meet you at your workplace, then you need to be in your office. Example Work From Home Policies. We’ve included some examples of policies that you can use to get started. Example: Strict Work From Home Policy. Example: Ad Hoc Work From Home Policy. Example: Allowance-Based Work From Home Policy. Example: Open Work From Home Policy.

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Meet Your Goals with a Practical Product Strategy

Speaker: Nils Davis, Principal, NPD Associates

Whether you manage a feature, a product, or a whole suite of products, you likely have some goals that you're trying to meet. But do you have a strategy? Strategy and goals are different. It's your strategy that allows you to make decisions that help you meet your goals in the first place. For example, if you want grow your revenue, your strategy may be to enter a new market - and you may decide to make your product stand out in that market by adding analytics. If you want to have an articulated strategy that you can use to make decisions, stay on-track, and meet your product goals, this is the webinar for you! Join Nils Davis, author of The Secret Product Manager Handbook, as he explains how you can get your team aligned to a practical product strategy.

What Is a Kanban Board? Definition & Examples

Kanban Board Example. Definition & Examples appeared first on A kanban board is a visual workflow tool, where kanban cards represent tasks in a project or production cycle. Columns on the kanban board represent where that task is in the process. It helps production move more efficiently through all its phases by making sure that there is always just enough resources on hand. In lean manufacturing, kanban helps save inventory space and overcapacity.

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5 Project Timeline Examples (That Will Challenge Your Views On Planning)

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Real-world examples. Now, let’s find out how well this timeline adapts to five fields where planning is crucial for the success of the undertaking, using a project timeline example for each. Clinical trials project timeline example. Product development timeline example. Construction project timeline example. Marketing campaign timeline example. Court case timeline example. This is a guest post from Tim Stumbles, CEO of Office Timeline.

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How to Effectively Lead by Example

If you want to encourage, inspire, motivate and fuel your team, leadership by example is one of the best ways to get buy-in and build trust. In Review – How to Effectively Lead by Example. People Who Have Led by Example. Jennifer began by thinking about her personal history and whom she remembers as impressing her by their leadership examples. How to Lead by Example. It’s far from complete, but it’s a good start to help people on the path to leading by example.

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How to Make a RACI Chart for a Project (with Example)

An example of a RACI chart. For example, architect would be the responsible team member for delivering the completed project plan, while the project manager would be accountable for making sure that plan is compliant with any regulatory issues. The post How to Make a RACI Chart for a Project (with Example) appeared first on The better team members know their roles and responsibilities, the better a project is going to run.

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Predictive Analytics 101: Your Roadmap to Driving Key Product Decisions

Speaker: Sriram Parthasarathy

Predictive analytics is an increasingly common buzzword with many forms. It seems everyone has their own take on what it is and which best practices and business benefits apply. What does predictive analytics really mean? We’ll explore real-world examples of predictive in action and outline steps to help you maximize its value.

How to Write an Unforgettable Mission Statement (With Examples)

Examples of Mission Statements. The post How to Write an Unforgettable Mission Statement (With Examples) appeared first on What’s the point of having a mission statement? Well, you wouldn’t start a project without a plan, right? Think of the mission statement as the plan at its highest level, overriding all other directions. It’s like a compass you can always turn to and set yourself right if you feel that you’ve gone off-course.

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Planning a Budget for a Proposal in 5 Easy Steps (+ Example)

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We start with 5 steps for how to put a proposal budget together and then Edoardo shares a worked (fictional) example to show you what the budget would look like once it is completed. In the example below, Almira has been allocated 656 person-days for work package 1. There are more examples in Edoardo’s book, Writing Proposals: A Handbook of What Makes your Project Right for Funding. Below is an example of how it all comes together. Example of Proposal Budget.

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How to Make a Company Retreat Unforgettable (with Location Examples)

Find interesting, unique and fun environments (we’ll have some examples at the end). The post How to Make a Company Retreat Unforgettable (with Location Examples) appeared first on The business obsession with the bottom line, making more profits quarter after quarter, often neglects a fundamental aspect of productivity: downtime. Working is like exercise, if you keep working the same muscles nonstop, you’ll be too exhausted to get strong and healthy.

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7 Logical Fallacies That Can Harm Your Decision Making (With Examples)

In myriad ways, but for the sake of brevity we’ll examine seven examples of logical fallacies that should be avoided. For example, let’s say you’re going to exploit what you see as a consumer need for some kind of widget. That’s a very simple example to state the obvious: don’t decide until you have a deep, rich pool of information. For example, if people are buying your product because of an advertisement that you placed, that doesn’t necessarily mean the ad is working.

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Program Manager Job Description – Plus! Cut & Paste Example

For example, as noted, a program manager is overseeing multiple projects, or programs. Cut & Paste Example appeared first on If you’re looking for a program manager, then that means you’re looking for someone to manage a project portfolio. A program manager is just that, a person who is responsible for managing several projects at once, and they might even have to manage many programs.

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10 Email Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Below are some creative email marketing examples from a variety of different companies that will help inspire you and provide ideas for your next campaign. Another good email marketing example that features clever email subject line use is Women’s Health Magazine. In this example, they included how many pairs of yoga pants they have sold. Look through related product emails for examples and inspiration.

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Project Charter Example and a Comprehensive Guide (+Template)

PM Basics

In this article, you’ll find a Project Charter Example for a real-life project. Table of Contents: Project Charter Example. You can read through the project charter example below or I can walk you through all the details in this video.

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Delphi Technique In Project Management (How to + Example)

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Delphi Technique Example. The post Delphi Technique In Project Management (How to + Example) appeared first on Project Management Basics. Talked with the client yesterday. He asked me to look into a new technology on iOS called “layers” He wanted to see if we can leverage it. I had no idea what was that. For sure, I could open a developer’s documentation and try to read it. But that is not what a project manager does. Instead, I decided to apply the Delphi Technique.

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Proggio essence – Real life example of the “New Normal”


Let’s see a real-life example of screenshots taken from Proggio, where it all starts with a birds eye view. . In this example we are using a made-up company of course, but you may most likely find resemblance to yours.

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How To Build A Workflow Management System (+Examples)

The Digital Project Manager

The post How To Build A Workflow Management System (+Examples) appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General

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Risk Response Strategy (Definitive Guide with Examples)

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Here you will find examples of risk responses for both threats and opportunities. So, I would suggest you review examples of dealing with different risks on a real project first. So, for example, low accuracy of estimates may come from lack of Scope Decomposition. Examples of Valid Negative Risks (Threats) Responses. Examples of Positive Risk Response Strategies (Opportunities). How to select a Risk Response Strategy? Sounds complicated.

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Work Breakdown Structure Tutorial and WBS Example


Download all WBS Templates Work Breakdown Structure Example The WBS is an exercise of decomposition, where the project is broken down from key deliverables into smaller, manageable chunks of work, called work packages. As an example, consider the building of a house, where “New House” would be your end product for the project, typically designated as parent task 1, that is, “1 New House”. Let’s take the example of the electrical part in the house’s structure.

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How to Create a Project Assumptions List: Examples and Template Included

Project Bliss

Different types of project assumptions – including examples. In your day-to-day life, for example, you start each day with assumptions about what will be true: You assume you need a certain amount of time to get ready for and get to work each day. This is an extreme example (but true). Now that you’ve got categories, it’s helpful to see examples. Examples of Project Assumptions. You have categories and examples.

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10 Marketing Dashboard Examples & What They Track


The post 10 Marketing Dashboard Examples & What They Track appeared first on The Ecomm Manager. Marketing dashboards are tools for obtaining, visualizing, and working with key data that reveals product sales, customer engagement, and more.

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Planning a Budget for a Proposal in 5 Easy Steps (+ Example)

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We start with 5 steps for how to put a proposal budget together and then Edoardo shares a worked (fictional) example to show you what the budget would look like once it is completed. In the example below, Almira has been allocated 656 person-days for work package 1. In the example below, Almira’s 656 person-days have been broken down into four staff categories with four daily rates. Below is an example of how it all comes together. Example of Proposal Budget.

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Digital Adoption: Models, Examples, Challenges & Tips

The Digital Project Manager

The post Digital Adoption: Models, Examples, Challenges & Tips appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Topics

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Requirements Traceability Matrix in Project Management (Example+Template)

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I didn’t find the next column on the RTM examples I saw on the Internet. Also, I see in many examples, people put just IDs here. The post Requirements Traceability Matrix in Project Management (Example+Template) appeared first on Become a Project Manager. Definition of the Requirements Traceability Matrix is confusing. So, simply put: Requirements Traceability Matrix is a document that maps requirements with other aspects of a project.

Project Scope Example: Scope Baseline, Project Scope Statement

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For example, defining 100% of the required work is problematic. Today, I want to explain how to do it faster and in a more reliable way AND with a real-life example. Real-Life Project Scope Example. Below is the project scope example for a small real project. (I Example of Project Scope Statement. Example of the Work Breakdown Structure. Example of the WBS Dictionary. As you can see, this Project Scope Example required little effort.

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One Work Breakdown Structure Example That Will Make it Clear

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What’s the main problem with a Work Breakdown Structure example? Therefore, below you’ll find a real-life example. Now let me show you a WBS example with annotations. After that, you’ll get a real-life example from a small software development project. Work Breakdown Structure Example With Annotations. For example, Alpha is the state where developers finished the implementation and tested their work. Real-life WBS Example.

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12 Innovative Examples of Project Management Software


Each of these 12 project management software examples was created using Mavenlink. **The The examples shared within this blog post are intended only for general use and information. Project management software (PMS) helps companies more effectively manage both day-to-day and long-term projects by providing crucial insights into the lifecycle of tasks and availability of resources.

7 Leadership Styles Examples That You Need to Know


Leadership has a very broad scope when we talk about leadership styles examples. In other situations, few leadership styles examples point to folks who lead by transactions. Leadership Styles Examples: Most of the leaders in today’s industry adapt leadership roles as they see fit. Following are the common leadership styles examples that you will eventually bear witness to. They lead by example and tend to put their company and employees’ need ahead of personal agendas.

12 Kanban Board Examples for Beginners

Paymo App

If you’re struggling to find some relevant Kanban board examples, we’ve put together this list of real-life situations when you might use them. For these examples we used Paymo’s Kanban software (and btw, you can sign up for a free trial here ). In the given example, there are three default sequences: To Do, In progress, and Complete. Kanban board examples. Here are 12 detailed Kanban board examples for beginners according to their purpose and industry: HR.

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4 Awesome Teamwork Examples for Agile Teams


In this blog, we try to shed light on sportsmanship and teamwork examples right off the sports ground. The Best Teamwork Examples. Example #1: Dee Dee Trotter – 2008 Summer Olympics. Situation: The first on our list of inspirational teamwork examples is that of Dee Dee Trotter. Example #2: Broderick Brown – Oklahoma State Football Game 2010. Example #3: Zlatko Dalic – World Cup 2018.

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Brilliant SMART Goal Examples for Managers


Let’s take a closer look at what that means, along with some SMART goal examples for managers. Now that we’ve seen what attributes make a goal SMART, let’s review some real-world examples of how the approach can be used to improve project results in different industries. Example Two: The sales team for a popular electronics chain wants to increase its sales of the new XYZ tablet. Goal setting is a fundamental part of the project planning process.