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6 Must-know tips for presenting to senior executives

Rebel’s Guide to PM

As you grow in your project management career, you’ll be called upon to make various presentations. However not all presentations are the same. Presentations to senior executives can be very different than presenting project information to peers. This is different to how you would present to your peers.

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Project Presentations: How to Prepare and Deliver a Project Presentation

Can anything make a project manager’s heart sink faster than being told that they need to give a project presentation to the board of directors? If you haven’t come across these presentation requests from senior managers yet, you will! What Is a Project Presentation? A formal project presentation requires good data.


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Client Presentations 101: How to Give a Client Presentation

Think of the word “Present- ing” and consider your clients: they want you, the expert, to provide them with the information they want and need. What Is a Client Presentation? A client presentation allows you to explain the importance of your work in a compelling way. A client presentation is all about communicating.

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10 Tips for Presenting at Work

Rebel’s Guide to PM

So you have to do a presentation at work? Presenting in meetings or to your boss is always a bit nerve-wracking and yet it’s a critical part of project communications. Here are 10 tips for giving a fantastic work presentation. Who are you presenting to? Are you giving a presentation in a meeting room?

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Strategic Project Finance Essentials: A Project Manager’s Guide to Financial Metrics

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar - Sopheon’s Director of Product Management

During this webinar, we’ll cover the following: Three Critical Metrics: Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Payback Period Why tracking capital spend is important How project spend classification shapes the portrayal on an income statement Classification of capital expenditure (CapEx) versus.

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The Presentation on Presentations

The Lazy Project Manager

I could say, with complete accuracy, that I have (at the time of writing this book) delivered 337 presentations of varying formats to a public audience of varying human formats, interests, locations and languages (to over 60,000 people in actual fact). And so I challenged myself to put together a presentation on, well on presentations.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Project Presentations

Project Risk Coach

As a project manager, you will sometimes be asked to make presentations to a board, to a senior leader team, an external vendor, or to your organization. With every presentation, you can try new things and learn to improve your presentations. Improve Your Presentations. Plan your presentations. Use visuals.

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Embedded Analytics Insights for 2024

Organizations look to embedded analytics to provide greater self-service for users, introduce AI capabilities, offer better insight into data, and provide customizable dashboards that present data in a visually pleasing, easy-to-access format.

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The Essential Guide to Analytic Applications

Embedding dashboards, reports and analytics in your application presents unique opportunities and poses unique challenges. We interviewed 16 experts across business intelligence, UI/UX, security and more to find out what it takes to build an application with analytics at its core.

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Analytics Best Practices: 5 Key Dashboard Design Principles

In this blog, we explore 5 key principles that exist to ensure you create a relevant dashboard that guides and simplifies the user experience, makes it as easy as possible to interpret what is presented no matter its complexity, and increases the adoption of BI.

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Employee Wellbeing & DEI: Supporting Inclusivity Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

Speaker: Catherine Mattice - Culture Consultant, Business Coach, Strategic HR Expert

This presentation will help leaders to do just that. At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to: Use employer branding techniques that speak to inclusivity in order to attract talent that fits an inclusive culture.

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Understanding Users at Scale with Product Analytics

Speaker: Sandhya Hegde, Director of Product, Amplitude

Present and drive product strategy based on evidence. Whether you are building new features, trying to improve customer experience or battling poor retention - user behavior forms the foundation of your product strategy. In this webinar you will learn the best practices on how to: Explore & understand the full customer journey.

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All Method, No Madness: Guiding Agile Teams Through Research

Speaker: Amanda Stockwell, President of Stockwell Strategy

Join Amanda Stockwell, President of Stockwell Strategy, as she presents common issues agile teams have with incorporating research, and how to solve them. Using the right strategy, your agile team will collect qualitative data, interpret it, and integrate it effectively. In this webinar, she'll make specific suggestions around: Team makeup.

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A Practical Guide to Business Intelligence Governance

Speaker: Marius Moscovici, CEO Metric Insights & Mike Smitheman, VP Metric Insights

This presentation will provide a practical step-by-step guide for implementing effective BI governance and a toolkit for addressing the three critical aspects of any program: People - Roles and responsibility in the governance process. To be effective, Business Intelligence (BI) governance must cover both data and visualizations.

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Understanding User Needs and Satisfying Them

Speaker: Scott Sehlhorst

We will focus on synthesis of the needs we discover, communication and alignment tools, and how we operationalize addressing those needs.