Top Project Management Conferences of 2020

So, save the date and mark your calendars, whether analog or digital: here are the top project management conferences of 2020. Change Management 2020 Conference. 2020 Project Management Symposium. For the agile enthusiast, this scrum gathering takes place twice a year since 2013.

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Best Project Management Software of 2020

In order to help you sift through all of the best pm software platforms online, we’ve spent months doing research, testing different software, and putting together this list to help you confidently answer the question: “What’s the best project management software of 2020?”.

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New Presentations for 2020

The Lazy Project Manager

It has been 10 years since The Lazy Project Manager was published and I have had the pleasure of presenting on this topic in 25 countries so far, but now, at the start of a new year, 2020 no less, I have decided that this will be the last year that I deliver ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ keynote. But, of course, this means that there is room for some new material as well and I am delighted to share three new presentations/keynotes that I will be presenting in 2020 (and beyond).

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Sprint Planning 101: How to Plan Great Sprints

Ask a dozen people what agile is and you’ll get a dozen different answers. Scrum is a way to manage a project within an agile framework and is made up of three roles: product owner, scrum master and team. The sprint plan is another event in the scrum framework of an agile project.

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The Third Wave of Agile

The third wave of Agile is here

What Is Scrumban? How It Differs from Scrum & Kanban

Scrumban: An Agile Hybrid. Scrumban is part of an agile framework, a hybrid of scrum and kanban. What scrumban does is take the prescriptive nature of scrum, which resides in an agile framework, and uses the process of improvement that is key to kanban.

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Project Development: Everything You Need to Get Started

With , you can plan using both agile or waterfall methods, so that no matter which way your team works best, you can have a plan that suits their needs. So, you’ve got a project approved, and you’re ready to kick off the first phase.

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Handling complexity requires psychological safety

Kiron Bondale

Agile Facilitating Organization Change Project Management agile project management improving project management management failure Risk management

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Welcome to 2020: A New Year and Fresh Start


Below are eight small actions to make 2020 a better year – professionally and personally! Host your own meetup on Scrum, Agile, or your favorite project collaboration tool. The post Welcome to 2020: A New Year and Fresh Start appeared first on LiquidPlanner.

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Thriving at the Edge of Chaos – a review

Kiron Bondale

It does not apply to software development projects that use agile methodology. Also, while many of the ideas shared by Jonathan are already incorporated in agile methods, these approaches haven’t fully solved CAS challenges and the book could have addressed those.

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Agile Adoption: Decreasing Time to Market

This Refcard is focused on helping you evaluate and choose the practices for your team or organization when getting to market faster is of prime importance

Soar Higher in 2020 – Learn and Develop New Skills

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In this article, we take a closer look at why it is important to develop new skills in 2020. In terms of skills to focus on for 2020, a high-quality management and communication course can be invaluable.

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Product Prioritization Techniques in Agile Development


We will focus on prioritizing items in the Product Backlog , which is a key element of Agile development. Do note that Agile practitioners use the term ordered for product backlog items (PBI) in place of prioritized. Prioritization of Backlog with MS Project Agile.

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Kanban vs. Scrum: Key Differences & How To Choose

The Digital Project Manager

Agile PM Methodologies TopicsIf you are a team with large projects to manage or looking for ways to. The post Kanban vs. Scrum: Key Differences & How To Choose appeared first on The Digital Project Manager.

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Top Skills Employers Are Looking For in 2020 and How to Get Them

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

As we move into 2020 and the start of a new decade, it is important to take the time to consider how your industry and workplace may have changed in recent years, and how they will continue to evolve in the future.

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Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

So, you need a System Integrator -- SI

Musings on Project Management

Point 2: the SI works directly for the PMO, agile system engineeringYou've got a big (big!) project with a lot of moving parts (different contractors doing different stuff). You've been told: Get yourself an SI! The questions at hand: what is a System Integrator (aka SI), and what do they do?

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Enterprise Agility in Financial Services: Learnings from the 2019 Planview Horizons Customer Conference


We facilitated a roundtable discussion of our customers at the 2019 Planview Horizons Customer Conference where enterprise agility in financial services organizations was discussed. Challenges arise when senior leadership has yet to adopt an Agile mindset, even if their teams have.

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Project Management Methodologies 101: The What, Why, How, & Types Explained

ProProfs Project Management

Agile Methodology. The Agile project management methodology emerged in 2001, and it is still fast catching up and proving to be a vital tool in the arsenal of most modern project managers. How are Waterfall and Agile Framework Different? Pros and Cons of Agile Framework: Pros.

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Failed Agile Sprints

Project Management Essentials

Agile teams using the Scrum framework commit to delivering value in each development sprint. Agile Planning & SchedulingSprints are generally 2-weeks long, and the goal is to create working software that can be deployed into production.

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Scaling down, down

Musings on Project Management

Is a methodology of any help, And if you're working with software, can Agile be helpful scaled down? Most of the posts I read are about scaling up to ever larger projects, but what about scaling down? What if you are doing bug fixes and small scale projects with just one or two people? Methodology To the first point, my answer is: Sure! A methodology -- which is just a repeated way of. Project Management

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How to build a career in agile and scrum post certified scrum master 


Two days of classroom training is sufficient to become familiar with Scrum and Agile framework. Further, you are looking to enhance your career as an Agile Leader. Why further Agile certifications are important after CSM ? It is an essential step to becoming an agile coach.

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What Salary Do Project Managers Get Across Frontiers?

Epicflow Blog

Their skillset usually involves basic knowledge of Agile and Waterfall methodologies, Scrum and Kanban, risk management, minimum B2 level of English, as well as knowledge and experience in project scope management. Money issues often lack transparency, especially when it concerns salaries.

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Project Leader vs. Project Manager: The 7 Essential Project Leadership Skills


As project management expert Jim Highsmith wrote in his book Agile Leaders , “most projects are over-managed and under-led.”. What’s the difference between a project manager and a project leader?

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14 Reasons You Can't Afford Not to Try ONEPOINT Projects for Your PM and PPM Needs

Brad Egeland

Unlike traditional PPM software, ONEPOINT Projects integrates simple, traditional, agile and Jira projects into a single project portfolio and resource utilization database. ONEPOINT is a hybrid PPM tool – offering the best of agile and traditional PM in one solution.

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Stop, Drop and Roll: Ways to Prevent and Cure Employee Burnout


If you use an Agile style of organization with intense sprint periods, you are demanding a large effort from your staff. In a competitive marketplace, businesses depend on high levels of productivity from their employees. There are orders to fill and deadlines to meet.

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How to Manage a Project Team: 6 Ways You Didn’t Know Helped

ProProfs Project Management

Alternatively, in a more flexible or Agile project, they might mean setting up a basic timeline for initial roll-out. If you have adopted an Agile approach , however, progress will be checked more regularly, as its philosophy relies on continuous feedback and adaptation to changing hypotheses.

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Work Bifurcation and Change Control w/ Ross Buermann

Leading Agile

During the interview, Ross explains how, and why, this approach is so valuable to teams and organizations adopting an Agile approach. Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Google Play. Spotify. Soundcloud. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Project Management Conferences and Events 2020

Girl's Guide to PM

If you are looking to attend a project management conference in 2020, chances are there is something happening near you that will be fun and meet your professional goals. January February March April May June July August September October November December 2020 2021 2022 2023.

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Simplifying Project Human Resource Management – A 101 for Managers

ProProfs Project Management

And on most occasions, we encounter issues with forming the team because most team members don’t have experience of Agile or Scrum or any other methodology imperative for the project.

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Webinar Recap: They Finally Did It! Microsoft Releases a Brand-New Version of Microsoft Project


Let’s see about giving people their agile tool where they can have kind of a SharePoint under the hood, but have this, con bond, this card view, where I can actually move things in a planning board and communicate.

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? 2020 Project Management Conferences in Austria. Project Management Conferences in Australia 2020. This is going to be a day full of activities covering theoretical and practical aspects of Agile methodology realization.

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FLEX, Flow for Enterprise Transformation

Henny Portman

The first post in 2020 is again a post about an agile framework. FLEX, Flow for Enterprise Transformation, developed by Al Shalloway, is designed to be used as a guide for organizations to achieve business agility. A bird’s eye view on the agile forest; PM World Journal, Vol.

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2020- Whats in it for us?

Stepping Into Project Management

Pic: 2020 has been good start. 2020 has been good start. And yes it will have occasional updates on the process side of project management or Agile. That’s my plan for 2020 and thank you once again for being part of this community.

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How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

Girl's Guide to PM

It’s widely known that the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam is changing in July 2020, but what exactly is going to be different? Plus PMI want to put more emphasis on Agile ways of working. It was going to change at the end of 2019 but now the date is 1 July 2020.

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Certifications, Digital Credentials, and Endorsements

Agile Coach

I remember asking for help to create a local meetup in the days when there weren’t 90,000 agile meetups every week in every city. I teach an agile methods course part-time at a local college, so I understand how grading schemes and rubrics work and why they are in place.

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020? 2020 Project Management Conferences in Austria . Project Management Conferences in Australia 2020. This is going to be a day full of activities covering theoretical and practical aspects of Agile methodology realization.

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The SCRUM Fieldbook

Henny Portman

The first clusters of backlog items are related to the Agile Manifesto and the usage of Scrum itself. Too much structure, too much processes will have a negative impact on agility. Agile agility English Post review Scrum

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Review CHAOS Report 2018

Henny Portman

Third card: The process must be agile. Fourth card: the agile team must be highly skilled in both the agile process and the technology. If you are using agile or non-agile and the project size is small the outcomes are more or less the same.

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Project Management Conferences to attend in 2020

Virtual Project Consulting

Find out about the best Project Management Conferences to attend in 2020 so that you can plan and register early on. Project Management "project management skills" 2020 conferences Agile PMI project management conference

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