How to Succeed in Change Management


Successful implementation of new technology is as much about the change management process as it is about the quality of the software. If you don't manage your team through change, it doesn't matter how good the technology is - it will never reach its potential.

The influence of efficient projects, skilled project managers and quality reporting on Digital Transformation

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A Comprehensive Guide to Pareto Principle in Time Management in 2021


In a broader management theory, there is a very important rule known as the 80-20 rule or the Pareto principle. This principle also has a very important place in the overall time management strategy of a business. Pareto Principle’s Time Management and Task Prioritization.

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Have You Left Anything Out of Your Project Management Plan?

Project Risk Coach

Have you left anything out of your project management plan? As I define a project management plan, I strive for clarity, brevity, and simplicity. schedule management plan) Ancillary plans (e.g., Project Scope Management Plan Define how you will plan, execute, and control scope.

2021 318

Why are people leaving project management?

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Nearly 1 in 5 project managers have considered leaving their job: 37% of professionals have thought about quitting project management in the past year. So why are people leaving project management? Let’s start with this story from one project manager.

2021 324

AI in Project Management: An Interview with Lloyd Skinner

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Where is artificial intelligence taking project management? AI has turned up in the project management trends articles over the past few years and it’s now most definitely here to stay. The impacts of artificial intelligence in project management. Can AI replace project managers?

2021 389

Change Management – The Ultimate 10 Commandments


We bring you a full guide and the top 10 key points to master Change Management in your organization. We live in an age where change is constant. Change Management is the way organizations best adapt to this reality. Businesses have to face the changes in consumer behavior: from the product and services themselves to how we want to receive them, how we look for them or let them find us. For many organizations, this means: change or die.

How to List Project Management Skills on Your Resume

Rebel’s Guide to PM

When I brainstormed a list of project management skills to put on my resume (which over here in the UK we call a CV), it was a long list. How do you list the project management skills required without it turning into a giant list of buzzwords? Describe your project management skills.

2021 295

3 Performance Domains in Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – ( PMBOK® Guide ) 7 th Edition represents a major shift in the way ‘how to do project management’ is presented by PMI. Instead of the Knowledge Areas , we have the whole body of project management split up into 3 performance domains.

2021 352

The 12 Principles of Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

PMBOK 7 is the short name given to The Standard for Project Management and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – ( PMBOK® Guide ) 7 th Edition , which are bundled together. The 12 Principles of Project Management. Read next: Managing in a VUCA world.

2021 274

Project Communication Management: What is it all about?

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Perhaps that number (from research by PMI ) surprises you, but I’m sure you aren’t surprised by the fact that good communication management on projects leads to higher success rates. What is project communication management? WHY PROJECT COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT MATTERS. Change.

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An Introductory Guide to Systems Thinking


Systems thinking is a way to manage your organization in a way that looks at the bigger picture and connections that run through a business. The systems theory has paved the way to getting a better understanding of change organizations. Systems Thinking in Management.

2021 78

12 Crucial Process Management Tips For An Effective Outreach Campaign


Outreach involves finding businesses, website owners, or influencers in your niche who will be happy to promote your brand and help you with your link-building efforts. Some Process Management Hacks for Your Outreach Campaign. Manage Goals/Milestones in nTask.

Quick and Easy: This is New in the PMBOK Guide Edition 7


Founded in 1969 in the USA, the Project Management Institute is a global non-profit project management association. In July 2021, a revised 7th version of this PMBOK guide has now been published. The PMBOK guide is a project management guide developed by PMI.

2021 201

The 8 Levers of Change

Rebel’s Guide to PM

In their book, Leading Successful Change: 8 Keys to Making Change Work , Gregory P. Solomon talk about the 8 things that you should be targeting if you want the change management effort on your project to stick. Here are their 8 levers of change.

2021 65

The Agile Transformation Coach: Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities

Leading Agile

This role is, in effect, a high-influence peer to the executives who act as a trusted advisor. The TL should be persuasive, politically aware, highly driven, and possess the gravitas to influence other executives. Change Management. Lean Portfolio Management.

2021 99

Why Investing in Dojos Won’t Transform Your Organization

Leading Agile

This title probably attracted two types of people – people who are wondering what the role of the ancient practice of martial arts has in organizational change management. Consequently, this model of Dojos provides hope but does not create long-lasting change.

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Building an Effective Agile Transformation Consultant Team

Leading Agile

In that post, we discussed the different roles and responsibilities your coaches should have, and we asserted that it takes more than just a couple Agile Transformation Consultants teaching people Scrum to affect change. And trust is the currency of change.

Change Impact Assessment Process with Template


Change Impact Assessment The clue is in the name – you guessed it right: a Change Impact Assessment assesses the impact of a change initiative. What does Change Impact Assessment include? Purpose of change: how clear is the outcome to be achieved?

My designation is not Project Manager – AM I eligible for PMP® Certification?


He told me that he handles technical end to end project management. He is not involved in managing and developing resources. Actually his main concern was – Am I eligible for PMP® certification as my designation is not Project Manager? Plan and manage product quality.

2021 83

Part II: A Simplified Approach to Determine IT Project Complexity

PM Times

2021, March 5). It will discuss why the Core IT Complexity model is a good approach for most IT organizations and why it is important to determine project complexity as an ongoing and integral part of the Change Management and Risk Management process. Changes in Scope.

2021 52

 Executive’s Guide To Large-Scale Agile Transformation & Sustaining An Adaptive Enterprise w/ Mike Cottmeyer

Leading Agile

How do I adapt the organization’s ability to deliver value dynamically to a changing like market? What you can do is you can keep the executives attention longer long enough to actually make measurable change within organizations. When the markets around them fundamentally change.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Agile Transformation: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Leading Agile

And after that vital need is met, you can then focus on influencing and problem solving.” . And, from that human connection that is made, comes trust and influence. Toward Influencing Change. Covey declares, “…in order to have influence, you have to be influenced.”

2021 62

Traits Shared by Effective Project Professionals

Bridge the Gap Consulting

Every project manager knows they need to execute on projects within the constraints of time, cost, scope, and quality. They build dynamic teams who can deal with a constant bombardment of potential changes and distractions. Change Agent : Projects bring about change.

Not Every Story Your PMO Tells Will Have a Happy Ending

Bridge the Gap Consulting

We talked about the usual; portfolio prioritization, greater stakeholder engagement, better processes/tools, and change management. A PMO manages a collection of stories, and each has characters in them. His business model changed from office suite to home & office wiring.

How To Carry Out a Requirements Analysis


You gather project requirements and put together a team of developers, product managers, and creatives. Additionally, in project management, you conduct requirements analysis when: Calculating development costs. Watch their closest influencers as well.

2021 58

What Is Cost Overrun? How to Prevent It


Lack of proper cost management , inefficient project design, and underutilization of resources can lead to projects going over budget or even being cancelled. Cost overrun is an unexpected change in the project budget that ends up increasing the total project cost.

Project Management Trends [2022]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There’s no denying that project management today looks different to how it did even 5 years ago. Project management trends shape our profession. Change is inevitable – we all know that. How project management is evolving. 10 Project management trends you need to know.

2022 340

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization: What You Need to Know

Epicflow Blog

Data and technologies have become the drivers of innovations and competitiveness in today’s constantly changing business environment. However, according to the survey by NewVantage Partners [1] conducted in 2021, only 24% of companies have managed to develop into data-driven ones.

2022 81

Why External Agile Coaches Are Better for Your Agile Transformation


Agile is an iterative approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver value to their customers faster without any hassles. . Responding to change over following a plan. 64% of respondents stated an enhanced ability to manage to change priorities .

2022 52

Webinar Recap: PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New?


Satya is a management professional, speaker, coach, and author of six books, including, I Want To Be a PMP. Which elements are changing with respect to the standard part of the guide? It is expected to be published some time later this year, so it might change. People change.

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