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7 Budget Templates for Business & Project Budgeting

The project budget is developed during the planning phase of a project. To help you get started, we have 7 free budget templates that you can download right now. 7 Budgeting Templates for Business and Project Budgeting Below are seven budget templates that you can use for estimating your project’s costs.

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What Is an IT Budget? IT Budgeting Basics (Template Included)

Managing information costs and managing information security for those costs are part of making an IT budget. First, we need to understand what an IT budget is, how often they’re made and what is the best size for one. What Is an IT Budget? An IT budget consists of all the IT spending for an organization over one year.

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Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down Budgeting Approaches

There are many ways to approach budgeting. Two of the more common approaches are bottom-up budgeting and top-down budgeting. Knowing which is right for you starts with understanding both of these budgeting approaches. Then we’ll show you how to make a budget using both so you can make an informed decision.

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Google Sheets Budget Template: Track Business Costs Online

A budget is a document that’s mainly used to break down the costs of executing a project or running the operations of a business for a period of time and define a maximum spending limit for the procurement of resources. Online templates can be helpful, but ProjectManager makes it easier to track budgets in our software.

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Capital Budgeting: Definitions, Steps & Techniques

Figuring out what to spend its capital on, such as capital spending on long-term assets, is part of capital budgeting. First, we need to define capital budgeting, what a capital budget is and why it’s important. Then we can go through the capital budgeting techniques and the steps to a capital budgeting process.

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Project Budget Template for Google Sheets

Excel project budget templates are one of the most popular tools to create a project budget. However, Excel isn’t the best tool for project budgeting as it doesn’t allow project team members to collaborate online, sharing files among team members it’s a time-consuming process, among other productivity drawbacks.

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What Is a Business Budget? Business Budgeting Basics

Every business, even a not-for-profit business, needs a budget. A business budget can be looked at as the fuel that drives the business. To understand what that means, we first have to define what a business budget is, which we’ll do in a moment. What Is a Business Budget? There’s no setup required.

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