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How to Create a Powerful PMO Mission Statement

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There’s a lot riding on getting your PMO mission statement right. After all, the mission statement is what will guide the PMO as it strives to achieve its goals and objectives. Creating a powerful PMO mission statement doesn’t have to be difficult – but it does require some thought and careful planning.

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15 Free PMO Templates for Excel and Word

A PMO, or project management office, can be an internal department or an external group or agency that defines and maintains the standards for a company’s project management. However, all three can use PMO templates to support project programs and portfolios. We’ve collected 15 free templates that are suitable for a PMO.

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Eight Tips to Build a PMO

Project Risk Coach

Some Project Management Offices (PMOs) never get off the ground. So, how can you build a PMO, one that thrives? Why Are There So Many Troubled PMOs? Many PMOs fail to realize their potential. People have ways of undermining the PMO's effectiveness. Let's look at eight tips for implementing a PMO.

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The PMO Game Changer: A Value-Driven Project Resource Management

The Lazy Project Manager

Project resource management by PMO has changed significantly in the last 20 years. This article would help you understand how a value-driven resource management can become a major game-changer for the PMO and become a profit centre for the business. How Value-Driven Resource Management can be a Game Changer for the PMO?

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Build A PMO You Can Be Proud Of

Project Risk Coach

So, how can you build a PMO you can be proud of, one that thrives? Why Are There So Many Troubled PMOs? No one intends to build an impotent PMO, but it happens. The PMO lacks power and effectiveness. Therefore, people see the PMO as a hindrance, not an enabler. Click here to discover 40 reasons PMOs fail.

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Agile PMO: Definition & Organizational Structure


However, something that you should consider is using agile PMO. What is an agile PMO? What does an agile PMO organizational structure look like? This is your guide to PMO agile methodology. What Is an Agile PMO? That tends to be one of the biggest benefits when discussing PMO agile methodology.

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Review PMO Services and capabilities

Henny Portman

The book PMO Services and Capabilities – Including an overview of AIPMO’s competence framework – Competences per PMO service – Techniques and tools per PMO service is written by Robert Joslin. Each organizational unit is unique, each organizational unit needs its own set of PMO services.

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