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How to Build and Implement a Project Strategy

Project strategy is the plan that defines a project, which is why project management strategy is so important. To better manage projects, one must clearly understand project strategy, who’s responsible for it in the organization and the steps to create a project strategy. What Is Project Strategy?

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How to Create a Powerful PMO Mission Statement

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There’s a lot riding on getting your PMO mission statement right. After all, the mission statement is what will guide the PMO as it strives to achieve its goals and objectives. Creating a powerful PMO mission statement doesn’t have to be difficult – but it does require some thought and careful planning.

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Back to Basics: What is Project Governance?


A Project Management Methodology is an integral part of project governance. Organizations can choose any project management framework or methodology to establish project governance structure. Project governance is sometimes confused with project management, and many people use these terms interchangeably. Project Governance.

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Summary and review PMO Principles and PMO Services Principles Second Edition and Organizational, Portfolio, Program, and Project Principles

Henny Portman

These two books can be enjoyed independently, yet they share a significant connection through their central theme of principles and the fact that a PMO is part of the broader PPM environment too. It begins with an in-depth exploration of the fundamental PMO principles, enriched with descriptions, insights, and illustrative examples.

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Gate Reviews: What Project Managers Need To Know

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Project governance is an important part of project management processes – even if it’s not the most exciting part of getting work done. Governance is a key part of that, and gate reviews are part of navigating through the project. Governance is a key part of that, and gate reviews are part of navigating through the project.

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How to take over an existing project [Free checklist]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

You can leave the detailed stuff until your review is finished but having something at high level will eventually inform your detailed project planning for the next 6 months. 5: Review the governance structure Is there a governance structure ? Action if you can’t find out: Talk to the PMO again. How do you spend it?

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The PMO Roadmap for Driving Business Agility


Portfolio Management Offices are in a prime position to deliver this business agility – with the right PMO roadmap. Peter, who wrote the book The Lazy Project Manager , drew upon his 30 years of experience building and leading PMOs to provide some guideposts. Even in normality that was a dying strategy.” Key Points.

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