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Is a Scrum Master an Agile Coach?

Building consistency - ensuring terminology, practices, tools and processes are aligned to industry best practice? Our mission is to improve the work lives of 1m executives and teams by 2025. Supporting growth - so that teams' strengthening agile behaviours and actions creates an improved ability to pivot to disruptive change.

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Generative AI for Project Managers (PMI Course Review)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

“AI is on the rise, with Goldman Sachs reporting AI investment could be near $200 billion globally by 2025, making it clear that project managers need to embrace and lead this change,” he said. Register for the course and go through the checkout process. Getting started First, you’ll need a free PMI account. (If


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3 Predictions for What’s Next in Project Portfolio Management 


In fact, according to Gartner ® 1 : By 2025, 70% of digital investments will fail to deliver the expected business outcomes due to the absence of a strategic portfolio management approach. Organizations must establish processes and governance policies that increase efficiency and enable productivity but that also allow for self-direction.

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AI Hype vs. Reality: Project Management Reimagined

The IIL Blog

” – Steven Hawking (2017) “Robots will be able to write most books, scripts, and articles by 2025.” ” – Stuart Russell, AI expert (2019) “…a large portion of the population becomes unemployable due to AI automation, leading to significant social and economic unrest.

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Using OKRs with Scrum and Evidence Based Management

When OKRs are embedded into the inspect and adapt process, the Sprint Review provides a unique opportunity to inspect steps toward Objectives by assessing movements in Key Result Areas, i.e., EBM measures such as: Lead time from idea to delivery to market. Our mission is to improve the work lives of 1m executives and teams by 2025.

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Transforming team dynamics: the impact of collaborative calendars in the workplace


million by 2025, indicating just how essential this solution is for both the current workforce and its customers. Streamlining scheduling and planning One of the primary benefits of collaborative calendars is the ability to streamline scheduling and planning processes.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Jobs in the Near Future

Epicflow Blog

Theory of mind is still in the process of active development. In a number of countries, the process of manufacturing and assembling goods has become for the most part automated making corresponding jobs redundant compared to the previous century. Self-driving cars are an example of limited memory machines. Assembly and factory worker.