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The Complete History of Agile Software Development


In the early 1990s, PC computing began to rise in organizations, but software development faced a hurdle. At that time, people used to call this crisis the “application delivery lag” or “the application development crisis.” Working software over comprehensive documentation.

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Citizen Developer Foundation & Practitioner Review: PMI Training

Rebel’s Guide to PM

With straightforward application logic, a hands-on approach to software development, and an easy-to-understand user interface, anyone can build simple tools for their business unit. Business users, like project managers and teams, are using this approach to take some of the workload off application developers.


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Get to Know InLoox: Pierre - Software Developer at InLoox Headquarters in Munich


NET developer Pierre: Why Pierre came to InLoox, what connects him to San Francisco and which creative hobbies fascinate him apart from application development - all this you can read in our short interview below. Learn more about our C# /.NET What motivated you to apply for a job at InLoox?

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Agile Project Management: Principles, Meetings, Values & Tools

Frustrated developers started to introduce new methods, such as Scrum, rapid application development, extreme programming, DSMD, features-driven development and pragmatic programming. The Manifesto for Agile Software Development or just the Agile Manifesto laid out four key values and from there 12 agile principles.

Agile 315
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What are the Technical Skill of a Software Development Project Manager?

PM Basics

“I do not have the technical skill to become a software development project manager.” You do need to know the software development process, what goes into creating software applications. The glossary of a Software Development Project Manager. That is why developers use Source Version Control.

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Diversity Is Essential for "Done" According to These Highschool Students

Connie Skomra is an Application Development & Programming Instructor for The Delaware Area Career Center. She created a program called ADaPT, "a two-year high school career-prep program which offers immersive, personalized, and interactive learning opportunities to aspiring software developers".

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Notifications: Reminders and alerts should be incorporated into mobile banking application development to boost user engagement and promotion. You can learn which components of the application can be optimized with the use of new marketing research. Most users would not welcome receiving invasive alerts.